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Tell Them Willie Boy Is Here Review

note; I know little of tis film. but my mom likes it so imma do it 4 her. homie
Tell Them Willie Boy Is Here
this is my review on Tell Them Willie Boy Is Here
its directed by a commie who was blacklisted for communism
Abraham polonsky
it starts with text read about how in 1909 some crazy cr-p happened in California
its really widescreen
its got Robert redford and Robert blake
so this guy goes through Africa or California wastelands or w/e
ohh its base on a book
the guy walking talks with a horse and buggy guy
the guy is willie boy
I call him wb
he gets a lift to a reservation
I think wb was b0ning a chick and left when her husband came home
what is this? jerry springer?
needs more crossdressers
a moustache mAN comnes by and sez he'd cap wb
I think its the husband
1 blonde guy sells people whisky he stole
I think the other people in the reserve are having a cockfight
but it cant show it
so wb has some whiskey
the reserve head chick has a cop I think deal with the whiskey sellers
the cop (sheriff) beats the blonde guy up and runs him outta town
so theres a parade with prez taft coming
1 guy goes on a tirade about big gov taking his stuff cuz hes white and male
just wait til the 2000s\
1 guy playing pool makes a comment to wb about the reservation and wb assaults him with a pool stick
that was unneeded escalation
he said words I hate so I beat him up
I'm not saying its ok to insult people
but to attack em for it?
not right
wb runs and the pool guy wants justice for the assault
wb talks to a guy named Charlie (hopefully not sheen)
later sheriff (I think its redford) trys b0ning the head of the reserve
later wb makes out with this tanned chick
after b0ning her, sheriff redford wants the head of the reserve to give it up
the head whines about redfords dad killing Indians
also the head is kinda brittish
she mouths off to him about him being violent and it gets em to b0ne again
after b0ning the tanned chick, they talk about how her dad don't want wb
a guy interrupts their b0ning and wb caps him\
Its her dad
they run away
the next day redford and his homies are sent after wb
the head (who reminds me of a more brittish dr Quinn) sez wb b0ning her and icing her dad and running away is marriage by capture
part of their heritage
what is this? violence jack??
needs more hermaphrodites
later wb ties up the tanned chick and she sez shes gonna yell for help
so he frees her and they run together
the group after em calculate where they are headed
wb sees smoke and finds those after hoim haven't caught on to where they headed
the group decides to wait til after dark
1 guy recalls a mission he did with redfords dad
at night wb talks with tanned chick
he has her remove her shoes an walk around the group with him
1 group member hears something and opens fire
its a dingo or something
so redford finishes it
Charlie I think sticks up for wb saying he didn't have a gun and they could've capped the girl
the next day wb and his girl run off
redford sez they aint gonna catch wb unless he wants 2 b caught
wb and his chick get water in a pond or w/e and soak in it
she sez she wanted to get married in a church in a white dress
shouldn't've been b0ning that guy then
wb sez once e got drunk and was in jail for 30 days
then talks about how awful it was for him
mabe you shouldn't've got drunk then
wb wants to ice those after him
she tries to talk him outta it
also they keep talking about whiteness
so what if they're white?
so what if you aint?
the group finds their trail and Charlie wants em to give wb a chance to surrender
wb thinks they paid charlei  was paid to get him
so he goes j fk and picks a buncha em off
1 guy is sent for reinforcements
at town they wanna keep da prez taft safe
also the head talks with redford and he wants to b0ne her
while talking with some people she finds redford in her room
she goes back but gets p-ssed at a guy questioning the wb incident
then she goes back to redford and they slowly undress
but she has some kinda freak out and he leaves
later she tells redford her b--ching about wb didn't help
and people are talking of wb having hundreds of indian homies trying to take over
if ur Canadian or lived in soviet canada you may recall louie riel, a malcontent who tried to set up a zone just for his race in the 1800s
he iced some people and was executed for his crimes
but somehow became a Canadian hero
what next? manson jr high?
meanwhile people wanna erase the history of people who built this country
its like saying lincon was evil but john wilkes booth was a hero
later wb finds a tent and it has a hidden gun and cash in it
w goes off to some place for horses at night
back then they could execute u for jackin horses
now if someone steals from you and you stop em, YOU get charged
redford hears a dog and goes out and wb nearly caps him
later wb returns to the tent place and his girl is gone
he finds her hiding and she sed if she stays hes gonna bite it
he gets p-ssed and tells her to go bring the group to him
but she returns and they b0an
the next day the group finds wbs trax and goes after him
redford goes in but has a nipper covering him
we hear gunshots
then it has the tanned chick iced with 1 bulet hole in her
she might've iced herself
redford goes after wb
the head checks the tanned chicks bod
redford sets up a fake human (jinzo ningen) on a string and moves it with a rope to draw wb's fire
then gets to the pond and drinks
he notices a handprint and puts his in it
I assume he got powers from it
he gets behind wb and they draw
but redford caps wb
then carries him out of the rock place they fought
he gives him to some guys and redford cleans his hands with dust
he sez he gave wb a chance but wb had no bullets
wb is burned and a guy rom da group wanted some evidence
redford sez they all outta souvenirs and the camera pans to the burning smoke
the end
that was pretty good
even though the director was a commie he still made a good film
this was well made and had good work done in it
good scenes, camera work and acting
I like films based on books and true storys and this one as well done
for Tell Them Willie Boy Is Here 2 i'd like for it to be the 30s and people are bummed by the cr-ppy economy. some guys use willy boy as a symbol of rebellion and California leaves the union after enough people vote on it. it then goes communist and they start executing people based on fear of them being capitalists. then its 20 ears later and california is a slum of poors and disease and raiders attack Arizona until arizona cant take it and fight back, starting an international incident and theres a war between the soviet republic of california and Arizona (who has the backing of texas). the californias don't have guns or real skills and the arizonas are bada55 cowboy dudes. its also an 8 bit Gameboy/NES/Game Gear/Master System game where you play as either a bada55 Arizona fighting hordes of rotting California commies or a candya5 California commie sending waves of his own men to fight the superior arizonas

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