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The Bad Seed Review

note; still bad with my keybnoard. theres typoes
the bad seed
this is my review on the bad seed (the 50s movie)
I think I saw it b4
but dat was years ago
its based on a play
the music seems a bit tim burtony
it starts on a dark and story night
no one seZ DAT ANy more
I miss da 90z
then we cut to a bright sunny day in da suburbs
this blonde girl(maybe albino) is playing piano
her dad's going off on a work thing
he looks military
the girl makes a issue about her dad saying "by gum"
I summon tuning gum in attack mode and use it  to synchro summon hot red dragon archfiend in attack mode!
they seem to be a happy golly gee willickers jimmy olson fam
I miss how in the 50s things were wholesome
nowadays the girl would have gender issues and be very malcontent and swear and b0ne a lot
she gets cool shades and the music turns creepy
she doesn't want blue jeans and likes wearing dresses
girls don't wear dresses anymore
most wear pants or shorts or thongs
idont like jeans either
this greasy guy comes in and I think hes a gardener
he don't get along with the albino
she tap dances with iron heeled shoes
shes kinda malcontent over not winning a gold medal in penmanship at school
she runs out and the greasy guy squirts her feet with the hose
its not clear if its an accident
the older woman b--ches at him and calls him schizo
her name is BREEDLOVE
sounds like a P0RN0 NAME
after the chix leave the greasy guy talks to himself about knowing more than he lets on
at the place the chix are going this lady sez no one is to go out on the pier
then the chix arrive
the mom tocks to the teacher about the albino
at dinner the geezer lady sez she met Sigmund freud
I hear he was a purvo and most of his ideas were disproven
they talk about this nurse who iced 9 people for cash
the mom hates violence
my mom does too
once I was watching brainscan (I think that's the title) where the teen lives out murders in a video game and she hated the scene where the foot was sawed off
she also thinks "Saw" and its sequels are gory(she's never seen em)
I otta show her Urotsukidoji
people being b0ned til they explode in a spray of guts
once I showed my innocent peaceful gentle pure hearted gf the youtube video "opera of splatter"
7 mins of gory clips from horror films
she saw it all and wasn't disturbed by it
my mom would queer out of watching it
even though its all faKE SPECIAL EFFECTS
eyes don't pop out of a head like dat
I otta show her RIKI-OH
she'd have an episode from all the head busting and organ removal
so the mom feels she was adopted
one guy mentions a chick who got away with many icings
the mom reacts to it
then the radio sez a kid bit it at the place her kid was
turns out its some boy
she comes home and the mom (like most moms) is overprotective and worries too much
the the albino girl is cool with it
and found it fun
I have f'd up dreams like being shredded by gunfire or nuked or me slicing people up or e busting open heads
my mom thinks its wrong
I like having nightmares
its fun to talk about
I see how chichi and gohan do in dbz
not bulma
shes a sl-t
the greasy guy sez the girl don't feel sorry
the girl sez "why should I feel sorry?" cuz she didn't bite it
nowadays people would suspect the girl f being autistic
although many people in animal supremacist and environmental groups don't care if people bite it(but have freakouts when a rat gets microwaved)
later the teacher comes over and sez the penmanship medal is missing
the albino was seen going after the medal the boy won and at the pier where his corpse was found
the teacher thinks the albino made a mistake and hints she might've done something
why are the blondes always seen as the bad guys?
what about princess peach, princess zelda, sailor moon/Venus/Uranus, the blonde in gx, the escaflowne blondes, dana from Robotech, the princess from Voltron, cutey honey, Barbie and she-ra?
the teacher says she don't want the albino at their school
the mom of the killed kid comes in and is busted up over it
she sez the medal couldn't have came off by itself
after a tirade she sez shes drunk and goes home
the dad calls but the mom sez shes doing well
the geezer lady comes over to get the albino' locket fixed
but the mom finds the gold medal from the killed kid
the mom confronts the albino over it but she changes the subject
she sez she don't know how it got there
the mom don't buy her cr-p and she keeps playing innocent and saying things contrary to evidence
she blames others being against her for her not wanting to come clean b4
like losers saying its only "internet trolls" that made the ghostbusters remake trailer the most disliked thing on youtube
the mom asks if she was responsible for someone else biting it for having something she wanted
the mom tries to call the killed kids mom but she aint home yet
while doing so the albino freaks out
later the dad sends the albino a tea set
the albino plays with the tea set outside and the greasy guy (who looks like a rotted michael j fox) sez he knows she iced the kid
she says its all lies and evil(like global warming commies)
he figured out she beat the boy with a stick and washed it off
she denies it but he sez blood cant be washed off
she gets nervous
hes sneaky too but not a killer
like in Devilman how akira is bad a55 but not evil
or violence jack how jack is bad a55 but not evil
and they chop up the real baddies
the girl asks the mom if they can find traces of blood on stuff but when she suggests they ask the teacher the girl freaks out
this guy comes in and he looks like a discount greg peck
hes nice to the girl and later talks with the mom about her dad being good at catching killers
she asks if kids ever murder and he sez yes
they debate nature vs nurture and the girls dad shows up
the discount greg peck is a writer
the mom wants to be a writer
the discount greg peck suggests some are born w/o a conscience or guilt and can kill with ease
I think law and order had a few eps about that
you cant grow a soul
The Bible says we may be sinners but can be saved by love from the Lord
We all heard of serial killers finding the Lord and turning good
but were any of those born wrong?
this is a deep movie
or my ramblings are deep
I'm pretty intelligent when not joking about b0ning
they mention a woman who got away with icing a lot and just kept running off or twisting the jury into not guilty
they mention her having a little girl
the mom sez to her dad shes been worried about being adopted
I know adopted people
most are ok
shes worried about if her daughter inherited some evil gene as shes not sure of her heritage
dna determines some things but we are who we choose to be
the dad sez shes his kid and she accepts it
the dad and daughter have a tender moment but then he admits she was found in a place when she was 2
my 1st memory was me b4 2
she tells about her 1st memory of a farm house and wandering away
she regains more and shes ingold denker
the daughter of the serial killer
this movie seems to promote not letting those with bad genes breeding
aka; evolution
seems that evil skips a generation
I actually take after my grandparents a bit
a lot
oh, her dads a newspaperman
the dad looks a bit like Mathew Broderick and Robert de niro
he did books
the geezer lady read his books til they broke
this movie is like cat people
not much happens onscreen but its got good stuff
at night the mom intercepts the girl trying to burn something
after a fight she finds its the shoes with metal heels
she busted his skull with em
after prying, the girl reveals she beat the boy to get the medal
then kept beating him to shut him up
then beat his hands as he tried to climb up
the girl tries to act as if nothing happened and manipulate the mom with sweet talk
the mom asks about abouth wacking and the girl sez she did something on purpose(I wasn't listening_)
the mom has her burn the shoes
the greasy guy and girl have back and forth
he tells her of getting the chair
when she sez they don't give kids the chair he sez they got little blue and pink chairs for kids
after noticing shes not wearing her metal shoes, he deduces she killed the kid with his shoes
when she sez she burned em he sez he saved em
after some anger he sez hes just f ing with her
the mom comes in and the girl outs his claim
this is really good
like law and order
they go and he finds the shoes in the furnace
she goes to get a popsicle from the ice cream man and takes a lighter or something
Halloween 5 was gonna have the little girl and uncle Michael Meyers as a team of killers
they changed it to keep it from being too f'd
but 30 years b4 they had this
maybe the girl could've used the curse mark to magic and crawl up peoples butts and burst outta em like in alien?
then the killed kids mom comes in drunk
she wants to talk 2 da girl but the girls out
she returns and the drunk mom seems friendly
she asks the girl if she thinks her son won the medal or cheeted
the mom takes the girl away and the drunk keeps drinking
she reveals she knows the girl knows something
the mom sez the drunk mom isn't welcome anymore and after some tirades, the drunks husband comes over
I feel bad for em
plus I nearly died a lot as a baby and kid
they leave and the mom calls her husband
the geezer lady sez she let the girl have another popsicle
then sez shes not a "fat self indulgent blob"
but then theres screams for help
the greasy guy was locked in his basement and fires were set
his grease probably made him burn harder
the mom has a breakdown and the girl plays piano
she knows the girl is evil but its her daughter
what to do?
most times, serial killers get the chair
or the gas
or the guillotine
or the gallows
the mom sez she threw the shoe metal in the river
the girl takes pills and juice and sed she started the fire
but then sez its her victims fault for saying he'd out her
that's bad logic right there
only a serial killer or commie would think that way
I had to kill him to stop him from doing right
only liars fear or hate or are offended by the truth
the mom reads her a story as she goes to sleep
the mom sez she loves her and wont let "them" take her away or lock her up
if you cant do the time, don't do the crime!
she goes to the other room and we hear a bang
then the dad comes in and cant get why she did it
its revealed she gave the evil kid a deadly dose of sleeping pills
then capped herself
but the girl was saved since they found her in time from hearing the shot
sorry for not much commentary on this
its good and theres not much to jab
the mom muttered "a bad seed" and her dad sez its about kids inheriting evil
then sez its not true
then comments on "the little girl"
at night the girl sez she's going for a sunbath (w/e dat is) with the geezer lady and is gonna get her bird when she bites it
at night its stormy and she gets on her raincoat and goes out at night for a walk
if this were today she'd get b0ned dead by some drug dealers
btw were this filmed today it would've showed the moms head busting from the shot
she is alive and calls the dad and asks for forgiveness
he agrees
the girl goes out to the place the shoe metal was thrown but gets blowed up by lightneing
the end
but 1st the narrator goes through the cast showing them with him saying their real and character names
then the mom a55 spanks the kid and the ending text sez not to spoil the ending
f dat
I hate when reviews don't say how it goes
but this was a good film
oh and its fullscreen
I like dat
no black bars eating the screen
for the bad seed 2 I'd like for the daughter to be a teen and have survived being blowed up by lightening but is a cripple. also the mom is a cripple and they both are still killing people but are really sneaky about it. also the killer who is the real mom of the mom tracks her down and stars eating pieces of her to regain her youth so she can breed more and make more demon kids.

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