Wednesday, November 1, 2017

The Sixth Sense Review

note; speling right isn't a senbse
the 6th senth
this is my review on the sixth sense
its by m night shamalon and stars bruce willis and haley joel osmend
wtf Donnie wahlburg and Mischa barton are in this
b4 they wrere famous
wtf its shyamalon?
like shaia Hishizaki from voltage fighter Gowcaizer and angel blade?
so bruce and his woman are having wine and its cold
man up candy a55
bw got an award for his work in being a kid shrink
now they can have a family together
later they go upstairs to b0ne
but someone broke in
its a sad strange man in his undies
looks like steve buschemi
he gets kinda b--chy and reveals hes bruces patient
bruce misdiagnosed him and he went mental from fear
undies guy sez hes a freak and bruce remembers him
undies blames bruce and caps him
then blows his own head off
imagine if he shot bruce in the parts
later bruce is trying to help haley jowl osmet and follows him
hjo later went on to play the fruity guy in kingdom hearts
hjo goes into a church(which wouldn't happen nowadays) and bw goes to talk with him
he sez how in da past people hid from bad guys in churches
hjo wears his dads lensless glasses and talks latin to his toy soldiers
also hjo(who imma call sora now after that fruity teen he voiced from kingdom hearts people draw weight gain art of)has arm cuts
at home bw goes to da basement and writes notes and translates soras latin
at soras home the mom closes the cabinets but when she goes out for a bit and returns all the cabinets are open
sora goes to school with his friend but the friend turns out to be a d-ck to him
soras gonna shoot up the school
after his offscreen day at school he comes home and him and mom pretend everything they wanted happened
also bw is there
he asks to play a game with sora
not like saw or Yugioh
a mind reading game where he guesses things about sora and his f'd up life
soras parents broke up and he don't see his dad
once sora drew a picture of a guy getting shanked by a screwdriver
everyone thought he was mental
once I drew a kid in a brainstorm(a rainstorm of brains) and the teacher got disgruntled
it was grade 3 or something
sora sez bruce cant help him
later bruce tells his wife about it at a restaurant
how undies and sora are alike and this is his 2nd chance
the wife don't look at or notice him
later sora ands bruce walk/talk and sora sez hes a freak
bruce sez its bull s--- and sora sez; u said da S wurd
later soras mom is cold at home and notices a shine in all photos of her kid
later sora is with bruce and talking about free association writing
at da same time his mom finds some free association writing sora did and its psycho
sora sez he wants to not be scared anymore
later bruce is in the basement and his woman talks to a guy about the amish
you cant swear or spit around em
those candy a55 c-ck suckers!
spits on a cat
bruce calls him cheese d-ck
he has some weird fetishes
later at school they talk about what da school was b4
sora sez they hung people there
after some back and forth teach looks at him in a way that triggers sora and he has a psychic thing and freaks out
he sez the teacher talked funny when he went to school there and keeps saying "stuttering Stanley" over and over
old s s snaps and callds him a f-f-freak
he was gonna call him a f--kin f-ggit freak but his stutter prevented it
after talking with sora, bruce goes home and watches his woman shower
she has anti depressants and we don't see her t-ts cuz of blurry glass
later sora is at a kids party and does some fake magic trick bruc taught him
the kid thinks its stoo pid
mom sez sora don't get invited many places
sora goes upstairs and hears a guy talking About being locked in somehwre and not taking the masters horse
his d-ck friend and that guys homie lock him in the closet and hes freakin out
mom comes up and the door wont open
until it does
later she and bruce see a dr (m night shaia Hishizaki) and m night thinks hes being abused
in a hospital bed bruce tells a cr-ppy story to sora and sora tries to help improve it
sora sez bruces eyes look bummed and bruce tells about his past
good acting from bruce
he seems bummed but holding it back
man they whisper a lot
makes it seem creepy
who's that your drawing?
that's my new friend
and whos that over there?
that's the one who killed her
sora sez he seez dead people
and they only see wat they wanna see
and don't know theyre dead
and he sees em all the time
does this mean undies from the opening of the movie had ghost powers?
later bruce sez sora is going mental
after soras mom brings him home she finds holes in his sweater
she feels his back where da holes are and calls some mom to tell their kids to stop attacking sora
btw I should mention I was like 12 when this movie came out
and at this pool once these kids were saying its not right that th3e movie is pg13 but has a grades schooler in it
maybe they meant the shining
or pet semetary
or that bette davis film where shes a nasty olde hage and tries to ice a kid
later at night sora goes to whiz
I think they just added a p-ssing sound as theres no stream
they cant show a kid p-ssing?
I p-ss all the time
every f--king day
the human body is 30% p-ss
but the temp goes down
he sees a b--chy chick in the kitchen with the drawers and cabinets open who is all f'd up and has slashed wrists
or a modern day tumbler freak
later after a school play bruce chats with sora about his d-ck friend
its better than cats
dat 90s
then sora sees some hung people and gets f'd
he sez when ghosts get mad, it gets cold and he can feel em
could be him sensing their wandering ki
but bruce don't see em
later we see the cough syrup add with his d-ck friend
kinda 90s or 80s
later at breakfast mom gets p-ssed at him over the moms mom's item winding up in his room
and sora denies moving it
so she beats him with a frying pan
she sends him out only half full
later 1 kid sez hes gonna show sora where his dad keeps his gun
and the back of his heads blown open
I think he sucked it
gun kid; (shows him sucking a rifle) not today!
later this ethnic couple are buying an engagement ring and the seller sez after people bite it, part of em gets imprinted onto it
like their ki?
later bruces woman And cheese d-ck are getting almost romantic and a window breaks
bruce sez he cant help sora and wants to transfer him
sora gets weepy and asks if he believes his ghost powers
and that some magic is real(holds a penny referencing his trick)
later bruce relistens to his tapes and finds it was cold in there when chatting with undies
aso he left him alone for a bit a few times and on da ape was voices
wtf the volume only goes to 10
why not 11?
the voices are in Mexican
now he knows
the ghosts are real
but most people already believe
except for deniers
at church he chats to sora and asks wat the ghosts want hen they talk to him
sora sez they need help
and bruce sez if he helps em they'll leave
but sora worries they might be dangerous
later bruce returns home and cheese d-ck leaves his place
at night sora hears his mom thrashing around in bed and saying if someones harming him she'd kick their a55
later sora senses something and its cold
in his fort he sees a puking chick and he books it
its just puke candy a55!
once I was on a bus to college and this candy a55 puked on it
they stopped the bus and I had to wait for another one.
its just puke!
we're full of it!
the human body is 30% puke(estimation. not fully accurate)
actually we're made of fully digested puke
as we eat, it digests and is used to build our cells
sora returns and trying to help the girl puke ghost
is that Mischa barton?
sora and bruce go to a memorial for the puke girl who was sick for years
sora goes into a room by grabbing the knob like in nightmare b4 Christmas where jacks hand has the reflection
he goes in puke ghosts living room and she gives him a hidden box
so ghosts can move things?
sora gives the puke ghosts dad the box and sez she wanted  to tell him something
in it is a vhs tape (dat 90s)
on da tape she did a puppet show and then the nurse or w/e gets her soup
she pours chemicals in it and serves it(she didn't know it was recorded)
she tells puke ghost not to say it tastes funny and she gets sick lunch
wait it might be da mom who was making her sick
sora gives a last wish to puke ghosts sister and sez shes not coming back
I guess she went on to the next world
later sora plays king Arthur in the school play and his d-ck friend is the villiage idiot
that's not pc
the term is villiage mentally challenged citizen
now they'd get malcontents going on geee haad over it
btw king Arthur bit it after his woman cheeted on him
but the play stops being shown after he gets Excalibur
oh and studdering Stanley reconciled with sora and gave him the Arthur role
bruce and sora have a good moment and things look happy
good way to end the film
later sora nd his mom are in a traffic jam and he comes out about seeing ghosts
he sees the chick crushed by he car standing out his window
and ghosts need his help
and used to hurt him
she accepts her sons supernatural gifts after he tells her grandma visits him and moves the item
and that she saw mom dance at a recital after a fight when she was young
and grandma answered a question only she and grandma know through sora
that's actually really well done
I almost cried at that
I thought of my grandma and all
I just cried a bit
later bruce taks to his wife while shes sleeping
she drops a ring and he realizes not wearing his
then remembers what sora said about the ghosts
and the house if different than he just saw it
it was his mind tricking him
turns out bruce bit it at the start of the film when undies capped him
also on bruces back is a blood stain from the bullet hole
bruce tells her he can go on to the next realm now as he needed to help someone
and his woman was always 1st in his life
and he loves her
good 90s music
the wife half asleep kinda talks to him
fade to white
wedding video
the end
btw this was filmed in Philadelphia (like the cream cheese) and had acme markets in one scene
that was quite good
the 1st time you see it you never see the twist coming
the 2nd time, you see the signs and how it really is
I liked it
its horror with heart
sorta like pumpkinhead
for the sixth sense 2 i'd like for it to be 20 years later and the kid from the 1st movie is now a ghost cop who helps the cops solve crimes by talking to the vics after they get cooked. its in a cyber city with grungy gritty cold damp wet dark streets at night and purvurts everywhere using cyber punk cr-p in cyber punk gangs to ice people so heir ghosts will cause chaos. also the undies guy from the start of the 1st film is revealed to have survived and had his brain rebuilt with Protoculture that gives him psychic blasts. and he leads the cyber punks to try to destroy the edgy society they live in as revenge. also its a 16 bit beat em up on sega genesis and snes with 1 player as haley joel osmet and the other as his mom powered up by wearing the grandma as ghost armor.


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