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The Remains Of The Day Review

note; my comps p-ssing out so theres typoes
the remains of the day
this is my review on the remains of the day
I wanted to see it years ago cuz I was into tony Hopkins cuz I thought I;'d like silence of the lambs
too bad that movie s-cked
I was expecting a splatterfest
theres hardly any violence!
and for an alleged cannibal, Anthony hopkinds sure don't eat people
imagine if I made a movier about a kung fu master and he never fought nor really raised his arms over his nipples
bait and switch
so this movie is set in england
this old brit bit it and his home is being sold off and is gon be torn down cuz no one wants it
just sell it to a movie studio
they can film p0rnoes there
I films
then a guy buys the place and saves it
btw I'm watchimng the widescreen version
gotta hate those black bars
the music soubds like a spy or suspence film
Anthony Hopkins (here by called tony or toni) is a butler
I should note hes not ritish, hes welsh
big difference
like Slovenian and Croatian
or polish and ukranian
or Spanish and portuguese
I think he plays a brit in here though
I assume butler is brit for slave
not american slavery like slave for life
but bible slave like a guy choosing to work for a fam for a time then after a trial, it becomes permanent
this house buyer is american and is a congressman from there who retired and moved to soviet england
his fam comes too
oh and a swarm of dogs
or as its called in korea; food
like how we americans eat burgers
oh, they use the dogs for hunting
what do they do with the dogs out of hunting season?
do they b0ne em?
so toni hires a chick and tells her no dudes at work
don't want her getting preggo
so that's why they b0ne dogs
cant get pregnant by another species
not like imn demon beast invasion where that chick gets fish-pregnant
then toni gets his dad hired by his master
how old is this guy?
im pretty sure this film is set in the 30s
so I'd say this guy was born in the slavery days
also toni is a pretty great actor in here
I hear he lost like 80lbs
that's like a Japanese woman
like my cousins gramma(73lbs)(4'11)
although my gf is 5'3 and 220lbs
then toni disagrees with the chick he hired about calling people by their 1st names
these brits are so formal
its like the military
at dinner he talks to the lower rank slaves about being a good butler
his dad tells a story about a skilled butler capping a tiger in the dining room in india and being totally calm about it
toni's dad seems kinda low power
he needs to get into bodybuilding
jack lalane kcked a55 well into his 90s
later the dad is sweeping up and goes into a secret door
he wanders off and his won cleans up after him
later the masters talk about siding with either the French or germans
one says he heard a speech that made him ashamed to ally with frenchies
another complains about germans not keeping treatys
that reminds me
a lot of sissy liberals think guns have no real use, even by cops, and say we can talk out disputes out to solve anything.
thats why in england guns arnt allowed(not even for cops).
when adolf was taking over europe the brits tried to talk the problem away, and he took over most of europe with little resistance.
then america came in and saved englands candya66 with guns
how ironic
later the lady he hired wastes a lot of time over a small mistake his dad made
later the dad trips and busts his head on patio
later a master talks about how a rival he had in ww1 said after the war they could have a drink as friends
but the treaty ruined his country and he wound up suiciding
now he wants to help the germans
and hes having a meeting could be important so he domt want any screw ups
toni tells his dad teuy've reduced his duties
dad sez te patio stones caused the fall and he waited tables every day for 54 years
what a waste of human life
his dad is gives cleaning dutys and we get a cleaning montage
but unlike 80s films its not as fun
still well made though
the house master sez his godson is getting married and wants for toni to teach him about b0ning
he's getting married and don't know how to breed
what is he? Goku from dbz?
toni awkwardly tries to tell this man whos at least in his 30s how b0ning works
but never gets around to it and leaves
nowadays we learn about b0ming in grade school
like in dbz how Goku was in his 20s when he went super saiyan and gohan was like 11
so the people from countries ,meet and this frenchie wants to oppress the germans
just like in the brothers grim with heath ledger
toni finds his dad not doing well and gripping the wood thing
they carry him into a room
a dr sez hes not well and toni sez hes 75
he don't look it
the slaves make dinner and soon its the last dinner of the conferance
his dad tells him he fell out of love with his mom
and he hopes he was a good dad
at the conference the german woman says she wants peace and for strength
the frenchie sez hes impressed with as desire for peace
he also sez americans don't know the horrors of war
tell that to the confederates
those frechies sure hate the country that saved their candy a55es from the kaizer
the american sez they are nice but don't have any experience in real politix and their noble ideals don't work in real life
the brity claims his "amateur" skills are what he calls "honor" and is glad to be a candy a55 with no real experience running things into the ground(like the democrats)
then the german lady sings an opera like song
the godson(not Rodney Dangerfield) sez he wants to continue his conversation with toni on nature(what toni tried to use to bring up b0ning) but talks about fish
he's got a fish fetish
hes gonna get fish pregnant
you ever hear that legend of that chick who went swimming and started expanding like she was preggo?
turned out she swallowed an octopus egg and when they opened her up there was an octopus in her a55 pipe
on mythbusters they didnt even try swallowing octopus eggs
they just talked with a guy and said its fake based on his word
shes pregnant with a tentacle monster?!
sounds like a bad anime
then the dad bites it from a stroke
toni goes rogue and goes off into town claiming he never met his master
he reads a note from a chick about meeting somewhere
then the master practices his german with servents
one brit talks about racial laws being needed
but then says getting rid of unions is good
I assume its to show that for every bad idea some people have, theres a good one
and that theres good and bad in everyone
the toni seems to be getting into the lady
then this guy reads anti jrwish ideas
yet somehow making Jesus not count as one
strange enough, that's the same logic used to attack the Passion of the Christ
despite the main character being openly jewish and choosing to sacrifice Himself to save everyone (even those who killed Him) they said the film makes jews look bad
its like saying transformers the movie is anti robot since megatron kills optimus
it just doesn't add up
if anything The Passion is anti roman
they were having fun mutilating the main character
so then the master wants to kick out the german speaking servents out for being jewish
toni tries to help em(I think, I wasn't really paying attention)
later toni is driving and runs outta gas
at a bar toni talks with some guys about politics
the brits hate churchill
he was trying to save em and they hated him for it
1 guy at the bar offers him help
he spends the night and hears of fighting for freedom
back at the mansion, a guy talks politics with toni but he don't know about it
then the brit says since toni don't know, he and other commoners shouldn't be allowed to have a part in democracy
on the car ride back, the bar guy sez the former mansion owner tried to appease the axis and he hated him for it
the bar guy asks asks if he agreed with him
toni sez the former owner regretted his actions in the end
wait, is this the future?
the bar guy asks if toni has any feelings of his own and if he was to make any choices, shouldn't they be his own?
toni doesn't know how to answer
later the master wants to know where the german servents went
toni sez he cared for em but the lady sez shes surprised at it cuz he didn't stick up for em enuff
later they talk about him not hiring pretty girls
I assume he fears they will turn him straight
the godson makes out with a chick and they horse around
later the lady wants to know what book toni is reading
she assumes its p0rn0e
its meant playfully
it turns out to be a love story
it looks like theyre gonna kiss or b0ne but he sez he wants to be by himself to read in peace
later this maid is gonna get married to the godson but the lady advises her against
she cares about love and the lady only cares about cash and status and sh-t
I think it might not be the godson
cuz toni sez he could've made the guy an underbust ler
the lady goes b--chy about something she wont tell him about
he don't get she wants him
later the lady talks with a guy who don't wanna work for the master and wants his own life
how american
he wants her to join him in independent enterprise
later the godson(the real one I think) comes back
the lady sez the independent brit wants to marry her
he responds indifferent and formal
the godson wants to see this event that is gonnas happen at the place but the master sez no
some guys come in later and speak german
they talk about peace and how taking ocver Czechoslovakia (hay! I spelled it right on my 1st try!) isn't worth starting a war
the lady returns and sez she accepted the guys marriage offer
she's mad hes not showing any emotion and sez she talks about him with the guy and they lol at him
what a b--ch
he takes it well and is polite
the godson(the real one) tyalks with the toni and sez he knows about the meeting
toni sez its not his place to go against the master
the godson sez the axis is using him for their own ends to gain power (liker unions)
the godson goes on a tirade about wanting to keep the master out of makng a mistake but the toni don't know how to have his own soul
the lady sez shes sorry for being a b--ch but he has no issues with it
he gets a wine bottle and drops it on the stairs and swears(which shocvked me when I saw this back as a youth) and on the way up he hears the lady crying
he sez this place hasn't been dusted in some time
later toni drives somewhere and the lady and her husbando have a boarding house and are decroded
a woman he knows is preggo
they haven't been living together and she meets toni and sez its been 20years
its the 50s!
when people didn't b0ne or do drugs
its said that the master sued a paper for bashing him buit lost and his godson bit it in ww2
the opening is in the 50s and its after the former master bit it
it never sez when time zones change
she sez shes gonna be near her grand daughter or son
then sez she wasn't really wanting to leave the place but later got married and had kids then fell in lover
he wants to get back to the place to sort out the staff
they talk at a bus stop and she leaves looking sad
y'see? this is why we should be open about our feelings
if you love someone, let them know!
they cant read minds often and some need it spelled out!
don't risk losing who matters most to you!
turns out the new owner is the american who called out the brits for being candy a55
they free a bird from a chimney and close the window
then we get an arial shot of the masion and the camera flys away
the american was christophoer reve
the godson was hugh grant
I didn't recognize either
this was based on a book
that was quite good
I liked it
not much happens but it keeps your attention
For the remains of the day 2 I'd like it if he finally realized the woman loved him and saw his mistake. he then meets with ex axis scientists and they agree to use black magic to send him back in time to fix his mistake and tell her he loves her. he does so but when he gets back he finds that the change caused the axis to win and he must choose if he gets love or the axis loses (and he's not used to making his own choices so he struggles more than normal people) (spoiler; he chooses love)

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