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Thunder Over The Plains Review

 Note: I spell cowboy

Thunder Over The Plains

This is my review on thnder over da plauinz from the disatant future year of 1953 (The year the actoes of Minmeio aand Lisa from Robotech and the chick who did Birdramon in Digimon were born)

i never saw it but its directal by andre detoth who did Pitfall, the 50s House Of Wax, and The Mongols

It stars Randolph Scott, Elisha Cook Jr from the Bogart films, Hugh Sandders from To Kill A Mockingbird, aned bno one else I know

ooh and the guy wo did those tarzan fiolms  i never saw, lex barker

so its 1869 and most states were reabsorbed into the union, except texas

and the arpet bahggers are jooing the natives and tthose who fight back are hunted by those commie yankees

1 guy becomes a robin hood to fight those commies and da big gov puts up martial law to oppress the texas's

I like how it don't make the confederates look exaggeratedly unrepentantly evil and tthe yankees look super good

so the troops don't like oppressing the honorable texas but are just following orders

so these yankees steal this guys home cuz he couldnt paY his jacked up taxes and whhen e tells a guy off, a ruckus  breaks ouit for 20 seconds

they auction his cr-p off and as tthey go, they get held up by confederates who send their men off and capturre the carpet baaggers

tthey get sent back w/o shoes or pants or coats and as they are tenderfoots, they can't handle the unpaved roads

so da troopers come by and bring em to town and main trooper repports  to his superior

theres a 1000 $ boiunty on the good guys annd main guy is reveale to be a texas who fights his own people

and superior has 2months til retirement

so main guy goes home to his woman who hates it there as everyne hates em living there and being hated by the natives

he stands up for his confederate homies sayinmg they need respect and understanding

nowadays he's bew shown as the bad guy for not demonizing them

so by august 69 things got worse and more troops are sent and theres an uprising planned

main guy invites a guy over for dinner and then a guy outs some texans for having supplies for the cash

the place is 15 miles away and trhey suspect it might be a trap so they lock up the outer til they get back

they go there and main guy tells dinner guy to go around back and give the texas's a chance to surrender

in da base the guys think they better go but don't

eventually a gunfight breaks out and the tenasx get away

turns out 1 went b4 the team weas ready and cost em it

then 1 texas is taken out by a trooper

the tropoers come back and later at home, main guy is bummed obver the texas beingh capped

dinner guy comes by for diner and is revaled to be a grad of west point and gets along with main guys wife

the guy who outed the texas base gets out and is nervous

the carpet baggers bicker over money and how they work with da gov to joo the teas people and outer comes in

he wants the money andf has a gun on bad guy and needs it to get outta town or the tyexas guys will get him

carpet bagger sees this and as bad guy leads outer out, he shanks him in the back

carpet bagger sez he dont wanna be part of murder and bad guy will blame it on the texas heroes

and if carpet bagger speaks out, he's get it

at dinner,the main guy finds the outer's body outside his place with a note saying its in revenge for the guy who got iced

superier sez its a closed case but main guy sez it don;''t see right as a stab in the back don't fit the guys style

kinda like every time dsa gov does an attack or crisis and blames someone to inflame the people and media

so the troopers bring the cotton stolen from the people and the main guys stays back fore a bit

the texas heroes attack but then the troopers spring out and trap em

the rebel leader escapes on foot and main guy follows

main guy goes on and leader has a clean shot at him but lets him go on and holds him at gunpoint from behind

he sez none of his men iced outer and offers a deal to spare his boys

they accept and he's brought in on the promice of a fair trial

but later its revealed the gov is ordering them to execute him w/o a trial as its marshall law

main guy gets 3 days to prove him innocent like majoras mask

also dinner guy akka tarzan smooches the main guys woman w/o consent and main guy walks in and they fist fight

main guy sez he'd ice him if he sees him again and sends his a55 packing

in trhe real vbersion they were b0ning

at night, the leaders droogs capture the carpet bagger to trade for him and if he's not let go, they strring his a55 up

and bad guy is there and a guy who reported the capture went to bad guy 1st

dinner guy and main guy say they ran into a door about their brusies and superior sez he's gonna string up rebel leader tomorrow if carpet bagger aint freed

main guy meets leader and trys to get him to have his men let carpet bagger go

he agrees after a speech about the carpet baggers ruining texas and main guy goes to meet the texas guys

he sez if the carpetr bagger is returned, he'd get more tiume to proove the truth

they agree but any signs of a double croos and main guy gets it

his woman wants him to be not go out on this mission and he says he has to cuz of bushido code and goes out in normal clothes even thoguh he can get in trouble for it

some guys see him and out him to the superior and superoir has dinner guy sent to bring him back

if he f's up, he gets sent to indian turf where he'd get iced and probable eaten alive by buiffalo or sasquatch

so they go to the place and dinner guy tarezan is gonna have main guy iced himself

reminds me of King David having Uriah wacked to cover his seduction with his wife

or r fk having marilin iced for wanting to out his and his brothers b0ning her

or the qween having diana and her butt buddy and their unborn, mixed race, illegitimate, interfaith kid iced for going against her monarchy

at the place, the carpetbagger says he has something but the troopers come in

the dinner tarzan caps carpet bagger while attacking main guy and in the chaos main guy egts ko'ed but a fellow trooper shows up b4 dinner guy can finish him

so they capture main guy and bring him in and he gets out and away

superior sez tarzans going to soviet washington and main guy escapes with the texas guys and plan to get the item in carpet baggers office

thery sneak in but the troops find the place they went in has a busted lock and this guy who main guy saved in the war sees him but says its clear and goes

bad guy's minion sees the shades are down in the carpetbaggers place and they weren't b4 and bag guy gets his un and goes over

the texas heroes open a box and find a confession saying he knows the bad guy wants him iced for witnessing the icing of the guy

bad guy comes in and main guy knox over the lamp with DOESN'T burn down the place and he escpase as a guy is iced knife in the back

main guy also got out by busting through a window like he's batman and taking no cuts

must've been made in chhina

so main guy sneaks around town like its zelda on n64 in the palace and bad guys sneaks around looking for him

badguy fires at him but he fires back and bad guys minion is sneaking around

1 guy on a upper level sez main guy is in da bank and thewy fire in there but main guy escapes out ass window

main guy capsguy on upper thing and thenminion but hets his left arm capped like gohan in dbz

tthen taakes out bad guy andnarrator sayus stuff like this helped stop xcorrup[tion and carperbaggery

laterpeace returned and they stoppe fights and in 1870, texas rejoined tthe union

then norman and saxon got to live in peace and things were ok again

the end

that was pretty good

its got themes and lessons people today deal with and doesn't demonize rebel or yankee

I like how it shows a fair and balanced view of the time and people and has heart and honor

the rebels have real issues and ain't just b--ching and the cops are not just bad guys drunk on power

no swearing or nude scenes or gorre or degenerates or communism and itt tells a clean tvpg story

it goes by at a good pace and isn't boring and doesn't drag

not much happens but it seemns like there is

Sorta like Alien 01

I liked this and its worth seeing

For Thunder Over The Plains 2 I want the guy who tried to seduce that guys wife to be out in indian territory and finds a colony of sasquatch that the indiuanns are going to team with to fight America. He gets strike team sent in to take out the sasquatch and fights the indians there in their bases too. Its also a 16 bit Run N Gun like Sunset Riders on Snnes, Segqa Genesis, TG16, Atari Jaguar aand GBA where you play as the guy, or one of his men and blast through several levels of woods, deserts, towns, mountains, caves, and the Sasquatch Dimension.

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