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Dark City Review

 Note: I spell like the destiny herto dfield magic

darjk city

this is my review on dartk cfity from 1950 

it stars charlton heston from ben hur, Viveca Lindfors from the 60s King of Kings, Dean Jagger from Game of Death, Ed Begley 1 from 12 angry men, harry morgan from m a s h, Walter Sande from mr smith goes to weashington (and gets f'd dead by a horse), Mike Mazurki from its a mad mad mad mad world,m and othert 1900s guy i dont know oif

its directed by William Dieterle who did A Midsummer Night's Dream, the 30s hunchback of notre dame AND Duel in the Sun

i never saw it b4 but heard nothing of it

after logos and title and credits, we get a guy, wait its moses walking with a packege as credits go by

a cop raid happpens in a buklding near by and charlton gives a packagfe to sent to a guy to his kid

charlton goes to the raided place with was a gamblingh thing and col potter from m a s h is tyhere

the copos raided this a few times and charlton tells a guy on the phone about how he paid the money for it

sdome guys come by and 1 is a captain of the vice squad asnd charlton sz he paid for protection, liken a union making you pay dues

captain sez he has no evidence on moses but will get some and leaves

potter sez they otta go to soviet vegas as anythings legal there

a blonde sings a si=ong in a club and after that, opens her gift for Easter with heston there and is glad its an item for her

they might break up as his business got raided and she talks about how she loves her i man him but hes wantsaa to keep her distant

later heston pitter and soem guys are playing cards but wait, hestons bot polaying

1 guy has an ulcer and drinks his medicine but the glass has a hol e in it as a joke and he gets p-ssed his suiit goty f'd

thern we get the blonmde singing and moses talks with a guy about how they saved soviet england in the war, which seeing how england went, may have been a mistake

heston invites him to a card game and heston and war guy turn down the blonde as i guess they dont like blondes

so the war guy seems friendly and plasysd cards and has a 2 am deadline for the fame i mean game

blonde comes by and war guy wins and gives heston a bill

1 guy sez they wantr a remach and war guy sez tomorrow night and that he's gonna have  dinner with blonde

war giyn has to get his bro at the airporte and goes off and the casino or w/e guys are malcontent over  losing a cardf game like kaibsa or something

blonde tries toi help heston not be so butt hurt as she hates her job and guys finding her hot and he dont care so she runs home

later they are card gaming and win by cheating but he has a 5000 $ check thats not his, so they get him to play on using credit

he eventually loses and sighns them ofer the check as blojnde comes in and he leaves

this is what ahppens when you use money thats not yours, including creiit

wow wwe're 25% in, that felt like nothing

later blonde asks if the gaem was rigged and he doesn't confirt noir deny it and sez hes havign a homie clear the check

but she reads in the paiper the wear guy hung himself and at the club, 1 guy don't care and blames the victim for joingin the game they seduced him into

they dont wanna use the check ands da phionew rings and potter trells the guy on fone he i mean the club location

potter ewants the cops to shoot the place up for driving that guiy to h-ll and sez heston is worse as he knows better

later hestone is at home and blonde comes by, probably to b0ne, and she tries comforting him

btw this is bv/w and in PROPER fullscreen weith no black bars eating haldf the screen

they make out as in the REAL: vcersion they were b0ning and he's not intyo it

da fdone rings and he ignores itbut cant take it and gets it as its the ulcer guy who's gut is f'd

he thinks hes being followed as i think its the crow who has come back to avenge the killing

heston hangsn up and leaves him to spazz out as a cat jumops in a garbage can and he goes out to talk with a chick about his worry

he goes up to her place and gets booze but she sends him to his apartment to drink his alcoholic posion

the windowe he closedis open and when he chex itr out, a dark hand grabs him through the curtains and ernds him

the cops call in heastone and the cheat guy who dont care and dinds i mean finds the ulcer guy was trrangled and strung up to look like hes hanged

cheat guy and heston have alibi's and cop akds heston who did it, but they dont know

cop tells em about war guy going to h e double california and now ulcer mo got it

war guy had a woman and son and there was a note buti mwean envolope and no note and war guys brother sez the guys whos jyuud him were guilty of merder

hestron and homie go out thinking the guy whodid ulcern wass nthe boterhrt i mwean brother and cheat guy wants to follow sometone but heston sez its too risky

also we se the hand wuitrh the ring that iced ulcerer

after another song by blonde, heston goes out for a smoke  and blonde fillows and they go by the river

they look at a bnoat and heston talks about the river styx  and she wants him to tell about the thing but he sez the heat is on

she wants to marry him but he married another chick b4 but she ran out and niow he dont trust women

hestonn sees a guuy in the fog and goes off and to a hotel or something and the guy working there is new and sez another guy got his key to his room

heston goes to the next room and gets a firearm, or heater as its known in the 50s, and puts a pin in the doorbell and comes in as he's checking

but its cheat guy and he sez he was loking for him and wanted to wait foir him

they are going paranoid and heston sez cheat only goes afetr guys weaker trhan him

cheat hoes off and later heston goes out and coip i think lights his smoke and sez they are at the scene of the crime and killers oftyen rewturn there

cop has mexican heston come back to the station and trhere he sez heston iced an officer but was AQUITTED AND it was only his woman

he wernt bad after that and he sez his woman was britytish anbd is soviet england and never returned home after the war

also his dad was in west point like rhett butler and cop sez the war guys brother tried to protect his brother aNDS HESTON bight be next

cop sez howe in the slaughter house, sheep are afraid so they go with the other sheep and go with the flow

when a gate open, they gpo and get iced, kinda like with the gov saying theres a problem and their medical solution is just gonna end us

heston wont help cop and col egst p-ssed and sez unlunlike the slum dinks, hewstion has a chance butr dont weanna do anything about it

cop tells him to gtfo of townb and then we get anbother song by the blonde

so at the cloub heston chats with cheat about what o do with teh bnrother they dont knowe what he looks ike and he sends cheet out toi do something and he'd go later

cheat wanrts tjhe 5000$ check and heston sez he wontr be hard tro find

is this gonna be like Erich Von Stroheims Greed where the money destorys them?

heston leasves but ring hand is there and gones on

after cheat searech offscreen, there is no info on the brother and heston sez; if we dont findf him after 7 days, we do the check and split

heston gores to the war guiys house and the guys son is home alone AND F--KING TELLS A STRANGER THERE;'S NO ONE THERE while he;'s PLAYING IN THE FRONT YARD!!

giood thing there was no guys into young guy in the 50s, although gacy wass 80s and albert fish was 1910s

heston sez hes in ther insurance company and needs to see the brother butb she can';t help him as she had enough of the cops

she sez war guy was robbed and when heston sed "he made his voices" she sez "if you knew him you woyulkdnty say that"

he sez he just needs a photo and she sez if he coms back at noon tomorrow she hcan help as she has to make dinner

nowadays people woulkd whjine about it being racist that woman cook dinner

at the hotelcheat sez he may have talked to a guy who is friends with brother and suspects him and now cheat wants to do the check

hesten sez no and they fight but hotel guy sez stfu and later if they wanna fightm, go elksewhere

so heston and wife go byu the place wiht the photos but the hosue keeper is out foir a few days or somewthign and wife sez she thinks heston looks somewhat familliar

hesaton and hisn victims fam go to the amusement park as i guess the kid dont got school

after that heston takers hert to a planetarium as they are nerds or something and they talk about how she met war guy b4 the awar and son was 3 when he returned

she goos oon about how things change after the war and the stars dont change as we can't reach them

thats deep

later this mexico wait its the wife looks for pictures of brother but its revealed that she got rid of all them and fears the brother as he might take her son as she might bring him  to ewutope

weell, i wouldnt wanna be in that sodfom hole weither

so she reveals brother weas in the nuthouse and is nuts and she was ok with him wacking the guys who uiced her man

the son listens to a recording of his dad from the war and goos too bedd

she sez she never really loved him and might have to sell as she can't affords it w/o him

he sez the policy might get her 10 000 $ and they kiss even though hes married and she,m wel;l hger mans in h-ll so shes not married nowe

he admits to beign the one who played with her m,an and sent him tyo h e double engl;and and she rtemembers him from the statuon

she gets p-ssed at him for good reason and the kid named billy like macgarnicle and wants to go to the movies weith him tomorrow

hestrion leaves and at da hotel, the cheat is not there

her finds him hanging in the bathroom asnd the cvops comer in and boiok him as the hotel guy sez they fought last night

cop from b4 comes by and gets heston outta jail and sez he knows the brother took out cheat

the head of murder division sez heston has to skip town or stay in jail and heston sez he wants to expose the brother

so he goes to soviet vegas and meets harry morhgan from m a s h whos working there

hestons outta dough som harry ett the spy egst him workj there

1 guy he works wioth sez he iced a guy in a boxing match and tried go pay off the dam but the fam wouldnt take it

heston sez "why? ytou didnt do anything wrongh, it was the business" kinda like ihn Wings how that guy's victims fam sez "it wasn't you, it was the war"

but this moviue has a brain and says it was his fault

so blonde comes by and wants heston like the pharaohs daughter and i think starts work there

brother coems by AND KID SEZ MOMMYS not home and dont recall his uncle but tells him heston went to las vagas

bad guy i mean uncle take sthe photo they took at the carvnial gores off to avenge his brother liek in kick boxer with jean claude

so blondce sings again and answers the phone but its the wife saying the brother is after him and knows where he is

yeah but las vegas isn't just 1 building, wont it take a while to find him?

well i guess he got lucjky and his ring hand puits a bet on a tabler hgeston is at and wins

blonde warns hium and heston has 5700$ AND WINS so hes got 11400$ attack points

hes gonna use the money for helping the wife and blonde tells him or tries to anyway that the guy is after him

blonde is given the money to give to something and she wants to leave to go elsewhere

heston drives off and is followed and goes to a hotel and hides in the dark with see through curtains coving the windows

heas ready with his gun but a guy is in the closet and the phone rings and he goes back in ther closet

its the wife and the brother sneasks out andf grabs the gun hand and fights the heston as the phone talks saying whats going oion?!

despite his hime as a roman slave, hes not strong enough to beat this guy andf is being strangled but the cops come in and cap brother as he reaches for a gun

he falls out the window, but he's on, he just needs somer rest, theres a hospitasl planet nearby

the cops used him as a decoy and heston gores to the airport and meets blonde who sez he otta be with the wife

heston is over his issues and wants to marryn and b0ne the blonde and they go off instead of the planer to breed

the end

that wwas pretty good

nice lighting and camera work

good acting and drama

theres not much action but it keeps your interest

its well made and has a good feel that holds up

I never saw the 90s one but I'm glad I did this one

This is kind of a horror film like I Know What You Did Last Summer where these guys are taken out 1 by 1 as revenge for a guy they iced

For Datk City 2 I want the brother to have survived the shots and the fall (like in Halloween 1 and 2) and he's recoveering from his wounds. Also he has a trial but we get a long raMBLING MOSTLY FLASHBACK OF HIS LIFE STORY and f u caps lock, suck my 7 inch b0ner! where was I? Oh yeah: the film is him telling how he gradually wenty nuts from crazy cr-p happening to him over ghis life and hinm vowing to right the wrongs done to him. Also its a 16 biut Snes, Sega Genesis, TG16 Atari Jaguar and GBA game where you play through the brother 's flashgbacks and take out fguys who wronged him.

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