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The Night Of The Hunter Review

ote; most people cant read so my bad spelling don't matter
the night of the hunter
this is my review on the nibht of the hunter
its got Robert mitchum and lilian gish
its directed by Charles laughton who was the brit in mutany on the bounty
and the freak in the hunchback of notre dame
ooh, its by mgm
it starts with a night sky and fantastic music with kids singing and text on screen
reminds me of the twilight zone
then lilian gish reads kids the bible
warning about faulse prophets
then some kids playing find a body
this is how law and order eps start
gish reads from the bible how good trees cant make bad fruits and vice versa
then mitchum playing a preacher casually talks top the Lord while driving
hes a serial killer
this reminds me of nat turner or other bible misusers
then mitchum goes to watch a strpper
hes picked up for jacking a car and sentenced to 30 days
he tries to use his preacher status to get off easy
nowadays theyd give him extra punishment for being religious
elsewhere these kids are playing and their dad comes home
he gives em 10 000 $ and tells his son to not tell where the cash is
he makes him promise not to tell
the cops take him down in front of his son
maybe if he was a better dad his kids wouldn't grow up to be traumatized
he gets hanged for killing the people he jacked the dough from
in prison he talks in his sleep and mitchum hears the bible verse "and the little child shall lead em"
he confesses to mitchum he stole cuz hes tired of seeing kids go hungary
mitchum tells him he's use the 10 000 $ for good
also hes got a s witchblade in jail
after the dad is hanged, its revealed he never told where the money was
a guard feels bad about watching him get hung
its implied this is in da 30s like to kill a mocking bird
the kids at school sing hing hang hung
I think they were tormenting the main kids
that's kinda horrid
the kids stop going to school
nowadays they ice the kids who tortured em
people want the mom to remarry
as kids need a mom and a dad
later the boy tells the girl a story of a prince whos king dad gave him gold but he had to waste anyone who tried to take it
then mitchum comes by
we see his shadow in the window
realy good shadow effects
is this a horror movie?
later the bro is looking after the girl on a steam boat in the river
the boat guy sez this guy knew his dad in prison
at moms job at the candy store mitchums tells them he worked for prison and said he was with the dad
mitchum shows a story about love and hate and why they are tattooed on his left/right hands
he puts on a show saying hes got their best interests at heart ad lays a nice guy
but the boy don't trust him
the mom suspects somethings up with the boy
the townsfolk want her to marry the mitchum
mitchum sez to the fam the dad hid the 10 000 at the bottom of the river
I like the gray colors and light/shadow effects
it reminds me of vampyr from the early 30s
he eventually wins over the mom and agrees to marry him
the son knows the mitchum wants to know where the cash is but he wont spill
the sister likes the mitchum but the son tells her she swore not to tell
they marry but mitchum don't wanna b0ne the mom
he gets more stern and domineering
he tells her b0ning is for making kids and she shouldn't be used for lust
good point
but they married!
dontcha know? married people are supposed to b0ne!
that's the whole point of getting married!
I mean yeah if u don't want kids, don't b0ne
actually his logic works
he married her to help her raise kids
not make more
nowadays he'd be seen as the bad guy for it
at a service she seems to repent for driving her husband to sin
ad sez how she got him to throw the dough in the river
good point
that's a f--king lie!
later the sister is playing withy the 10 000 $
the bro gets her to put it away
but the mitchum arrives
they get it away b4 he sees it
good close call
mitchum confronts the son about him outing that mitchum asked about the cash
he sez the mom will believe him
the mom deals with the son for "lying"
I went to get my chicken wins but I don't hink I missed much
mitchum gets physical with the girl (i'll tear ur at off) for not telling him
the mom sez the money is still with em
so the mitchim goes at her with a switch blade and
scene changes to the kids later
later the mitchum sez she ran off
he also sez she was the one who refused to b0ne
and she was drinking dandylion wine
later we see her in a car underwater
a fisherman finds her
mitchum looks for the kids but they plan to book it
in it is a cool shot of mitchum walking to the house and the screen iris focus's toward a window where the kids are looking
the kids hide but they come up when a moms co worker comes by
the fisherman(boat guy) sez to a picture of his woman that if he told anyone they'd think he did it
also her neck was sliced like a 2nd mouth
mitchum interrogates the kids and they say the dough is in the basement
in there mitchum nearly butchers the boy like a hog to get where the cash is
the girl sez its her doll
they knock a shelf on the mitchum and lock him in the basement
they run to the boat guys but he's drunk
so they escape in a boat on the river
mitchum sends a letter to the store the mom worked at and sez he took the kids to spend time with his sister
mitchum jacks a guys horse and we get a montage of them going on
the girl sings a song about a family of flys relating to their thing
theres good shots of night sky and animals in the foreground with kids in the background
its like the 20s be hur or king of kings
at one point the kids stop at a barn but when mitchum goes by, they book it
why not wait and let him pass em so hes looking where they aint?
they are found and taken in by the kid yet bada66 lilian gish
gish has a buncha kids already
later gish tells the kids the story of how pharaoh's daughter found baby Moses in the river
its like how gish found the kids in the boat
THE BOY ISNT VERY EXACT IN TELLING WHERE (f caps lock) they came from
mitchum meets the teen girl who lives with gish and reveals the kids have a doll
later the teen reveals to gish she wasnt going to sewing lessons but was out with(b0ning?) men
gish reveals her son hates her and now she loves these kids
also about how mitchum wants the kids
later mitchum comes by and tries to give excuses about how the kids are his and his other lies about the fam
the son reveals hes lying and when he goes after the boy with a switchblade, gish freekin gets her shotgun and drives his a55 off!
at night (in realy good light/shadow effects)mitchum sings "leaning, leaning, safe and secure in your arms" and gish sings "lean on Jesus" as she sits guard with her trusty shotgun
good thing the liberals didn't take her gun or whey'd be iced
gish watches a own get a rabbit
she tells the kids of how whe herod tried to kill Jesus, His rents booked it to Egypt
mitchum gets in but gish gets him away with her shtgun
its pretty f'd up and bada55 how he pops in and runs out screaming
the calls are coming from inside the house!!
she calls the cops and they take down mitchum
seeing him arrested give e boy viet nam flashbacks and he breaks down hitting
the doll on him and saying "take it! I don't want it"!
on trial the boy cant tell anything as hes f';d up
the tow reveals mitchum had 25 wives and call him bluebeard(who if you look up, fits as hes not a pirate)
later the town decides to lynch mitchum and gets an angry mob together
I think they hassle the gish fam but they get away
we don't see if the people lynch mitchum
later its Christmas and the boy brings gish an apple in a cloth and shes happy
she says a thing about how children are special and beautiful(good pro life message?) and she gives the teen the jewelry thing she wanted
the boy gets a watch and gish says something about how kids are special
the end
that was a good film
I liked it
reminds me of 20s films
plus its quite American in its themes
I like how gish is a loving Christian who is bad a55
nowadays she's be a feminist or something awful
for the night of the hunter 2 i'd like for mitchum to return and reveal he got someone else to get lynched by swapping faces with him. he meets up with Nickola tesla and as tesla experiment on him to make him stronger and faster and tougher than ever b4 by replacing his bones and muscles with machine cr-p. he escapes tesla's shop and goes after the kids (now teens) for revenge. the kids (now teens) have bee training in holy ways and can use positive ki to fight back with beams or charging their bodies to increase strength. they have several battles over the film with most ending inconclusive as something interrupts em like an earthquake or tsunami or tornado or fire. also its a 16 bit sega genesis game also on snes and gba and it has 3 characters(thr guy the chick and gish who uses a gun like in contra) with them going through levels in America and the boss in each level is mitchum in a new forme fitting the level theme.

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