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The Outsiders Review

 Noye: i spell outside the norm,al

the outsiders

This is my revierw on The Outrsiders from 1983 (tHE year the famicom came out)

its directerd byt franccis ford copppola before he devolved with fred fuchs and diod p0rn0

it starts matt million, ralf macchio, pastricvk swayze, rob low, emilio extervceZ, tom cruise, tom waits and has camewores by nicholas cage and melanie griffith, plus some gfuyyys i don't knowe\

i reads the book in grade school by s e hinton and it was good

it starts wiotyh ponyboy writing the start of the novel, then opening title and don bluth music and credits

oh its by stevie wonder and called stay gold

so ponyboy, the karate kid and matt dillion walk by this slummy town and see somew teens having a fight that devolves into a knife fight until the cops come

matt dillon is dally and he p-sses off kids by playting 52 pickup and at night they snmak into a drive in

cherry is a teen girl whos b4 i thjink tried to b0ne her dally smokes and makes comments on cherry (like princess cherry from Rocket Knight or Cherry lime and blood berry in saber marionette j) and dally f's with her

she tells him to f off and he does and the teens do things like having other teens in the trunk to get in then drivbbe in cxheasper or flup up girls skirts to ssee theirt undies

ponyboy tells her hes ponyboy and his brother is sodapop as trhey are gwennith paltrow nameing her kid apple

he goes to cherrys school and she knows sodapop who works at the gas station as he had to drop out and work after theirt rents bit nit

dally tries to b0ne her but she fights him off and tells him to f off and macchio gets him to back dopwn

macchio plays johnny and dally likes him  but in the netflix verion they are butt buddioes as 2 guys can';ty just be friends anymore

1 guy comes by asking wherre dally is as someone slashed his tires

replayed slashed with f'd and tires with dog

so pnoyboy and cherry gert food and ponyboy sez a soc(sosh, ike social)  beat up johnny and gave him a scar

they talk about the race war between greasers and soc's like its trnasformer with autobots and decepticons

so after the movier ponyboy(which is what bronys would name their kids if they bred) talk about poinyboys biggest brother raoh i mean dallis or w/e and how he's not around with him much

cherrys bf comes by and he was dfrunk and it p-ssed her off and he and his droogs nearly mockey knife fight the grerasers gang, but cherry goes with him to save therm like yuria going with shin in hokuto no ken

cherry sez if she sees ballis aghain she'd fall in love with him, probably to p-ss off daddy by breeding outside her class

so ponybo goes back to his shack and johnnys dad and mom are fighting so they go to the woods to hang out and hope some joknies dont eat em like kjn florisa

i used to think macchio was indian like from india as a kid as i ndidn;'t lknow he wads el italiano

joihnny can't take it and breaks down and hopes theres a place without greasers and soc's where people live in peace and ponyboy sez its like that in thre country

then has a memoryu of being in there with his rents as a kid, then dsees their car getting crushed by a train

he wakes up and goes home and johnny stays in the park and at home dallis i mean darry rides his a55 over being out at night and they fight

darry shoves hima nd ponyboyu run away and goes with johnny to join the circus or w/e

they go around the slummy =city ant night and the soc's catch em and insult them, so ponybnoy insuiltys em back, but spoits and they gret ponybvoy and start drowning him in a public fountain

johnny gets a swithcblade and when ponyboy comes to; theres just him, a f'd up johnny and a body

in the real version; joihnny went berserk and kept chopping into him until his ghuts spills out and johnny laughed lkiek a maniac

johnny did it to save ponyboys life and that would hold up is court as its in defense of another of immionent danger

they go to some pool hall or bar and get dally who they tell aboiut johnnys assassination

dally (who him and darry would have issues in the japanese version where l is r) gets them money and a gun and tells em of an abandoned chhurch in another place 

huh, diane lane is cherry

so johnny and ponybouy sneak onto a train and go to the church and when ponyboy wakes up he thnks hesd at home with his bros for a sec

johnny got supplies and gonmme with the wind as in the 50s we werren't whining about trhe south

johnny got peroxide to fake being blonde to cover his identity and cut their hair with a blade

isn't that what he killed that guy with?

so ponyboy is like that korean from bts and saws off johnnys hair and ponyboy whines about havcing to change his looks

so after a few days, a coon tries toi get in(which is dangerous as they have rabies, which is like aids for animals) and they read gone with the wind

they try to catch a rabbit to b0ne and play poker with smokes as money, even though yugioh is better

johnnys smoke falls and nearly starts a fire and later they look at a sunset thjat looks like a 30s film

ponyboy sez a poem about how at 1st things are gold but it devolvs int green

btw this is in fullscreen and no black bars eathing the top/bottom

me watching with my rents; mom; who wrote that? ponyboy; robert frost wrote that! me; thatsd scary

ponyboy cant talk with his greaser friends about meanmingful things like this and wishes he could

later dallis comes by and sez they miss them there and dallios was caught by cops and he told them the boys went to texas

they go to get food in a 509s car and go to dairy queen and he has an unloaded gun, called a heeter, before ragon ball super ruined it

a kid comes by asking for money but dallis tells her to gtfo

dallis sez cherry will terstify fort the greasers and say the soc's were drunk and violent

johnny wants to go back and turn hmself in as its self defence and dallis dontthink thats good as his rents dont care about him

dallis sez jail can make you bad, which i assum,e relates to being butt hammered and turned, and on the wayt back they see the church is on fire and theres kids in it for some reason

why were kids going around a burning church?! f--king dumba55es!

so ponyboy and johnny go in and save the little c-ck suckers and a wood falls and bumps joghnnys back and dallis saves him

ponyboys face is blackened but not like in soul man and in the ambulance he tells the fata55 whio looks like justin from screenwave; we're greasers

in the hospital fata55 sez not to smoke even thoug hes smoking and ponyboy has a happy 80s moment to don bluth music with treuniting with his bros

so pony boy goos hoome and at breakfast his droogs come by sez johnny is gonna be charged with manslaughter if he lives and they might put sodapop and pony boy in a boys home as i guess their names are too f'd

tom cruise sez after they stomp the soc's they'll party and the guys watch micky mouse cartoons

darry sez if ponyboy smokes more than a pack today he's getting skinned, as 14 year olds smoking  pack a day is wenough

so 2 bit (before his grandson 8 bit who's sega master system and nes) and ponyboy walk anbd the soc';s come by and 1 devolved looking guy talks with ponyboy about how ponyboys a hero for saving those kids and he didnt think a greaser could do it

devolved guy talks wioth ponyboy about how even if they win the fight then things wont change and tells his feelings

like in robotech how the zentraedina nd humans had companionship and battles

so ponyboy and droogs see johnny and he's crippled and wants to finish gone with the wind

although after his back got him; dallis pulls him aorund and that probly did it

johnny used to wanna suicide buyt now that he';s going to h-ll, he wants to live as he only is 16 and wishes he could do more

joihnnys mom comes by and johnny dont wanna see her and spazzes out and blacks out

they see dalis and hes smoking inm the hospital and wants to get revenge on the soc'sfor johnny

they go to see chjerry and she reveals johnny iced her drunk bf who was nice at times when not drunk and had charisma

she sez she liked pony boy and he talks asbout the sunset in their home quadrants

good lighting and sihloette like gone withj the wind

later they prep for the fight andponyboy wonders about shaving and derry thinks he shouldnt fight ashe''s been through sh-t

but as its just fists and no knives or chasins; its ok

yyou know,. peopple get beat dead all the time, esp in jail

so the greasers go to the kumite anmd darry sez if theres trouble;l ponyboy should split

so the soc's comes by and its  tense with these teen punks and it starts to rain

oh and there's like bonfires and sh-t out in the open!

What is this? f---kin the warriors?!

the leader of the soc's used to be football homies with darry and they have a big brawl of fisting and kicks

gotta jump kick! works in beat em ups!

the greasers win but ponyboy gets a head damage andf is driven to the hospital by ddallis to see johnny

the cops pull him over and dallis sez ponyboy fell off his motorcycle and hes bringing him to the hosapital aand the cop helps him

dallis sez he shouldn;'';t have let johnny go and you gotta be tough to survive

tough boy! tough boy! tough boy! tough boy!

Keep you burning!

No By No Cry

they tell johnny, wqho's neck is cooked, trhey won but he dont care and sez to stay golden and bites it

my version

johnny; imma dying pony boy

ponyboy; i with, we could ahve mnaed loev,just once\

johnny; stay golden pony boy, stay golden, uweaaaaa!(dfalls apart into chunks and melts into goo)

ponyboy; (puts his fingers in the goo and lifts it up) oh johgnny, you were the only one i ever love4d, and now ur dead, i'll make sure we'll always be together!(eats him)

so dallies crys for his dead crippled friend and breaks down and snaps

he goes around aiming an unloaded gun at guys and  clicking the trigger

on twitter this malcontent said once in grade school, his friend died and he snapped

one day he was acting out and the cops had tyo be vcalled to stop his rampage and 1 cop said "dont makke be tell my fam i had to shoot a kid"

but the malcontent blamed the cop for it even though he was the one going berserk

ponyboy tells the gang johnnys dead and dallies is mental

dallis is in a store, rips up a mag, and pulls a gun on the owner b4 robbing it

then calls the greaser droogs and tells them to meet him in the park

by the time the greasers get there; he cops have shredded him wit  gunfire 

In the book dally was dead b4 he hit the ghround but here he crawls and says stuff

later ponyboys at hoime and rreads a note in johnnys gone with the wind book from johnny

johny sez hes glad he saved the kids as the kids are worth more, and the staying golden means like being a kid and evetythings nerw and cool

also to tel dallie to be more gold and look at sunsets and the world is good in it

then pony boy stsarts writing the ouytsiders and the credits roll to the stevie wonder song stay gold

ooh, c thomas howell was ponyboy and was ii red dawn and e t 1

the end

that wwas quality

one of the better 80s teen films

its got meaning and heart and can be related to by teens of all decades

good flow and it dont drag or feel too long

good acting and really nice music

most of the guys in here went on to ber big stars

itt holds up and has that 80s heart

I saw it b4 and its better each time, although i last saw it in the 00s

For The Outrsidders 2 I want Popnyboy and Cherry to be growing closer but they gotta keep it secret as the gangs they are in will have em executed if they are open about it. Also Ponybiy's brain damage triuggered his psychic powers and he can use psy waves to shread people with slices of psychokenetic energy. eventually he ascends beyond geerser and soc to be a cho jin and decides to take them both out to stop the war. its also an 8 bit nes, master system, game boy, game gear, tg156, atari lynx and 7800 game where you use ponyboy and slice through waves of greasers and soc's to save cherry from being ritrual sacrificed by each gang (1st 1 then the other) to gain power.

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