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One Hour Photo Review

Note: I spell better than it takes to 1 hour a photo
one hour photo
this is my review on one hour photo from 2002 (when sega started doing cr-p on nintendo)
it has robin williams from jumanji amd aladdin so its probanly a fun family time
jk i saw this b4 butthe channel was scrambled  and i think in negative
so it starts witn a dark seeming music and robin being photograffedby da cops
dont drop da soap!
the cops have his film he took and he wants to see it
cop asks what the vic did to cause it and we getta flesh back of a kids party him talking of family photoz being only showing good memoroes and never stuff they wanna forget
this human normal fam of a mommy daddy and little boy lives in a normal house and the kid plays either tekken or virtua fighter
mom takes da photoz to da mall and robin is friendly with her and suggests not going digital
the cam has 1 shot left and robin takes 1 of himself and they make small talk of the mommys fam
robin sez he;d get the pix dun in 40 mins as she has to go soon and robin develops em as he thinks of how photos are really important and how deep processing philm is
she comes back but she wanted a smaller size and robin gives him a free cam as hes a b day boy
after da mall closes for da day da fam looks thought the pictires and see the image of robin
robin has his own set of pix he made of da fam and eats in a diner as the waiter chex his photos
he fakes being the kids uncle and drives home in his cr-pmobile and kid tells mom he feels bad for a guy who's life s-cked. Its robin
so later daddy argues with mommy over her sspending too much cash and she sez hes neglectful
later robin watches the simpsons ep where bart gets notes sayiing someines gonna ice him and robin has a wall of photoes from da fam over years
So then its Monday and he goes over the usuals who come in
some do p0rn0 pix
so later roobin argues with a repair guy over a machine being a bit off and reppairman dont care
then at lunchhe spazzes out thinking about being in a family xmas and his boss talks to him about arguiing with repairman
also boss suggests taking a vacation and tells him he's been spazzing out an half hour after lunch
later he meets daddy and they talk as robin dont know computers and robin sez daddy has a great fam and house
btw his last name in here is the same as his characters ame in jumanji
is this a sequel to it??
find out todayy! on dragon ball Z!!
robin bumps into kid and kid has an evangelion toy as kids watching gay emo anime is ok back then
h-ll some fams bought their kids la blue girl thinking "Its just a cartoon. It should be good for kids"
later robin goes on a monologue abou how photops are time capsules and he buys a photo from the 40s or w/e
then talks about people not taking pix of little things like a wasp in jello and sneaks into the famys house when they are out
after a grand tour and a big black dump, he has a cold 1 and watches the game with the dog
this movie has an unsettling feel and sound and style
the fam comes in but are ok with him and kid wants to make a toy gundam with him and it turns out its just him in the car looking at the home imagining it
later this chick drops her photoes off and he recognizes her but dont know from where
later its kidssoccer game as he thinks snapping your leg in front of europe and south america is cool and ronib stops byand chats with him
they walk together and robin tells of his cr-ppy life and being a fata55 and cr-ppy at sports
kid sez dads not around often as hes got work and robin gives him a evangelion toy he bought but kid knows his rents wont let him have it and drives off
later robin is at da food court in a mall and sits near mommy i think and shes on da cell phone.
they  chat about fam snd cr-p and as she leaves he fakes reading a gaijin book  he saw her reading b4 and shes impressed by his deepness
he shows her da photo he bought and sez its his mom
latr hes doing the chemicalsn da photo machine and his boss calls him in to say there were hundreds of photos processed that wee unaccounted for over the years
he cans robin and robin can't take it
hes got the rest of the week at work as they gotta keep him working for some reason and he snaps
he pix up a blank photo off da floor and mommy comes by with kid to get his birthday camera pix developed but robin is outta it
he looks through kids photos and its all close ups on toys and such and robin is moved to tears by how innocent they are
so robin hex the pix on his wall and finds the chick from b4 was in the soccer game one annd at work at night he goes through her photoz and seez shes b0ning daddy
he cheeted on his wman and this drives robin mental and i think he puts chicks photo in mommys thing
on his last day his underling yoshi sez thnx for teaching him al this stuff that will give him a long career in one hour photo well into the future of 20xx
as he leaves he jacks a big a55 knife and stalks daddy with a camera to catch him with chick but don't get it
at home he watches either plan 9 from outer space or the day the earth stood still(probably the latter as its not cr-p) and has a phantasy of him in an empty stpre as his eyes gush blood
but its a dream and he takes a shower and later goes to take photoes while explaining the oeigin of the word snapshot
what is this? big bang theory??
so he goes back to work to drop off photoes and boss don't like it
back in da 90s, the grade 8's from the year b4 who graduated, at times popped back in to class to see things and have fun
later yoshi shows boss rbins photos and boss thinks its the sodomy fiend again
but its just a girl playing with a doll
they call da cops and oh i think its bosses daughter in the photoes
cips checl robins place and a line on tv sez "they must be programed for courage" which i recognized as digimon after thinking of it for 2 mins years ago
they find the photo wall and robin is at a hotel and fakes being a worker on da phone to get info then use that info to find and cancel the lunch orders of daddy and chick
cops tell mommy about it and they can't find where daddy is
robin gets in daddys room faking being lunch and orders em around by pulling a knife on em like Fitz when Eli pushed him too far in Degrassi Next Gen and makes them pose in x rated pix while nude
in 1 part he makes her put daddys footlong in her mouth
later hes alone in a room and the cops are at da hotel and come for him
he runs but the cops eventually get him and he sez he just took pictures
later dad comes home and is glad to be with his fam after f ing them
thewe're back in the start and robin sez the cop is a good man who wont cheet on his fam or make his kids do gay cr-p in unholy pictures
i think his dad b0ned him as a kid and it f'd him up
this is like something from big bang theory but a bit worse
so cop sez he understands and lets robin see his picx
i think all da pix are of hotel things like shower cutrains and sinks
then we see a photo of the fam and robin happy
the end
that was deep, dark and f;d
but really well made
unsettling and disturbing, but its got bright colors and it looks expressive
a lot of liht and white and blue
back in 02 they made films with color and it didn't look digy or gray like the later harry potter films
its a simpler time b4 cellphones f'd the world
burn in h-ll seve jobs!!
you f'd us!
but this was a well done movie and it shows mork/popeye can act and be srs and cool and sympathetic and have depth
too bad he... you know... liked evangelion
that show was gay, emo and mentally unbalanced
like a tennessee wuilliams play
this was a well made and creepy film but it worls and has good feel and flow
it keeps your attention and makees you wanna see where it goes
the music and amra work add to the unsettling feel and its not gory or violent but creepy like a 50s movie or 20s movie
video playback supervisor; steve austin.
the wwf guy??
for one hour photo 2 i want it to be about the trial and this sleazy procesuter is trying to get williams (who's not 400lbs from stress eating) the chair and this noble jimmy sytewart style guy is trying to get him off. its a courtroom drama where williams character is fatter each day and by the end of it is over 600lbs. its also an 8 bit mini game collection on game gear, gameboy, nes, master systwm, tg16and atari 7800 where you play various games about the daily life of robin or the lawyer and solve puzzles between trial story cutscenes.

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