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Ghost Review

note; i spell not undead
tgis is my review in ghost from 1990
its got patrick swaezy, demi moore whoppoy gold burg, tony goldwyn (from mgm boss descendant), with stuff from Steven root and Vincent Schiavelli
 from corpsr killer on sega cd
its directed by jerry zucker, the guy who did the naked gun films but this one vis srs
i saw it a few times b4 and liked it
so after opening credits, swayze and demi are busting this building to renovate and open a wall to a hidden room
like in cantlevania or zelda
later swayze and tony are at work in a bank with 90s computers i grew up with
so later they fixed up the apartment and it looking good
so they live together and its probably in sin and he's worried of sometjing getting f'd
later they have the famous scene where she makes clay poyts and he jions in ans they make out
the clay thig looks like a b0ner
i think they're b0ning
later at work pat sez to tomy he noticed some accounts have too much cash and he changed the password so he can fix it
lsster after pat amd demi see a shakespere play, she wants to get married or something
also he sez "ditto" when she sez she loves him and it p-sses her off
then a porto rican guy trys mugging pat and they fight
his gun goes off and pat chases but he gets away
when he gets back, he sees demi holding his corepse and he phazes through people
huh, this was 16+ in soviet iceland and g in soviet french canada
so pat has a chance to go to the light oh heaven (Jacob's ladder??) but turns it down
at the hiospital he chats with a ghost and they watxh a guy bite it and go to the light of heaven
then a guy walks throgh pat and he sees insie him
after his service, demi talks tio his picture or something and pat is hearing it but cant interact
but the can can sense him
charge your ki
later tony is comforting demi and pat trys phazng through a door
how'd he get in here w/o a door?
wait for someone to open it?!
then the porto rikan guy gets into pats apartment and his fists phaze thrioufh him
then demi comes home and porto rikan guy watches her undrss
so pat freaks out the cat to jumpo him and slice his face and run to da subway with pat following
is this soviet new york/new sodom??
on th train, vincent schilenaia roughts him up as hes a ghost and busts the window with his fist
i think he's got autism
he has dat feel
how does the train hold pat if hes a gkost?
if he falls off fdoes he stop moving??
so pat followes portorikian guy to his slum where he calls his contact and es he'd get it in a few days
man, new york in the 80s was a cesspoole
good thing rudy julianni took the cooks out
so pat goes to a psychic plays by whoppy hold burg (which sounds like it could be a p0rn0 name(namy a pooting p0rn0 where she blasts gas on people)) but shes a fake p o s liar
but she can actually hear pat and freaks out
she talks to him and dont wanna help him cuz she's kind of a b--ch
as pat dont gotta sleep and can talk forever, she agrees demi but demi thinks its a scam
to get her to see demi he sings enry the 8th for hours until she relents
at the apartment she wont let whpoy up so she yells stuff pat tells her about her until demi comes down
wtf her name is oda mae
like oda nobunaga?!
demi dont believe her but and leaves but comes back after oda sez ditto
man we're like an hour in and it feels like nothing
oda seeing sam; white, but cute
me; thats racist!!
call the cops and arrest her for racism!!
oda gets b--chy when pat takes The Lords name in vain but relents when told sorry
pat tells oda to write down the killers info but she realizes thats her slummy home too
and that he was assassinated like j fk and to tell da cops
oda has enough helping people and books it and demi tells tony goldwyn about the  oda and he trys to get her not to listen to her
so then tony goes to the portorikan guy and reveals he sent him to get the codes to get the money back to pay druggies and if he dont get it they'dre both f'd
also he didnt want portorikan to ice pat and to ice the oda
and pat followed
so demi goes to da cops and they think she's fill of sh-t!
the cops reveal oda has a criminal record and say she was trying to swindle her over her banker bf
later tony cracks pats code and is told to use the account of rita miller and transfer it at 5 mins b4 closing to a bank of nassau
and pat hears it all
later tony tony chopper comes by demis place and flirts with her
pat gets p-ssed and hits an item
relaising he has power, he goes to the trasin and talks to the organ grinder from batman returns(not the p0rn0) and vincient sichoila goes mental on him for being on his train
pat wont go and vincneont shiclnia agrees to train him
1st; all pat ever does to get his way is to be annoying
2nd; is this where bleach got it? a training arc?
vincent; you think ur still real. you aint gotta body. you gotta move it with ur mind and use ur emotions
so is he made of ki?
btw, why doesnt he fall through the floor and go to the center of da urth?
btw, goodd effects in this
it looks otherworldly
so pat gets it and vicnent shicalana sez he was pushed and starts freaking out when he thinks pat thinks he jumped
he kicks open a cigarette machine and longs for a drag
then goes mental and jumps onto the train
pretty good acting
so pat goes back to oda and shes got a buncha ghosts here asking for her help
she gets kinda b--chy and 1 ghost jumps into her and posesses her
she boots him out of her a55 and the gjost is outta power from doing it
oda kicks everyone out and portorikan guy opens fire and runs
she survives and pat has a plan to get the baddz off her a55
using her fake ID's she fakes being rita miller with at guiding her
lol she explains her jerking around from pat poking hera as gas
i was right
she does p00t p0rn0
using a guy who is bad with names and faces and events, she fakes knowing him and withdraws 4 million $
meanwhile, tony cox is doing the transfer of the 4 million $
demi comes by and pat knocks stuff over to keep her from seeing
but she sees anyway
tony zomboni freaks out seeing how the account is gone and he's gonna gbe turned inside out alive and fed his own guts by druggies
and he cant tell anyone as he was doing illegal cr-p
outside pat has oda give away the 4 millmion Dollers to some nuns which kinda predicts sister act which i hear was based on an idea by the chik from beverly hillbillies
otherwise the druggeis would ice her and the money is blood money that got pat iced
tony freaks out as pat torments him and types messages to him on an 80s computer
is that a wang?
wang coputers
he goes to demi and asks about pat and oda
demi reveals oda it was oda who was rita and tony gets sweatier as pat pokes him
tony trys to torch the place bt pt stops him
tomy sez he'd ice mdemi if oda dont bring da money and pat goes to oda's to warn her and her fam to get out as the hitmen arrive
they were watching arsenio hall who my brother likes i hear
pat f's with the portoricann and throws stuff and he freaks out
pat wriyes "boo|" on da bathroom mirror and portipnrin runs as pat shoves him
porto rikan gets crushed bwteeen 2 cars and his gjhost flys out his a55
to quote starship troopers; MEDIC!!!!!!
he sees pat once as the shadows drag him to h-ll
but hes already in new york!!
oda and pat go to demis place but she dont like oda
oda tells the plot of the film and pat goes through da door and tells oda to tell her what shes wearing and their backstory of cr-p spilled on em
pat has her put a peny under da door and he moves itso its floating
dont this break ghost rules?
the music is really good and wonderful and enlifting as she believes
demmi calls da cops and talks to oda about pat
pat wants to feel demi again and she lets pat posess her to feel demi again
to keep it from being gay, it shows pat with demi
and plays the clay song
but tony curtis comes in and pat is outta juice from fallling outta whpopy gildburgs a55
oda and demi escape wuth tony after em and gets oda
demi fights him and gets shoved into trash cans k o ed
butb pat saved her and tony takes demi hostage
pat beats on tony and tony throwa a metal hook annd climbs out a window
the hook swings back, breaks da window, and wastes him
he seez pat once more as the shadows take him to h e double california
is this like the count of minte cristo or fist of the north star how his best friend turns on him and gets iced?
so now demi can see him cuz of the light of heaven on him and they kiss
sorta like how after the tournament, others could seee astral in yugioh zexal
so pat goes to heaven and sez bye despite b0ning outside of marriage, taking His name in vain and eating unkosher food
the musiic is pretty good wonderful too
this has heart
i like the fuzzy light 80s effects
the end
adr mixer bob barron
like; robert v barron from robotech/bill and ted?
really good music in the credits like a 80s tim burton fuilm
dat late 80s feel
i liked it
this has feels and was good
its well made and is like sometghing sailor venus would like with its romance and heart and action
its got a good story and acting and good emotion
i liked it and it brought me back to the 90s watching 80s films
i miss when films were this good
for ghost 2 i want demi to have been pregnant from her last time b0ning pat and the kid has gotten spirit powers from her interactions with pats ghost. also tony goldwyn's character is back and has been mutated in h-ll and escaped somehow and wants revenge. he turns new york into a h-llhole of daemons and aids and drugs and only pats kid can stop him wwith his gjost powers. also its a 16 bit sega genesis, snes, gba, tg16 and atari jaguar game where you fight through the rotten remains of new york and beat the evil outta new yorkers.

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