Wednesday, October 30, 2019

The Rocky Horror Picture Show Review

note; i spell normal compared to this movie
the rovcky horror picture show
this is my revirw on the rocky horror picture show from 1975
its got tim curry from focx's peter pan amd the purates and voltron the 3rd dimension, susan sarandon from that david bowie vampire movie (i think ) and meat loaf from music songs
i'e never seen this b4 but i think i saw a few mins as a 90s kid
i hear this movie is compared to the room a lot
so it starts with red lips on a black screen singing about sci fi
is this where mr popo from dbz came from?
they also mention androids fighting
so after like 5 mins of sionging, this couple gets married
then this nerd and his gf chat and it turns to song of him saying he likes her
it seems like grease
then this brit sez they went to a teacher they had and it was memorable
so the couple are driving in da rain cuz england has a55 weather and listening to nixon on the radio
a tire f's out and they go to a castle to use the phone
this is how the human centipede 01 started
except with a song
so at da castle this weird guy butler lets em in and he looks like the cryptkeeper but less decroded
then him and a maid sing abot a time warp (Like dragons lair 2? will eve be there?)
then a bunch of freaks dance it
after dat, the chick wants to book ot but nerd thinks they r safe
then tom curry comes in and reveals hes a crossdresser in a weird leather like outfit like in yugioh or fist of the north star
then the maids take off most of the couples clothes and they ride an elevator outta castlevania to the lab
wtf nerd has his briefs up to his bellw button
does he tuck his shirt into em too??
so tim curry in a dress gives em new clothes and nerd b--ches out over not getting to use the phone yet
tom has a bearl necklace which i think the simpsons ripped off
does this make marge and lisa men??
so tim sez he made soome crazy discovery of life or something
hes made an artificial human (jinzo ningen)and brings it to life
its soem albino who sings about things s-cking for him in a cheerful way as maids cut off his bandages and he's in a glitter speedo
tim curry sings about men getting strong as albino works out
then meat loaf comes in busting through the wall like kekko kamen on a motorcycle like jack atlas and dances/sings with some chick
he seems like a biker like mad max but less SM
then tim curry chops him up with a pickaxe and goes back to his man song
then goes to b0ne the albino (or more likley, get b0ned by him)
so then the couple go to different rooms and tim curry trys b0ning the chick by faking being the nerd
she dont consent but gives in
later butler torments albino with a candle thing and he breaks outta his chains (S BEFORE M!!) AND runs off as butler b0nes main
btw theres statues of naked men like in castlevania
then tim curry trys b0ning nerd but he dont consent
but he gives in
is this like Shuwartzu Negataro in Kekko Kamen how he overrides ones orientation and seduces anyone?
so chick is bummed about cheeting on nerd and sees a secirity cam footage (did they have those in da 70s?) of nerd smoking after b0ning tim curry
she then comforts albino and tears off her clothes to make bandages
then she sings about beung felt up and feeling others
and albino feels her t-ts
i guess shes turning him straight
also; is this where samantha fox got her song from?
btw this is fullscreen so no black bars eating half the screen
so i think she b0nes the albino and tim curry whips butler for ketting albino getta way
S Before M??!!
then a guy comes by and its nerds high school teacher he went to see
but tim knows him as a ufo ologist
tim uses magnets tto move teachers wheelchair to the lab and tim sez he thinks couple is working for teacher
meat loaf is teachers nephew and then they find chick and albino having just b0ned in the tabk albino was made
so then they have dinner and sing hapy birthdau to albino
teacher sngs about what a c-ck suxker meat loaf is
then its revealed they had meat loaf for dinner
everyone runs and winds up in da lab and tim seals em to the ground with a machine thing
he's gonna send em through a time space thing
i think he turns em into statues or something as i wasnt looking and this chivck gets b--chy over tim not b0ning her
so tim currys gf and albino cross dress in lingere about their lusts
then the curtains pull back and its the RKO logo as tim sings about his lusts
its like a Go Nagai Anime
Not a full on p0en0, but many allusions to it
oh and the statued people destone and are dressed like xxx stars as they play in a pool
and teacher joins in with his non crippled leg moving in high heels
wtf both his legs work
then 2 sci fi crossdresserslooking like lady gaga dinks come in saying tim curry f;d it up and they are taking over and going home
the music in here is kinda david bowie
tim sings about going home and the gaga dancers (who are butler and main)  are the ones going home and they are gonna use an antimatter gun on tim curry
they ice tim curry and the chick who anted to b00ne him  and albino holds him like denny in the room
he carrys tim curry up tge RKO tower as the lasers bounce of him and they fall in da pool
the gagas are gonna send the house to their home planet as they were aliens the whole time like in dbz
they do the time warp dance and the house flys back to their planet with teacher outta his chair on the floor outside
then credits showing who played what like in spaceballs
ther end
that was pretty entertaining
bright, colorful, livley upbeat, cheesy, and fun
tim curry is always good even when he goes queer
the music is catchy the thing is welll filmed and is a good homage to 30s-50s films
sorta like how in the 2010s they tried to bring back da 80s
its got good pacing and never drags
i hd fun watching this and it was pretty cool
for The Rocky Horror Picture Show 2 i want the couple to be in the alien planet and have bbred enough to have a small colony of humans living together.  but the aliens don't like them for not crossdressing and have em quaarentined off to the slums to keep em from turning their population straight. also theres plans to nuke em so the humans have missions to weaken the aliens structure and bring down their civilization. its also an 8 bit game like ninja gaiden on sega master sytem, nes, tg16 and atari 7800 where you play as the humans who take out anyone in their weird h r giger planet with human attacks and take down organic generators that power their shields that keep the wild space monsters out of their cities.

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