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Days Of Heaven Review

note; i spell like its 1916
days of heaven
this is my review on days of heaven from 1978
its got richard gear ad no one else i heard of
its directed by Terrence Malick who also did the thin red line and nthing else i heard of
i nver heard of or saw this b4 buty perople say its good
so it starts with images of the 20th century ad opening credits to music
after 2 mins we get guys by a furnace working and i think its a steel mill
mahgine pouring liquid steel in a guys a55
gear kills a guy and runs as a kid narrates over how him and his bro did cr-p
i think the kid is smoking
oh i think the kid is a chick
so they dont let guys know they are brother and sister like in star wars
she sez a guy named ding dong (like the man organ? did he do p0rn0?!) sez theres gonna be a big flame that purges da urth and the good go to Heaven
sounds like the intro to Primal Rage
they go by train to a farm place and girl makes friends with a chick
wtf, richard gere,s middle name is tiffany!?
What is he?! French?!
they call guys Alexis and Michelle
What next? Nicloe for Nicholas? Chirstina for Christopher?? Evelyn for Evan?
this is why they needed America to save em from Zee Kaiser
so at night they have some kinda Chruch thing in the outdoors and after that they use horsse drawn threshers and workers to get the hay
later its day and gear fights some guys sfor a bit
after more harvesting this guy shows an intestrst in the chik
bytw kid said shes from soviet chicago (like me) (but its a yankee state so it might as well be canada)
so gear f'd up 12 piles and cost him 3 dollars of pay and if he leaves hes fired
then don't f it up next time dumba55!
later gear overhears the head of da farm has 1 year left to live
he takes an interest in chcik and later its snowing and geer chats with chick about going to soviet neew york
so after more work narated by kid they say if u slack off they ship you out
we got a job to do here!
if ur just j-rkin off on the floor you gotta go!
this was b4 unions came in and gave the screw ups more rights than they needed
and boss finds out hes gona be the richest man in the area as he got a goof crop
chick feels for boss as he needs a gf and boss asks chick to stay with him as a job
so later gear chats with chick about doing something about their lives
is chick his sister?
i thought it was the kid
later kid talks to chick about cr-p and chick sez her dog bit her  ear when she was a kid
btw this movie is fullscreen and dont got the awful black bars
later the trains come and chick leaves kid and goes on em
kid later thinks about being a mud doctor and later she's talking woth chick (who i guess it was someone else who left) and chick is smoking
they hang out and later gere chats with chick about her having goodd hair
gear tells his story of wanting to be a big shot or w/e and his msteel mill malcontentary and later chick chats with boss about wanting to be a dancer and he sez he loves her
gear talks with chick about how he dont like guys checking her a55 out
later chick marries boss (like in mulan(the good one))
so gear moves into the house and the main guys just hung out in day and did stuff they did b4 sega
so gear and chic go out at night and its pretty bright
i think they b0ned but it was cut from the tv version as tom green or gear or w.esez hes in love with her
later, boss's aide warns him that chick and gere are not honst and when boss tells him "datz my wife!" aid suggests he leaves
b4 he goes, he tells chick hes on to her
latr its night and boss sez to chick he feels connected to her but she accts distant
later, president wilson (who hated zee kaiser and oppressed people for disagreeing witrh him and made laws against anti brit pro german stuff) drives by in a train
so kid narrates that boss is doing ok and not biting it and wants somwione to cap boss like hes a horse
latr grere is hunting birds with boss and nearly caps him
j fk time!
is this gonna be lik tom cruise in war of the worlds?
he kills the guy who took him in?
then some planes come by and land and 1 driveris EL ITALIANO!!
she sez its a flying circus and theres a mudget like a real ciris amd they put on slapstick shows
later boss confronts chck about her letting the gear b0ne her and how bros and sisters dont do that where hes from
good thing chicago is very progressive in alternative lifestyles
gear sez shes in lobe with boss and goes in a plane wth the italianoes
later its winter and we get a montage of chick, girl and boss hannging out on da farm
kid sez he taught her stuff
so later the grea comea back looking like a cowboy and sez sorry about pushing her into this
later the locusts attack and devour the crops like in The Good Earth from the 30s
at night this wagon catches fire and rolls around burning the fields as boss and chick stand before the flaming background like in Gone with the Wind
the fire gooes nuts and the workers spazz out
boss goes inside with gear and chiick and pulls a gun on her for lying to him
then its daytime and the fieklds are burned ,like in Reighn of Fie from 2002 and boss pulls a gun on gear
gere shanks hm with an item and runs off after getting chick and kid
aid sees boss shanked and later the trio are going down da river
kid sez chick sed she'd live a good life to make up for her crimes
but aid is after em
later gear runs from horsemen cops and gun him back to h e double california
after the service, chick gives girl to live at some home and goes off
later kid runs away with a friend who's bf is iin da army
they wait and no one shows and they go off on another adventure
the end
that was kinda nice
wtf, charles campbell? like the guy from shuten doji?
special thanks redd foxx?
but that was pretty good
not too dark, good lighting, good pacing and mood and feel
its a simpler time and has good music and long stretches of atmosphere and little dialogue
they could probably make this into a silent film if they used title cards
i liked it and it never dragged or felt boring.
i think the korea movie Parasite took some hits from this with its stoey and themes.
Foe Days of Heaven 2 I want it to be aboit the kid going into vaudeville and having a career in it. Also its a 16 bit vaudeville beat em up on sega genesis, snes, ga, tg16 and atari jaguar where you go around the early 20th century using a vaudeville kung fu to comically beat people up.

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