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Invasion Of The Body Snatchers Review

note; if I spelled good it woul;dnt be as fun
invasion of the body snatacers
this is my review on invasion of the body snatchers (50s version)
that title sounds like a necro p0rn0
not that theres anything wrong with dat
this is the 21st century
after the title and credits on A CLOUDY SKY, (ewww widescreen) its night and people go 2 da hospital
this guy is locked up for being crazy
he sez hes not nuts and is a dr
he looks like Stephan king in creepshow
he starts telling his story in flashback
he talks with a nurse on the way to work about some cr-p
at a closed vegetable stand some kids freak out
this chick is said to have said only the main guy can help her
at the dr place the chick who wanted to see him don't show
until hes gonna have lunch
she sez her cousin thinks her uncle is an imposter
they we love or something b4 but she married a guy
I dnt really care about this cr-p
get 2 da horror
later a kid comes in freaked out that his mom is an imposter
the main guy gives him drugs
he sez the kid should stay at his grammas place
later he tells the chick from b4 who worried about her uncle that it is her uncle
she sez theres something different she cant describe
he has all the memories but not the same feeling
sounds like it might be his Ki
main guy sez its not possible for him to be not the uncle
she fears shes going mad but he suggests getting help
he sez theres not much he can do about it and goes to a movie or something
he talks to a shrink and the shrink sez its mass hysteria
he makes out with the chick hes with after
I dont know if its the nurse or other chick
they go to a restaurant but business is cr-ppy
dr gets a call to go back
they both go to some ho
me and its said no ones sick
they say; u gotta c it 2 believe it
just tell him!!
its a guy on a pool table
they don't know who it is
his face seems like a prototype or something
like a base forme b4 being modified into a new thing
also he has no fingerprints
ts 5'10 140lbs
like a guy she knows named jack
the guy wit em who just cut his hand
its been over 20 mins and nothings happened
]main guy tells jack to watch the body ad if it nothing happens, call da cops
if it moves, call him
they leave
yeah, leave a guy alone with a body turning into him
that'll end well
he aes the chick home and her dad was in the basement
later the body starts awakening
and its got a hand cut
and it turned into jack
weird, I was just watching RE cutey honey today
she tells the main guy and main guy tells someone
wait, main guy was da one called
he realizes the dad was up to something and goes to the chicks place
instead of ringing the bell, he breaks a window and enters
he lights a match and looks around
he finds a nude body looking like the chick
if this were evangelion he'd j-rk off on it
candy a55 shinji was thinking of kaworu
he sneaks up to her room and she don't wake up
so he carries her out
note how her arms are holding on to her
later he meets the gang and he's awake
at jacks place the body is gone and the cop says its just a dead guy
he sez the fingerprints were taken off by acid
and everyone was hallucinating
thy check the chick's place and theres nothing there
the cop sez he only thinks he saw it
the dad comes down and so does the cops
another cop sez he found the body in a burning haystack
the next day the main guy cooks breakfast with the chick
the gas man makes a sound in the basement
then another guy comes in and I don't know if hes the main guy or not
they look too similar
later the main guy talks to the uncle chick and she sez se ok now
she goes inside and sez the chick is still at his home
howd he know she said dat?
also the kid who feared his mom is ok
at night hes having a dinner thing and n a greenhouse a plant poops out a foamy person
more are doing it
jaCK wants to waste em but the main guy sez theres no danger til its fully formed
and something about being asleep
and the original bodies are destroyed after the fakes come in
why not waste em now B4 they take over?!
the main guy calls the f bi but they don't answer
in the greenhouse the bodies take shape
howd he know about dat? he wasn't there
l a connections on the phone is off
as is sacramento
he tells the gang to book it and hes gonna stay behind to make sure if the phone rings that they know hes not out
he pitchforks the bodies and books it
later he tries a payphone at a gas station
he notices the gas guy doing something with his trunk
he and the chick book it and he checks the trunk
its got pods in it
so he torches em
he checks another house and it people have a pod
he is confronter by a guy but fights his way out
they drive away but the cops put out an APB on his a55
he ditches is car at a car lot and they go to his office
I just realized that this means the kid afraid of his mom got iced
hard core
like Halloween III
they hide in his office and take pills to stay awake
they talk about how being human inside is important
later they worry about jack and the phone rings
they ignore it
they notice the town is 2 busy for 7 45 am
then people gather and farm trucks get pods in
they say to bring it to their distant familys
the are gonna leave but jack returns
hes one of them
they wanna turn them
they say the pods came from space and started in a farmers field
as they sleep it sucks their brains and they reborm as them
they have no feelings or love
we get it. theyre commies/daemons
they try to convince them its ok and the guys don't consent
so thy leave saying theres no choice
realizing drugs are the answer as they dull the mind, main guy and the chick get needles
but drugs allow daemons to affect people irl
weakening our senses ad defences
he sneaks around and needles em
inject em with AIDS!
f, caps lock
they try to book t but da doorz locked
they leave the front door and act soulless
they fake their way past a cop but the DUMBA55 chick cries out to watchout  for a dog about to get run over
the cop goes up and they leave
she might as well have committed seppuku to distract the driver from the dog
the town chases em through the wild
they an abandoned mine
he finds a place under boards to hide
they get under just as the guys arrive
they check the tunnel but leave
the main guy and chick hear music and he guy goes to see it
he finds a truck being loaded with pods
he goes back and finds her nearly asleep
if the don't have emotion then why ot fight them with super emotion?
like love
as in
maeking love!
he carries her and kisses her but she turns
she tries o win him over but he refuses so she sez; hes in here!!
so he books it
wait, I thought the pods replaced people
not turned em
they chase him but let him go thinking they'll never believe him
he runs in traffic and warns people but they think hes drunk
one truck has pods
he sez to the cam; they're here already! ur next!!
then back in the hospital he's telling em hes not nuts
A DR brings in a body crushed under giant seed pods coming from the town the guy was from
he calls for something to be done
the end
that wasnt bad
kinda slow but it got better as it went on
plus it warns of communism
for invasion of the body snatchers 2 i'd like for there to be a war between the fake people and real people. they blow apart the fake people but find b0ning can turn em back to normal. so the main guy from the 1st film goes through endless fake people b0ning them to get to the chick he likes to turn her back. also its animated and the fake people can take on monster forms and fight like tentacle plants

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