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Game Reviews Volume 19 From 2021 And 2022

My thoughts and experiences on games I beat and tried to beat from the last part of 2021 and the 1st part of 2022.

Just beat Taz-Mania on my 100 Genesis 100 Master System Games Sega Genesis Multicart. Its a Sidescrolling Platformer based on the Fox Kids show. 1 button is jump, 1 is spin and you can use the spin to jump further. Its 5 worlds with 2 acts and a boss in each but if you run outta guys and use a Continuer: You start the whole level over. I game overed 4x and didn't run out so you may have unlimited Continues but only really need em in the last act of the last level as its got a lot of water that kills Taz. You pick up and eat anything like chicken or 1 ups or asplosives and those last ones damage you, but you can also destroy any of them with a spin. The bosses are not tough and just need you to dodge their attack and nail em 5-20x. Its not a hard game and you have a life bar that is refilled by eating chicken and a power bar that refills fast but you need to wait half a sec to refill it. The control is mostly good but can be slippy and hard to manage like thinking you're going too right so you press left then you go that way. Its not bad besides that and the pits and lava end you in 1 touch, so not being able to look up/down is kinda iffy. Its got decent graphics that are better than NES and nice music thats got that classic beep bop boop people think of video games with. I hear there's a genesis version with a bad minecart level but that ain't in here. Extra guys come back after you bite it so you could get 2,suicide, then get em again and grind for em. also you get a free guy every 20 000 points and points only come from having a lot of life and time left after beating a level. Its a decent game and if you want something not too tough besides the last arc of the last level. Glad I did this one. I liked the Fox Kids show in the 90s and while this only has Taz and mentions his dad, is like it a bit.

Just beat Kamen Rider for SNES on my DS R4. Its a 2 player beat em up based on the series that became The Masked Rider in the 90s on Fox Kids.  B is Jump, Y is Attack, X makes you Transform into The Masked Rider and when you take out a bosses life bar; does the finishing move, L and R  can be used to assign auto combos in the SSI System option  before you start the game. Theres 3 Continues and you can have up to 5 guys but theres a Password in Japanese Letters so Learn Japanese Ya Gaijin! If you bite it you pick up where you left off but go back to Human Forme. You can transform into The Masked Rider at any time and if refills your life bar and makes you stronger and gives you new moves  like a speed kick by double tapping left/right on the D Pad and hitting attack. Some parts are tricky and if you wait til you're too low on hits to Transform you could get it as you gotta be standing still to do it. The graphics are well done and it controls pretty well. The music is good and has that Tokusatsu feel with horns. I hear you can't get to the final level unless its on Normal or Hard so avoid Easy Mode. There's mini games that boost your stats like the Bulldozer that you gotta spam buttons to stop before time runs out. I just use 1 finger rubbing on the buttons back and forth until its over. The worse you do getting to the boss. the stronger the boss gets with a longer life bar shown by colors changing at the bottom of the screen. Its a pretty good game and has nice cutscenes drawn from the show. No one talks about The Masked Rider anymore but I have a few faint memories like Dex tossing the salad at a restaurant and being triggered by snails being eaten. Once my fam got a new plunger and before it was used: I pretended to pull it out of my torso like The Masked Rider getting his Sword. Glad I played this.

Just beat Scramble Spirits for Master System on my 200 Sega Genesis and Master System Games Genesis Multicart. Its a Shmup where you play 1 or 2 players to bust like a half dozen or so levels. You get like 5 lives and 1 Continue but the game can be beat in like 20 mins. Its in the start of the 21st Century and a global war lead to peace but aliens came. So its Robotech. You but it in 1 hit and can get Options like in MUSHA that go on your left and right wing areas that fire. 1 button is fire and it blasts in front of you but theres a falling shot that hits ground units like tanks and boats. But you gotta keep tapping it or get a turbo pad. The other button fires your Options out as an attack that nukes the area ahead of you and sometimes they survive and can be recollected. You can't pause so if you got an itch, you gotta tough it out. Its got nice 8 bit graphics and the music is fine. The controls are decent and sometimes you get mini levels where you go in low and take out enemy craft in a zoomed in thing where the Options fly off and return later. You gotta take out as many enemies as you can and there's usually 30 or so that can't end you but their shots just stun you. Its just for points that I think may give an extra guy but it don't show how many guys you got until you gut iced, and only for a bit. The bosses are big and it helps to make it there with Options but if an Option is hit; it bites it. The enemy shots are like Yellow or something and can be seen against the background. Overall its not bad and can be beat after a few tries. Glad I did this one. Oh and the bosses are pretty big and cool.

Just beat Monster World 4 on my 100 Sega Genesis Games DS Multicart. Its the 6th Wonder Boy game and kind of follows the last one as in 1 book in 1 room mentions the last hero of Wonder Boy 5 Monster World 3. You play as a green haired chick dressed like Bulma from Dragon Ball in that Aladdin outfit. C is jump, B is attack and A calls your pet. You can use it to hand onto and jump of of to get more range. You collect these blue things that look like magatama beads in Shaman King on GBA and every 10 you get gives you ban extra heart. You get a row each of red  and blue hearts as a life bar and the bluer hearts are auxiliary power. You get red hearts by buying new armor and can get a better Sword by buying it. If you bite it you go back to the last save but if you have a Potion and the pet you can revive after falling. Its got great graphics and the music is good and it controls really well. You can do blade tricks like holding up or down when you jump and attack and you can heal by finding herbs or hearts from dropped foes. After you clear an area its done and you can't go back so you can miss things like health upgrades or gold and not get em. Once I beat a monster and the Blue thing was in the floor and I couldn't get it. Its best to play this with a guide so you know all the hidden areas. There's good puzzles nd its usually not to complex and has some good story and twists. Its probably the best Wonder Boy game I played. It holds up and had heart. It made getting this 45$ Multicart worth it. Glad I did this one. Oh and it was remade on the Switch and other things but I never tried those.

Just beat ToeJam & Earl  on my 200 Sega Genesis and Master System games Genesis Repro Cart. Its a top down game where you play as these 2 90s style Homeboys From Outer Space who gotta rebuild their Space Craft and Escape From Planet Earth. You can change  the controls but 1 button is Map, 1 is Open Items Screen and 1 is Action which activates the item or holding it lets you sneak around to not wake up Earth guys. There's a randomizer option and a Fixed version that changes if the levels and Ship Parts are in the same or random locations and in Fixed you gotta do 25 levels. You get a few lives and no Continues and get more with more points. Points are gotten by uncovering the Map by walking around to the unknown squares. In some levels is the Ship Part and get all 10 to beat the game. Also is an elevator that sends you to a higher plane and you can fall off and have to climb back up by using an item or finding the elevator. You get Items from Presents found on the ground or bought and after you open 1, all of that type is listed on the menu, although there's a randomizer that mixes em up again. Some are bad like School Book or Raincloud but others like Rocket Skates or Doorway or Icarus Wings can get you out of a Jam. Some enemies are rough like the Boogie Man or the Lawnmower Man or the killer bees as they can shove you off the edge that normally you just spazz out on if you get too close. Some areas only appear when you get close to em and some ground thats close to each other can be walked by. The Boom Box stuns enemies and Doorway teleports you to a random area. Food recovers Life and you get extra guys buy point I think. Get enough points and you Rank Up and get a Title like Homey or Poindexter and the higher rank: The more life bar you get. The Telephone shows random squares and at times  is seen in the field. There's vending machines to buy presents from but sometimes they attack you. Its a good game and pretty clean and 90s. Glad I played it.

Just beat King Colossus on my 100 Genesis Games DS Multicart. Its a top down Action RPG like Zelda or Illusion of Gaea where you gotta save the world from this wicked god. Which is kind of a twist as usually you side with some pagan god to do some adventure. A is Magic like Time Stop or Invincibility or a Magic Attack which uses Magic Points. B is attack and C is jump. You get Exp and Level Up which boosts your stats but you can also get items like rings and pendants and bands that boost stats and change your weapons and armor for better stats. You get a good variety of weapons like a flail or a crossbow or spear and each do different things. Its got a good story that had some plot twists I didn't see coming and has a bit of platforming that isn't too bad. You can save at almost any time and continue where you last saved when you bite it. There's some minor puzzles but its usually getting the right item somewhere or going the right way. If some guys are too tough you can just wander around and level up fighting the resummoning guys. Enemies drop Hearts that refill life, Invincibility things, Red Orbs that fully heal you, Blast Spheres that blow open rock walls like Zelda, and Keys to Open Doors. Its a pretty good game and you have some freedom of where to go on the map, but often you gotta do the current quest. There's no money or Overworld so you just choose where on the map to go and go there like Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. Its a pretty good game and has nice Graphics and Music. This was from 1992?! Its not bad for that era. Its a bit gritty in color and style but holds up well. Glad I played this.

Just beat Fighters Destiny on N64. Its a Sorta 2D but 3D Fighting Game where you play as 1 of like 9 people and fight your way through the rest, including a Mirror Match, then get to this boss who looks like the bad guy from Urotsukidoji II. A and B are Punch and Kick while using the D Pad lets you do different attacks, and if you do 1 attack, then a certain other one, like a Low Kick attack and Low Punch Attack, it changes it up. I used the German girl as Eric Carle is from there kinda. L and R and Z do things like block and you can do Throws and Grabs. Instead of just beating out a Life Bar, you gotta do things to earn points like Counters, Throws or Ring Outs, and 1st to the Chosen point total wins the fight. If time is over you go to Judgement and get scored based on who did more damage. You can change the Controls and how many points each thing does, how much time you get, and the difficulty in the options and can unlock other characters by doing thing in the Gameplay. You get infinite Continues and its got good 64 Bit 90s Graphics and a cool Arcade Announcer Voice saying 90s things. Its not too hard and is a nice game you can beat in 1 sitting. Good classic 90s style and its nice to use a D Pad on N64. Glad I played this.

Just beat RoboCop Vs The Terminator for Master System on my 200 Sega Genesis and Master System Games Genesis Multicart. Its a pretty good 8 Bit Run N Gun that you can't pause where you start with 7 guys and no Continues. I played it on Easy and it was still close. Its got good graphics and the music is good, but its got pretty impressive Voices for 8 Bit. 1 button is Jump and 1 is fire and you aim with the D Pad.. Holding Up as you press Jump lets you do a Higher Jump and you can't Jump Down by Holding Down and Jump.  There's a few extra guys around and a fair number of Life Healers, plus in some levels are tired up guys who Heal you when you touch em. There's also Temp Invincibility and a variety of Weapons to use that you lose when you bite it and can only carry 1 at a time. Iced Foes don't come back and if you bite it you resummon where you fell. You have autofire by holding the button but do more with tapping fast (Or use a Turbo Pad). A few levels have floors you can fall in the gaps of and I think it wacks you and sends you to the start with all felled foes staying gone and some floor things end you in 1 hit. Some levels have doors where you press Up to go in but its not always easy to know where it is. Its pretty good and by Virgin Games who did great 90s things. There's a Score that does nothing and some turrets or rocks on the ceiling spray bullets when blown. Glad I played it. It holds up.

Just beat the Master System version of RoboCop 3 on my 200 Genesis and Master System Games Multicart on Genesis. Its a pretty good Run N Gun game with 2 Shmup levels that can be beat in like 20 mins if you know what to do. 1 button is jump, 1 is shoot and pressing down and jump makes you cycle through your weapons. You get up to 2 Continues with up to 5 guys each and no way of getting any more, but there's Life Refilling Power Ups around. You have limited Ammo and its refilled when you bite it. You can collect new guns and in the Shmup levels you gotta collect Power Ups to increase your Pea Shooter. In the 2nd Shmup level 1 button fires ahead and the other drops shots ahead of you like TwinBee where you have tanks firing on you. If you bite it in a level: you go to an invisible Check Point with all Collected weapons refilled but using a Continue sends you back to the start with the basic Pea Shooter. Getting Iced in a Shmup Level has you continue where you fell but using a Continue restarts the Level. The bosses are often just moving around and blasting them at the fight time and the Ninja Robots you gotta move away, then towards and when they jump and swing the Katana: You turn and cap em in the head. Enemies can drain you as there's no invincibility when you get hit, but shots vanish after nailing you. Quite good Graphics and the Music is really well done. It controls fine. Its by Flying Edge who is LJN and is based on a Movie Sequel, but its actually not bad. Worth a playthrough if you want something quick to beat. Oh and holding attack lets you Autofire but its actually good and is as fast as hammering the button. Glad I did this one.

Just beat Trouble Shooter on my 100 Sega Genesis Games DS Multicart. Its a Shmup and 1st in the Battle Mania Series where you play as these 2 Anime Chicks and fly around in Rocket Packs with blasters and go through 6 Autoscrolling Levels. 1 button is fire, 1 flips which side the other girl fires in, and 1 uses a super weapon that needs to recharge for a bit after use but can be used whenever you want. Only the blonde counts for getting hit by stuff and instead of Lives, you get a health bar and 2 Continues. Biting it has you restart the area and costs all Power Ups but you can find more as the level goes on. Good graphics and music and its got an good sense of wit and charm in the story and writing. Before the 1st 4 levels: You can choose 1 super weapon from 4 and they have different effects. I played it on Easy and it wasn't so bad but took a bit of getting used to. It controls pretty well and there's Hearts around the levels that heal you and can increase your life as its just done with numbers instead of a bar. I'm not big on Shmups much but this one was pretty good. The whole thing can be beat in under an hour if you know what to do and has a good vibe to it. Glad I played this one. Its Anime style and has a sequel that improves on it.

Just beat Masters of Combat for Master System on my 200 Genesis and Master System Games Genesis Multi Cart. Its a Fighting game where you play as either a Ninja, A Mega Man Reject, A Wanna Be Iron Man and a Fat Hairless Mexican and after beating all 4, plus a Street Fighter Beat Up A Car Level: Fight an Alien. 1 button is Jump and 1 is Attack and Spazzing on the D Pad does moves I don't know how to do, even with looking up a guide. I used the Ninja and he does little damage while the enemies do much more. The foes are fought in Random Order but get tougher as you go on and you only get up to 3 Continues and can't get more. There's no options to change the Controls, Time or Number of Rounds and while you can play it on Easy: Can't face the Final Boss on it. But if you get a High Score and put in KEY as your name: Other Options are opened and you can play on Extra Hard, Faster, or 1 hit mode where the foe has 1 hit left from the start. After beating all 4 guys in Easy and trying on Normal: I used the 1 hit mode and went Kenshiro on em, Then for the game boss: I didn't attack and survived the 99 Seconds after a few tries and won as a way of being fair. The game has really good graphics with bright well done colors that could be an 80s/90s Genesis Game and has nice music. It controls kinda iffy as the Jump Button and Left/Right makes you Rush that way. The only Move I knew how to do was the Forward and Jump then Attack fort a Rush Punch. If you could play it in Easy or had more Continues it would be more fair, but as is: Its not. Often I get looped and the foe burns through me and by the time I'm allowed to move: I'm stunned and he gets Another free hit. It looks good but the Gameplay could use some Tuning. Glad I played it but its either too hard or too easy and has no balance.

Just beat Zoids Densetsu on my 108 Game Boy Games in 1v Multicart. Its kind of a Shmup  based on the Toy Line 90s Kids called Technozoids. You get 5 Continues with 3 b lives each and no way to get more. Each Continue has you play through the same order of 3 Zoids where the 1st bites it in 2 hits, the 2nd gets it in 4 and the 3rd has a full life bar of 6 hits but you can collect L power ups to get an extra hit and W power ups to increase your number of cannons. If you touch anything, you take 1 point of damage and your powered up weapons go down by 1 cannon. The controls are kinda loose and wiggly and it takes getting used to if you wanna avoid slamming into walls and burning through your few life points. You get to play as either the Empire or the Republic but that just changes the graphics and sprites and has no real impact on the game.  Each time you start a level you gotta sit through 8 seconds of a Stats Screen that hays how tall or long or heavy your zoid is and can't skip it. If you bite it: You go back to the start of the level, even if on a boss. There are 4 Bosses and you fight em on every Even Numbered Level and its just the 3 Zoids on the Team you didn't choose, but they are always at full Weapon and  move in a Preplanned way. The last boss is a colossal Zoid with a bunch of cannons and can only be beat by blowing em all. But 1st you gotta go through this ordeal of a level with only aa few Life ups and 1 Weapon Boost so unless you can do it without taking a hit: You won't keep it. B is fire but there's no Autofire so you gotta keep tapping that button. A is a Special Weapon that differs between the 3 Zoids: A 1 shot homing missile,. A Napalm that goes in an arc and poofs ahead and is useless, and  a Screen Nuke thats actually good. But you gotta Collect SW power ups and if you bite it: Its all gone, But you can carry em from Level to Level if you survive. You cant use em on Bosses but they can help a few times. The graphics are basic but not bad and the music is kinda nice. Its pretty hard and cheap but can be beat in under an hour if you can make it to the end. Plus the 1st Zoid is pretty useless as it bites it in 2 shots so you'll just screw up and restart the level in a few seconds. You can't pause on Bosses but can on the Game Boss. The Bosses  follow a simple pattern so its not tough to beat em but the game boss is rough with his maelstrom of shots. After a while its Horn Cannon stop firing for a bit and can be taken out so its best to focus on the Jaw then Foot, Then torso ones before moving to the higher ones. I'm glad I beat it but probably will never play it again.

Just played Mario Kart 64. Its not as good as I recalled. Its a 3D Racing Game where you play as up to 4 of 8 Nintendo guys and go through tracks based on Mario things. B is brake, A is accelerate, Z uses an Item, R is a small hop and the A Stick Steers. I was trying to beat it but you can't get the credits on the 50 CC and on 100 CC you gotta get 4th or higher to advance. You can get a Start Boost by pressing and holding A as the 3rd Light on Ready Set Go comes on. I used Peach and she's kind of a lousy driver. Often I bump into things and can't turn from them in time. If you hit a Banana Peel you spazz a bit before spinning out a second or so later. Some levels have you going up a slope and if you fall off: You go to a part you just were and are now in last place with no way to win. Also you can't just restart the race as you can either Continue or Quit. So you either slog through an unwinnable race for another chance, or restart the whole thing. It saves your Trophies and each Cup is 4 races where the top 4 get points. The better you do: The more points you get. Whoever gets the most points at the end of the 4 races gets 1st place. Win all 4 Cups on the right CC and you beat the game. I beat it on 50 CC but its not enough and I'm not sure if 100 is enough or I have to do 150. Also my TV has bad Brightness so even on full stats: I can't see where the road is on the Boo Level and keep falling off. If you fall off, a Lakitu puts you back but often in last place But if I were to try it on 100CC or more, I couldn't try to beat that Cup by coming in high in 3 races and last in that one. The graphics are N64 Good and the Music and Voices are nice. Also there's nice touches like the sound of the kart on the Wood Bridge in the Ice Level is different than the Ice. You gotta follow the path and there's a few hidden or branching paths, but its usually a straight way. I think I preferred Sonic R more. Its not bad but kinda annoying. I sorta regret buying this.

Just beat Power Rangers: Super Legends on DS. Its the 15 year anniversary game and has you playing as different Rangers in different series fighting  various guys and fight over both screens like Contra 4 but the area between en is unseen. A is laser shot that stuns  guys but takes out flying guys, B is jump, Y is punch/kick and X is sword. L you hold and put in the on screen buttons to power up but I never used it and R + X is a screen clear that uses Purple Gems you can have up to 3 of. There's also Shmup levels that are simple and you use A to blast and Y to nuke and you fall in 1 hit and lose your power ups but can have a Shield. You can hold A to autofire. Then there's the Boss Levels where you use the Megazord and its from a 1st person (And never see which Zord you are using) view where you  use the Touch Screen to fire lasers at the foe but can't overdo it or it needs to cool off, Then when the boss is hit in the right places enough: it faces you up close where you slice the screen to Sword and draw a Circle to shield. If you bite it on a boss you just redo the fight but if you run outta guys (You always start with 4 in each mission) you restart the mission. Beating it without getting iced gives you a gold medal and each guy you use lowers the rank. Its kinda simple and the game explains in text scenes what the new powers you unlock do and how to do new abilities. If you hit enough of the enemies in a row you get a combo thing that gives you Purple Gems around 20 and beating a guy. The Zedd Putty's gave me issue as it never told me how to beat em and I had to figure out you have to tap them when they fall and the target goes on em.. The bosses have a pattern and you can beat some in loops with jumping and doing down and X to make a shock field and jumping away when they attack. Lothor teleports in the same pattern each time so its not hard to learn. Beating guys drops thing you collect to get more moves and stronger attacks. Its not bad and has nice graphics and fine music. Its not great but  Ranger Fans will enjoy it probably. I beat it in around 8 hours. Glad I did this one. Oh and you can wall jump and grind like in Mega Man X and can loop enemies by holding down and pressing Y over and over to Break Dance beat them.

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