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Double Indemnity Review

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double indemnity
this is my review on double indemnity
I hear fred macmurry got hate for doing a serious movie instead of some silly family comedy
so he spent the rest of his career doing good guy parts
I think if an actor can do both hero and villain its a sign of skill
daisuke gouri did both in hokuto no ken and dbz
markl hammil was the joker in batman the animated series
and dan green played yugi, knuckles the echidna and entei but was the bad guy in a few other shows
it starts with credits and a guy on crutches
then a gu goes to a closed building and is let in by a small guy
hes called mr Neff
the guy played by fred macmurry
he goes to see an office full of desks like in "the crowd" (20s film) then goes to his office to have a smoke
good music btw
he records a confession to a guy and is all sweaty
he sez this guy fingered the wrong guy on a wacking and hes the real killer
he did it for cash and a dame but got neither
he tells his story and the next most of the film is his narrated flashback
last may he was an insurance salesman and went to a chix place to talk to her husband
I think hes gay for her
they talk about insurance for a bit
he sets up another meeting and drives off
also he keeps narrating little details like its from a book in a sub section
ooh, Edward g robinson is in this
I liked him in hatchet man
in there he plays a chinees assassin in sanfran sisco in the 1930s
in here he kicks a mentally challenged guy out for some thing I wasn't paying attention to
he talks with Neff (wasn't that the name of the guy from altered beast on sega genesis in the 80s?)
Neff gets a message to meet at a different time but he's busy then
but he goes to see her anyway
they talk for a while about insurance and other things I donty really care about
her husband nearly bit it in his work (wait, it was a co worker) and she seems worried about him
she sez her husband is stubborn and don't want insurance so she wants to get it behind his back(that sounds wrong)
he suggests she might be trying to ice him to get the cash
he leaves and goes boweling then at home he watches the rain as it gets dark
sounds like hes got mental issues
she comes in and they hug and talk lusty
I assume they were b0ning in the real version
he warms up to the idea of wacking her husband and drinks water with her
I assume they were doing drugs in the real version
sh whines about her husbands issues and how she wants him iced and money
we don't hear his side of the story
maybe shes just a b==ch and exaggerates his badness
he agrees to get him the life insurance thing and wack him
isn't this just "the postman always rings twice"??
he meets with the woman and husband and hes kinda grouchy over what his wife puts him through
he signs some paper and the Neff and the blonde talk
he sez if the husband bites it on a train the policy pays DOUBLE INDEMNITY since its less likely to bit it on there
they never saw the hands of orlock, white heat and the great train robbery
later the nef talks with the blondes daughter and she don't wanna give up her italiano boyfriend
he gives her a ride to the bf and hes kind of a malcontent
the Neff meets the blonde at stores so they don't have any evidence of them meeting or phonecalls or letters
she sez hes not going by train cuz he busted his leg
he sez wait but she cant handle him living
a week later she calls him and sez her man is going on the train
but Edward g robinson (the guy he's recording the message to) comes in and offers him a different better job
he goes home and has a convoluted plan of alibi's to fake being home
he walks over to their place and hides in the back of the car
like that urban legend of the car ramming this chick driving and it turned out he was trying to warn her of the psycho in the backseat
she goes to a dark road and gives the signal and the Neff kids the husband offscreen
since it didn't show it,i assume he b0ned him dead
he makes a fake cast and gets on the train
he goes out baxk to smoke but a friendly guy talks to him
the zeff asks the friendly guy to get his cigar case and jumps off the train when he leaves
the blonde is in the car with the corpse and puts the body where the guy jumped off
after minor car trouble they go back and he kissed her
I assume they b0ned in the uncut version
he checks his alibi traps and its clear
he makes sure he's seen and starts feeling dredd
when you kill someone it changes you
my grampa had issues after the war
the investigation seems clear and the company is gonna pay out
but a higher up sez he senses something is off
hes psychic
his 6th sense
but he says he thinks its a suicide
and if so, the company is off the hook
Edward g robimson points out that the facts don't ad up to suicide
then points out statustics and logic
later Edward g robimnson comes in and sez he noticed something
he had accident insurance but never claimed his broken leg
and he suspects the blonde
the blonde is outside the door and hears him
but she just misses him and hides behind the door as he leaves
later the daughter sez she had a bad feeling
she had the same feeling when the blonde iced her birth mom
and the blonde had the same look in her eyes b4 icing the husband as when she iced the daughters mom
the daughter moved out and is having bf issues
the zeff spends time with her in a non lusty fashion
later the Edward g robinson meets with him and he sees the friendly guy from the train
the Edward g robinson has figured out how they faked the train kill
and he brought the friendly guy from Oregon to test it
the friendly guy sez the guy he saw on the train isn't the husband
he inquires where he saw Neff but the Neff denies all possibilitys
later the Neff calls the blionde from the market or store or w/e I said b4 but don'twanna search for to check the word I used
he sez he got in their soap she likes and to pick it up
they meet and talk
he wants to pull out but she wants to go all the way for the money(that sounded wrong)
she sez him meeting her is what got her to go through with it
later the daughter thinks her bf was the one who iced her dad with the blonde
then the Edward g rondinson sez he is going to court to nail that b--ch and the bf
in his office the Neff finds that the edweard g riobinsob has defended him and the bf has no alibi while the Neff does
he goes to see her and tells her that he's getting away with it while she's going straight to h-ll
she sez she was seeing the bf to suggest the daughter is cheating on him so he'd be mean to her
she caps him but then stops and sez she never loved anyone
she seems to have grown a heart
then he puts 2 slugs in her
I'd love it if he said b4 capping her; see you in h-ll baby!
he then talks to the bf and tries to heal their relationship
then it returns to the guy talking into the recorder
and the Edward g robinson shows up
he's been here a while
he tries to call a dr
but he's given up since he thinks he's just gonna get the gas for murder
he tells the Edward g robinson he wants the Edward g robinson to go back to bed while he goes to mexico
he collapses and tells the Edward g robinson that the reason he didn't figure out the truth was his foe was too close
keep your friends close and your enemies closer
but don't let them know which is which
the Edward g robinson lights the Neff's cigarette and it ends
that was a good movie
I liked fred macmuerry in here
he was good
I never saw his silly Disney comedys
but this was well done
wasn't he in that bee movie with that brit Michael caine b--ching aboutamerica?
for double indemnity 2 I'd like it to have Neff having been spared from the gas chamber if he agreed to be used for medical research. his bullet filled body was rebuilt with mechanical parts and he is then given a chance to use his enhanced body to hunt for crooks to earn some time off his sentence for each crook he catches. Also the mechanical parts are equipped with monitor devices and shock devices that zap him if he goes against their will. also the daughter and the italiano bf are married and shes really pregnant with a lot of babies in her

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