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The Nevadan Review

 note: I spell like a nervada man

the nevadan

This is my review on The Necvadan from the distant future year of 1950

i never saw it b4 but itsd directal by ghordon douglas who did nothing i saw

it stars randolf scott, dorothy malone from basic instinct, forrest tucker from The Yearling, frank faylen from yankee doodle dandy, George Macready from back to the future meets the thing i mean julius caesar, charles kemper from scarlet street, jeff cortey from fist of the north star, tom powers from julius caesar, Jock Mahoney from the tarzan films iu never saw and Olin Howland from the 30s Treasure Island and a star is born aand boy slaves 

so after logos we get a vault blowing and guys jacking dough  over title and credits

so this guiy is shaackled and caught and brought in on a cart but is given time to stop and take a dump or w/e

btw this is in color and proper full screen so we get the whgole pictuyrte

he is in a rtoom and knocks out a guy,. gets off his chains, breaks out a windowe and drives away on a horse a55

guys go after him and through the hills and this seems a bit like a silent film as theres action and little words and much action

so in the hills and woods he escapes them, then cauches a guyu at gunpoint who sez he's lost and was looking for a way out by following him

escapee sez to follow the riverbed to get to town, then switches clothes with him and makes him go with him

then some people insider talk about stuff being stolen

then escaped guy coimes by rthe bank saying he needs to tyake money out and has his arm in a sling so he cant sign for it

he gets an encolope and he and the hostage go off but are caught at gunpoint by a guy under a bridge who makes them disarm and come off the horse

they get searched and the bridgertons want his envolope but he sez he threw it away and the bridge guys are brotherts who want it

they wealk him toi a tree and the hostage grabs the brothers gun and makes em stop and sends em back to town for 30 miles

escapee takes hostages guns and throws them away and later thewy talk by a campfire and sleep by each other

so later they go on threough the mad max wasteland and gwet to a ranch where he weantys to trade horses and there s achick there manning it

he gets a new horse and its revealed  her dad owns the town or w/e and when ther horses name is sauidf, it spazzes out


me: cats?!

he goes off and she offers him work if he needs it

at toiwn he finds gault owns everything and gets a hotel roome next to another guy he knows

ther room is 600$ and the nmexican running it has a girl who gets bracelets from guys she does stuff for

remember those 90s bracelets that teens wore that used different colors to show what kinbd of b0ning they did?

so at da bar 1 guy is low on dough and asks scott for money but scott sez he never met him

the town guys bring escapee into a room to interrogate and he nearly fights but they say, oh its the guys who he sent wqalking from the bridge

they aSK WHERE THE ENVOLOPE IS AND HE SEZ THE GUY BURNED IT So they grab him but he's offered to join him

he dont conmsent and gets beat up with really fake obviously missing punches

oh its not ecaperee who had the envolope. i wasnt paying attention

soi the bridge bros bicker and the town head talks with a guy about how they are parttnmers

partner is into booze and head is into money anbd he needs this gold thing

opwn head's woman left him but he never got over it and now obnsesses with gold and thers 25% of a million in Gold

Wow this scene was all done in 1 take

so he offers to split the qwearter million in goldd with partner

at night the hostage is the one with the envolpope and escapee goes in his roim

some guys come in and its a brother and the other brother closes the window and hostage caps him

the townsfolk come and it looks like he shot a guy w/o a gun (even though you CAN kill a man unarmed! Look at jail! People are beat dead often!)

they are gonna string him up and townhead offers him a trial

escapee sez to townhead he saw someone outside and gives hi a i dfoir his drink

later its daytime but dimmed to look dARKER AND 1 GUY GOES IN A ROOM AND IS BEAT OUT

LATER ESCAPEE is confronted by head for having hosatages gun and is leaving as he didnt know who he saw outside

laster hes riding with the 1 chick on yhe movie and they go by her old place with croippled horses she uses as a hideout

he leaves her his horse to getta new one and she sez he came as a greenhorn but mastered a tough horse and is now pro

its got that soft warm music that 50-s films did as they have a moent together

he goes off and 2 guys, oh its the brothers and anotrher guy got capped, and they mentionm ow townhead dont want his daughter to know he wacks people

like r fk and cllin tiun and the queen and charles?

also they bicker over a girl they like

they report to head over how theyt saw escapee with daughter but didnt ice him and are gonna bust hostage outta jail

later escapee comes by the dentist saying he lost 2 teeth in a fight and oh itys sherreif and as shgerrif looks in his mouth, he jacks his gun and takes him captive

so escapee gets int jail and tells hostage he was set up by gault the town head who wants his gold and offers him a partnmershgip

hostage agrees and they lock sherrif in the jail, gets their guns and they escae in a cart thing as the badds chade em

they jump out and the cart eveltally falls and the badds see there's no one ion it

at the old house, the chick is walking horses and meets escaee who she knows broke out the hostaghe anbd shemight tell dad

oh its hostage and escapee sez not to hold her captive as the town would knowe if sghes missing

escapee trys to rreason with her but she trusts her dad and hosatage thinks aboutgetting hellp to haul the gold

escapee sez hes gonna give away the gold he earns and she don''t buy it

i'm having trouble telling who's what as i'm ttyping onm my laptop and talking to perople online 

town head aNDHIS GOONS ARE TRYING TO FIND THE GHGOLD  and f u caps locvk! burn in the blackest pits of h-ll

chick comes in and dad sez he knew he saw her horses by the jaiil and when she sez she dont know who she gave em to, he grabs her ansdgoes nuts

she sez he's goon and town head slaps her for the 1st time but asaez sorry so hes good

she sez escapee is a marshall and the goons hear and wanna out escapee as one to make hostager ice him AND THEY'd get hinm easier

also they wanna kkepp tabs on her and later we seeescapee meeting chick who sez not to go or dad will ice hi as she told him his sh-t

he doint care and later the goons report to towh nead that chick snuck off somehow with muels and towh  head is p-ssed his kid turned on him

town head fgoes there for some reason as i guess he dont trust his goons ad at the old holme the goodf guys open fire on him but miss and head tells them escapee is an agent but hostage dont care

so the bads csneak in and see chick with some guns and saying town head went bad from greed and dont cassre about anything bush bucks

he blames the escapee but she sez she knows he'd do anything for money, even ice her, but he dont ice her and goes after the duo

1 good tied chick to the saddle and they go on but she kicks him into water and escapes with a chase scene like a 20s film

after several horse jumps, he busts hi face on an overhanging log and falls and she gets to a place where a guy cuts her free and gets her a new horse

so the main guys stop to tend the horse and the badds are nearing and find their horses and follow thweir trACKS

wait, its not their horses

the good guys talk about keepiong the partnership and wait, it was their horses and they are usinbg muels

head and his goons follow and they are running outta steam but head is focusd on it hard

thsi is seeming like the 20s film Greed by Erich cvon Stroheim with them in the dersert after the gold

the brothers talk about how 1 of their gf's is a 5kank and he wants to use the dough on her

so the duo get to the mine and find da gold he left and escapee comes out about him being an agent

theres tension but they still work together and gunfight the badds ut hold their fire to get the badss to come closes as the badds have rifles and the duop has 6 shootters

the badds cap the duo's muels anmd canterens to p-ss em off but the duo dont fall for it

there';s a wait for 5 hours like in dbz with nappa and both sides are outta water

maybe if you took their water instead of wasting it then you'd not be f'd?

they gunfight and 1 bad guy is capped in the skull which it actually showed a mark pop on his head

the other brother holds him and shot bro sez sorry for calling his woman a wh-re and shot bro bites it

the other brother gets it and chick comes in and has her dad at guinpoint

she sez the gold is more to him than she is and she gets wehy mom ditched him, then as head is b--ching about his ex wife, he gets capped

dont worry, he's gonna be ok, he just needs some rest

escapee trys to convicne hsotage to turn himself in and give up the gold as if he caps escapee he;'s gonna hang

hostager dont care andf thinks the gold will save him but then the mine falls in and escapee shoves him outta the way

they figh as the mine comes apart like goku vs freeza on ther colapsoing namek but escapee wins and drags his a55 out as the mine goes

later in town the duop and sherrif talk and he's ok with whsat happened and dont got da gold

they go off in a cart and chick sez escaspee is gonna return for his horse

the end

that was pretty good

Nice quick clean film

no swearing or nude scenes

Good twists in the story and good style

The 2 homies fighting at the end until something fell and they are better afterward was like Flesh And The Devil with Greta Garbo

Good action and coul be edited into a Silent Film

Glad I saw it. Its got a good feel and effort

For The Nevadan 2 I want the main guy to return aND be on another case where there were u f o's seen and he has to team uip with the girl to fight the space daemons by using bullets blessed by the priest. Also its an 8 bit Run N Gun game like Contra on Sega Master System and Game Gear, Nes and Game Boy, TG16, Atari Lynx and Jaguar

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