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Begin Again Review

 note; i began to spell

begin again

tyhisd is my review on begin again from 2013(the year of the 1st robotech war)

its got keira knightly, the sodomus mark rfffalo, adam levbine, hailee steinfeld, the sodomingus james corden, ceelo greed, mos def and no one else i know

its directal by john carmney wsho did on the edge and ocnce

so after like 80 secondfs of logos we get a chiuck playing a bummer song in a bar

then credits to ther mark hulk getting his haiory a55 outta bed and picking up his treen daughter to some art place

back door mark looks liek tim burton on drugs

so he goes to a meeting and later talks to some black guy about how marky mark has f=--ked outover the last buncha years

I think he's getting canned for being a j-rkoff and he throws a sissy fit

if he still had man parts he's shoot the place up, but judd apatow guys are beta males

he trys to jack a painting as he sez its his but leaves it cuz hes too f'd

then he drinks on a park bench and takes da subway and a Bible Guy offers him Faith

her stumbles around drunk ike Team America and goes toa bar to devolve his liver more and hears chick playing the emo song

he likes it and it sounds a bit 90s or early 00s and he imagines how to make it better

he offers her a gig and she don't think he's for real or want to be a big a55 star

later he sez his label ditched him and comes clean and sez he was gonna jump off a bridge and heard her song and she goes with him

she reads his wikipecdia page and he did well but pawned his grammys and is a drunk nnow

he wants to get her a new look and a vid and make her a star

she gets b--chy over being told how to dress and he sez all artists are modified to look better by the industry

btw this is in soviet new york, where law and order svu happens

they go out and she wants to get outta soviet new york and they go to their homes

at her home she watches a vid and flashbacks to her bf

i think its a flash back that shows her beta male bf wanting to be like a samurai by drinking tea and him going to soviet LA for a gigf

bf is a singer and he sings and we see the totally hetero james corden cr-ppily singing in a park.

she goes to him and trhey are homies and they go to his shack and haver whiskey as he's an irish or britmo or one of those lesser evolved beings

then we see chick and b4 dooing a song in an apartment

holy cr-p we're 40 ins in with adds

that felt like nothing

i never saw this b4 but according to wikipedoia it got good reviews

so later the bf comes by and sdhe slaps him for no reason

she threw the 1st punch! counterstrike!!

so i think he wrote a love song for another chick and this just went springer as i think they were b0ning

so she leaves him and goes to live with gross a55 james corden who's grossness will devolve her in to one of hjis kind in a weird transformation sequence

later he goes down to a bar to play his sissy songs and he gets her to play and it shows how mark soddomo came in

then mark ruffage wakes up to his phone ands chick calls him wanteing to be signed

he pix her up and she don't got a demo or myspace or facebook and he has her play her song for the black guy

black guy don't like it and sez if he makes a demo then he can try again

later he chooses to record outside with a laptop and use editing tools to do it and record a bunch of songs all over soviet new york

mark gets some crew and sez he's give em a back end deal (Which sounds like innuendo, esp since this was done byu weinstein) and he directs em to play

they go 2 c ceelo green and his homie beatboxs

later they record inn an alley and he bribes some kids to stfu with smokes

later mark gets his daughter(i think the cihlk at the start wasnt his kid) and chick and daughter get along and gets bf advice

also chick sez daughter dresses too sexy and takes her shopping to get different clothes

spoiler; guys like when chicks dress hot! mainly feminists are aginst it as they are jealous of the hotter bimbos

they drop her off at home and chick wants daughter to play guitar on the song and markula goes in to his ex womans place to ask if she's good

ex woman sez she s-cked and is smoking chronic

later mark gets b--chy over chick trying to get him and his daughter and they bicker and he sez his woman was b0-0ning other guys while his mind was gonna snap

but the guy b0ning her wentg back to his woman and marks ex woman waited for him and told mark to get f'd

so they patch things up and dance aroun da town and listen to music

she listens to the casablanca song and they go back to jaymes cordins a55 and he sez her bf adam lambert or lavine or w/e is giving a speech saying cr-p that chick said is fake

jamews a55 and chick get druunk and chat and she calls betsa male bf and james a55 cordin plays poain as she sings

later they getta montage of them playing the songs they recorn around sopviet new sodom new york

later markington, his woman and kid play in it too

later they have a party and markin drinks pepsi instead of booze

soviet james sortin plays a gamer where they pplay msuic and you try to stand still

everyone winds up dancing

later her bf comes back and looks like dan levy from shj-ts creak meets Ross Hull from Student Bodies

they walk around and he shows her his song and its not as good as it should be or something and he's lost his way about trying to please everyone to be vcorporate

He wants her to come to the showing of the msuic and she goes off and marky mark is egtting salong with his 5kanky teen daughter

so they take the album to the black guy and markinglua gets his job back and she sez she sees how it cost like nothing to make so she wantrs more than 10% of sales

later chick goes to the bfs show and he sez if she's here to come up and play

he plays ther song they made and she evsantually goes off on a bike in new york at night

then these 2 big ugly black guys tackle her down ands start b0ning her as she screams until she;'s b0ned dead!

jk thats Law and Order SVU

so then theres credits and marl butt f--k alo is moving in wiith his woman and she dont wanna release her album

so they release it online for a 1$ per download and he spreads wordd to his homies like ceelo green and they spread the word and it sells 10 000 $

markkalo is grilled over it by black guy who fires him

the end

that was pretty good

good pacing and flow that don't drag

good feel and nice music

good story and  style

i liked it and it went by fast wioithout much happening

For Begin Again 2 I want the music company that fired ruffalo to file a court thing against the chick and him over ownership of the music. but whenthe case is in hearing, the company puls strings to get the chivk and mark arrested for false accusations. Knowing this is how the company gets rid of people, he and the chick escape and go on a hunt to take out the record guys. also its a DS andf PSP Metroidvania game where you go artound soviet new york and fight through gangs and junkies and gotta get better items and take out the record guy top get the evidence he has that he framed you, as he keeps copy's of all his calls to use against those he works with.

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