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Maximum Overdrive Review

 Note; i speel better than this movie was recieved

maximum overdrive

this is my review on maxim ovcerdrive froM THE DISTANT FUTURE YEAR OF 1986(when Transfortrmers the mvcoie and the hokuto noi ken movie casme out)

its directecd by steven king who says he was coked out of his mind when making this anmd had no idea what he was doing

it stars emilio estevez, pat hingle, yeardley smith and a cameo by steven king as i guess he thinks hes hitchcock

it goit bashed by reviewers as they thoguht it was stoopid and over the top

but come on, its an 80s movie! lkook at scarface!

i never saw this b3 but got friends who like it (and fat chicks)

its gopt music from ac/dc and king later regretted making it or said it s-cxked or w/e

then agaiun he hated the 1980 the shining and made his own ver which wasnt as good

kinda like akira toriyama hating dragonball evolution and choosing to ruin dragonball himself by making super

so after a buncha creditsa, ooh, dino de laurentis did this, we gert da urth and texzt saying on june 19 1987, da urth was near a comet tail

then its soviet north carolina and steven king trys to get moneey but the machine insduilts him

then title and credits to 80s music showing cars

elimio is playing cards with a guy ART WORK and his machine bridge starts moving on its own

so cars sslide around and 1 chick goes through her asian made windshield from falling 2 feet and some fall off da bridge

ew! its widescreen!

cars mash around and fall over and then theres a big a55 truck with the face of the green goblin from spider man

kinda surprised they didnt get sued

it goes to a truck stop and the driver goes in to  eaT AND THE RADIO DON'T WORK IN IT


1 truck worker gets his face f'd out by a hose and gordon ewants emilio to work for an extra unpaid hour

in da diner, A TURKEY CARVER CUTS UP A WAUITRESS ARM w/o being turnerd on

so emilio busts it with a PIPE

a guy in da arcade gets cooked byt a video game despite touching plastic

so then its a baSEBALL GAME for little c-ck suckes and a pop macjhine wacks a guy by shooting full cans into him

the kids run and then outta nowhere a big a55 steam roller comes out and smushes a kid

so this mostache guy and a female joery jeremiah from degrassi jr high are driving and she gets da radio to work and hears to star away from some place

she makes him pull over and trys to get away and he followes and the green goblin truck comres to life and drives a bit

then this couple comes to tthe truck stop anbd finds it empty and a body

then a truck nearly runs him over and emilio chex out da truck and no ones in it

girl joey sez em,ilio is cute and the kid who escaped the steamroller goes through towen seing bodies everywehere like he's in the 3rd world

moustache guy is trying to sell bibles and a truck bustsd his car and dumps trash on it

he goes after it and yells and gg truck comes at him and he falls in da mud

thery try the radio and get jack sh-t and da trux go artound on their own

da couple sdees trux going down da roasd as they drive and get chased by a truck

da truck eventually crashes and blowes and they get to da trruck stoip and the gyuy drioves through the mocving trucks to get throufghg

but his car flips and emil;oeoo and girl joey save em

then gordon gets a rocket launcher sanmd blows a few trucks

giorl joey chats with emiolio aND SEZ "EVERY MACHINE WENT INTO maximum overdrive!!" AND I THINK SHE ICED A GUY AND IS ON DA RUN

then a plane goes by to ride of the valkires and emiulio and girl joerry go in da  basebent with all the weapons of gortdon

gordon dont wnna let emilio leavce and elimio reveals he got arrested at agew 20 and now is f'd

so offscreen, emilio and girl joey b0ne and now its night and they see da comnet

girl joey sez da comet is driving evetuything nuts and they gotta just stay alive for a week

this isd a lot like Cujo and Christine

waitress goes out and yells at da truix "we made u" like it matters and i just realized, the triucks need gas at some point, right?

then the power goes out and later moustache guy is out there still and calling for help

so kid from b4is crawling through pipes likethat Spiderb Man gaME AND emiliio and bf goes out with a rope and baZOOKA to sAVE NOUSZTACHEIO


MOPUSTACHIO IS FOUND IN DA SWAMP BY kkid  and can't get out and amilio na db find em and mousntaionbo is dead suddenly

so the 3 survivores get back to the shed and kid asks if his dads ok and alimio dont answwer

they get back and amilio busts a truck wiith a missile and pat gordon tells kid his dad goty it

kiod gets freaked out and girl joey lightly slaps gordon

i dont see why the trucks dont just plow through the walls of that cr-ppy a55 diner and get em

then a bulldozer comes in and crams a car through the diner wallgordon gets a rocket launcher and blows the bulldozer and this run on a wagon shreds him and a fdew others in the store

waitrerss gets the millsie launcher and gorsout saying "we made u! u cant dop this!" and blows a truck but gets shredded by gunfiore like an idioot

1 truck honks in morse code and kid knows it and writes it and sez it wants em to feed em

right after a redneck sez they cantr as they got no powerm, da righjts turn on

amilio is gonna feed em gas and sez the gun wagon couldve called in a truck of napalm and cooked em, or the trucks could've busted in and crushed through the floor to the celler

he goesd out and tells gg truck he's gonna dfeed em and to tell his friends and then he gasses em up to 80 music

why not put sugar in the gas tank and kill em?

so they run outta gas and a truck follows aimio and he uses it to refill the  gas station gas with a hose

later amilio sez its alienms who are looking for a new home

later amilio is refilling the gun thing and spins it anmd runsx and does something and it blows

so the people escape down the sewer and the machines only nbow bust into da diner and the place blows

they walk on and a burger stand starts saying "humansn here" over and over and the id shreds it with a machine gun

they go on and shrted anm ice cream truck and later the gg truck comes at em and splatters a guy

they miussile it and go off in a boat like that dawn of the dead or w/e and text sez 2 days later a anilan thing wass nuked by the soviets and the earth left the comet trail and things returned to normal

then credits to ac dc

the end

lol grps; gene poole

its not so bad

kinda dumb but entertaining

sorta like an h p love craft story but really anti subtle

its a good mix of past king storys and the msuic is cool and fun and the effects are cool

i liked it and even though it kinda drags a biut and loses steam after a while, it holds up and has good fun

its not gonna be gone wioith the wind or birth of sa nation or ben hur

but its a nice silly fun rocker time

this is gonna be like with charles laughten who dircted 1 movie and quit after getting bashed for it

steven kings only directal

also; how did the trucks lewarn morse code and englaish?!

did the learn when humans drove em and only came to life cuz of the comet but were able to knowe b43 that?

for maximum overdrive 2 i want it to be the 2020s and people live in a high tech world and when thecomet and aliens return, the people are too candya55 to know what tom do w/o phones and the internetg and keep getting killed by being dumba55es! and its up to bada55 red necks who don't need tech to lead them to fight the machines with magnets as everything is with a computer now! its also its a gasmecube, xbox, ps2 and dreamcast game where you play as a redneck and go aorund with magnet firing guns and take out tech gone wrong like in Jet Force Gemini

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