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Game Reviews Volume 12 From 2020 And 2021

My feelings on games I beat in  the last bit of 2020 an the 1st bit of 2021

So I finally fully beat Aero the Acro-Bat 2 on Sega. I made it to the final round before but even though I beat the final boss, the game screwed up and Aero walked into spikes with 1 HP left and counted as being iced. This time I'm not sure what I did different but it went into sorta autopilot and he went in the exit thing and hit the switch to stop the bad guy and it worked. Its actually a pretty good game. You play as a circus bat who can do a drill attack diagonally up or down by hitting Jump 2x or straight down if you ump then hit the Look button. You get a few lives and 2 continues and 3 hits to start with, but can get up to 5 hits when fully charged. It controls well and is by Sunsoft who was great in the 8 and 16 bit days so the graphics and music are most excellent. Its also got a password thing that starts you at the start of the zone and is 4 images using characters from the game. You collect the letters A E R O and if you get 4 in a level you get a shell game to win an extra guy. Food is for points and your logo the letter A is health. Getting enough of the food and enemy's in a level gets you a free guy after its done. You also have a star attack button where you fire stars you collect at guys and a Look button that lets you hold and D pad to see a bit around you. If you bite it in a level you go to a checkpoint but if you bite it on a boss you keep the battle going if you got extra guys left. Its not too tough and has a lot of extra guys around to stock up on. Also beating enemy's keeps em dead unless you use a continue. Its a nice game and is well made and I'm glad I did it. Its worth playing and needs more love.

Just beat Fortified Zone on Gameboy. Its a top down Run and Gun game like the bad levels in Super C. You switch between 2 characters like in that DS Castlevania game. The guy can use better weapons and the girl can jump. B is shoot and A is either special weapon or jump but Jump don't do much so the guy is the best one. You get unlimited tries and if 1 bits it, you still have the other. There's a 4 character Password to do any of the 4 levels again and there's a 2 player mode that you need 2 GB's, 2 game paks and a link cable to use. Its got good graphics and music and isn't too hard at 1st but gets rough in the last level. As you bust bad guys you get power ups like special weapons that have limited ammo and Health things that refill you, but if you're full, you can save it and its like a Fairy in some Zelda games that revives you we you bite it. Getting a spare Health Pack and switching to the other character revives em. Also you can collect Life Up power ups but any life you extend your bar by is one if you game over. There's a trick where you swap characters and can cheese the brief invincibility to protect yourself. In the last level near the start are these turrets that if you bust em, can give a Health Pack. If you keep going back and forth and resmmoning em, you can keep getting more til you have 8 (the limit) and make the game easier. Each area is a screen you go through like Zelda and there are floors in it. Also on boss levels you move around in a big black space and the boss stays around his area, often just moving up/down, which can be used to take him on. Its a pretty good game and I'm glad I got it.

Just beat Dr Mario 64 on N64. Its just like the other Dr Mario games where you line up 4 colors in a line or column but not diagonal. There's up to 4 players and when you add more the screen scrunches. You got 3 colors, Red Blue and Yellow and gotta clear Virus's by putting 4 colors the same together. The pills you drop stack and can spin with the A/B buttons. Virus's stay the same location but pills fall if they ain't connected on the sides to the other half it came down with. Its pretty good and it has a save file system where you save on the Game Pak and it holds it for decades. I got this for Christmas years ago and it still works. You can play in Story Mode as Mario or Wario and all it does is slightly change the cutscenes. I used Wario as I like his games more and didn't like Mario 64. If you play the whole game w/o using a continue (There's infinite) you get an extra round with Mario/Wario who you already beat in lv 1. I only found that out after making it to the end and checking online to see if there's another round. Spoiler: The end cut scene is the same either way. Its pretty good and has good thinking to get with. Glad I played it. Oh and its got good Music, Color and Graphics.

Just beat Mischief Makers on N64. Its by Treasure and is a cool 2D Side Scroller Platform game where you use the D pad. 1 button Jumps and one grabs and using the D pad lets you shake what you hold to use. You can dash by double tapping jump between things you hold, use the C buttons for quick access to D pad stuff, Throw things, Roll by pressing down a bit, boost up with double tap, and other things. You go through 50ish levels that each have a goal like fight a boss or get to the end, and it plays pretty well. The 1st few levels teach you what to do and it gets tougher as it goes on. The graphics are cool and its got really nice music and its just a great time. Good references to other Treasure games like the Birdman dashing and his level in the falling thing like Seven Force. You collect Red gems to spend on Continuing and Blue and Green gems for life and if you are full and get more, you get an extra life bar (up to 2 spares). sometimes the controls take some getting used to for me to figure out when to grab the enemy attack, mainly bosses. The story is fun and silly and each level is different and gives new ways to do things. There's even a track and field level where you do races and sports. It saves to the Game Pak and can hold it for decades and can have 02 save files. Its worth getting and holds up well. Plus there are Yellow Gems that determine how long the ending cut scene plays. You can get them around the level and by getting perfect on some bosses. Its a positive game with good feels and I'm glad i got it.

Just beat Spider-Man and the X-Men in Arcade's Revenge on my 106 Game Gear in 1 GBA Cart. You play as SM, Wolverine, Gambit, cyclops and Storm in 3 levels each that play different to their own style. Spider Man is pretty standard with 1 button jumps and 1 webs but holding up+jump makes you diagonally websling. this is tricky as it happens by mistake sometimes. You hold up or down on the D Pad to control how high or low the web sling goes and can jump off it for more height. The Rhino can be beat by web shots in this ver. Wolverine has his claws out all times and you don't get different attacks when you hold up, but the Juggernaut is easier with just needing enough head shots and a few things dropped on his head. He still kills you in 1 hit if he gets too close. Cyclops levels are simpler and you don't get a kick button so the cavemen alien things I don't know how to beat, but there's a LOT of 1 hit kills in here with the electric track. Storm swims in water levels but I couldn't tell the surface from the water on here so I had to guess. Life and air are 1 bar like Mario 64 and this was tougher in both except the 1st boss who you can just stay at the top of the screen and blast and the air heals you. The 2nd boss was tough as the area fully fills to reach the upper areas to hit and you can't refill air. Gambit was tough as there's lots of pits but you got unlimited ammo. The enemy hits add up and you gotta watch out. The 2nd run is an elevator level that makes more sense as ur on a platform instead of the floor rising and there are some paths that are dead ends. Its got good music and graphics but controls could be better. The last area is each guy going through a small level and ends with the final boss that just goes back and forth on the bottom and throws things. You get no continues but can get an extra guy in some levels. Its pretty tricky but not as rough as the Genesis ver. Glad I played it but its not the best.

Just Beat Fire Emblem The Binding Blade on GBA. Took me 37 hours over a few weeks. Its a Srpg like Shining Force but different. If as character bites it you can't get em back so its either restart or go the rest of the game without em. You can move a set number of squares on a grid but there's terrain that can protect or slow you or the foe. You can rescue characters if they ain't too heavy and carry em to protect em. You get Exp from battles and gain skill from using weapons that ranks up from E to S class. you have a max level of 20 but can digivolve to a new thing and gain stats and be lv 1 in a new job. Higher skill lv's means you can use better weapons. You can get more characters by talking to em or meeting conditions. To get the good ending you gotta get the special weapons by meeting certain conditions like beating a level with a certain guy alive and in under 2 turns. You and your foe take turns moving guys around and battling and your items can break after enough uses so you gotta buy more. You don't get cash for beating guys, but by selling things or in chests. Its got a really good story and I avoided Spoilers to see it myself. Its worth it. If you wanna do this you otta use a guide to get everything. Its really good and I'm glad I did it. Now I know the story of Roy from Melee. 1 thing you can do too make it easier is to Suspend game and use it as a mini save. But be sure you can still do still as attacks have the same result even if rebooted

Just beat Revenge of Drancon AKA Wonder Boy 1 on my 106 Game Gear games in 1 GBA cart. Its a platformer/Run N Gun where you play as this kid in Green undies trying to save his bikini bimbo gf from a Witch Doctor. You go through 10 worlds with 4 areas each and 4 checkpoints in each of those. 1 hit kills you but you also have a life bar that drains on its own. Touching fruit refills it and it also drains bit bumping into rocks Its pretty brutal as 1 screw up and its back to start. You get a few guys and get more with points but you get unlimited continues and you'll need them. Biting it sends you back to a checkpoint but running outta guys sends you back to the start. Sometimes its better to just suicide a few times so you start back at full lives. In each level is a Doll you gotta collect to get to the final levels. The boss is the same each time but with a different head and sometimes throws different things. You have no attacks except a Tomahawk you throw with the non jump button but you can only throw 2 on screen at once like the Torch in Ghosts n Goblins. Also biting it sends you back and you gotta re get it. It controls kinda slippery and has bad momentum so often I get iced struggling against the controls. 1 button jumps and holding up on the D Pad makes you jump higher. Some levels have no Tomahawk so you gotta wiggle through all the hazards to get through. You can collect an Angel or Reaper from an egg and 1 makes you invincible and the other drains life. Also if you have a Tomahawk you can get a Skateboard too make you keep moving forward and survive 1 hit. Sometimes the dolls are hidden in stones or in the last 2 worlds, fire, that you gotta touch to unseal. Its pretty unforgiving and if you wanna do this, use a guide or save states so you don't gotta slog through it in 1 long marathon. Glad I beat it but I don't plan to ever play this again. Its quite the Ordeal. Even with the good graphics that glitch and spazz out as enemy's hide against the background, and good music but it gets on your nerves hearing it over and over.

Just beat GB Genjin Land: Viva! Chikkun Okoku on my Genjin Collection for Gameboy. Its a Bonk game where you use him in 7 mini games with 4 levels of difficulty. 1 is a haunted house where you go through and try not to be hit 3x, 1 is an Arkanoid thing where Bonk knocks a cannonball to take out bones. 1 is a wall rebounding thing where you climb to the top but there's sometimes a fake goal post to avoid. 1 is a Wack A Mole where you nail enough guys. 1 is a Roller Coaster where you gotta avoid falling off and obstacles, 1 is Simon where you jump on a keyboard to cop[y a song with a guy leading you. And 1 is a feeding game where you knock falling food into animals mouths and avoid spicy ones. Each try gives you points you can spend on tickets to go on more rides and higher levels. It controls pretty well and you get infinite trys but on the level select map is a guy who roads and halves your points if you touch him. The Arkanoid level was pretty tough in the last level with reaching the last pieces and the Roller Coaster level took me quite a while. 1 button jumps and 1 headbutts and doing it in the air makers you flip head to foot. Doing it again flips you back. For the blocks that split in half to drop you if you jump and press B 4x fast, you stay in the air long enough for the block to reform. Sometimes you gotta cheese invincibility frames to get through. It took me over 7 hours to get through as you gotta do it all in 1 go and there's no saves or passwords or level select. Its tough, but if you got a whole day to plow through this til you get lucky or good, then its not bad. Oh and its all in Japanese, but its pretty self explanatory on what to do. Good spin off of Bonk that was kinda used for Knuckles Chaotix with the theme park island. Glad I played this but I won't play it again. Some parts are an ordeal.

Just finished the Genjin Collection on Gameboy. Its a 3 in 1 pack with the 3 GB Bonk games. The 2 GB ones we got here and the Japanese Mini Game Carnival thing. You choose which game to play from the main menu and it loads and you play it. Its pretty good and useful if you don't need the games to be in English. The games play well and ain't too hard most of the time but have some tough bits. Getting this was cheaper than getting each of the separate Bonk GB games. The games don't really need to be read and explain themselves and have good music and graphics. I'm glad I got this one. Its a pretty good game and holds up well.

Just beat Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury on GBA on a Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury & Dragon Ball GT: Transformation 2 in 1 Cart. Its pretty good and plays top down like a Zelda game. You get EXP from beating guys and Level up after a while. Also you get points to make your stats better that you choose how they go. It covers the 3rd arc of DBZ from Pikkon to Uub and has things from movies like Broly and Janemba. I beat it in like 13 hours and did the quests to collect the items for the Hercule and Z Warrior Museums, but even though I got Korin's Cane, it didnt show yup so I didn't Unlock Gogeta. You can equip items to add to stats and weights slow you a bit but give more EXP so you LV up faster. The game is pretty easy and you can just grind for EXP against the same guys. You have no lives but a save system puts you back when you bite it. Plus there is an item that revives you if you bite it. Its got the great Bruce Faulconer music and actual lines from the show that brought me bavck to watching the Ocean Dub with the REAL DBZ Actors. Its fun and has good 32 bit GBA Graphics and music and is pretty well made. You LV Up fast so it feels like your getting a lot done. Glad I did this one.

Just beat Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury & Dragon Ball GT: Transformation 2 in 1 Cart on GBA. Its a pretty good combo pack. I got it for a few $$ and its worth it. Buu's Fury is a great game that isn't too tough and has that 00s DBZ feel. And GT Transformation is a good Beat Em Up like Streets Of Rage or Final Fight where you go through the 1st half of GT. Both games are good and do different things so its not just the same thing twice. GT has more impressive graphics as in closer to the show but Buu's Fury has that 16 bit style like a JRPG on the map. I'd say Buu's Fury is more fun but GT Transformation is still worthy. Glad I got this Game Pak. I only got it years ago for GT Transformation but Buu's Fury was a nice addition.

Just beat Ghosts n' Goblins on my 150 NES Games in 1 GBA Cart. What an ordeal. You die in 2 hits and most levels have 1 extra armor to get to refresh your hit. You get several weapons to use and some are needed to get through but you only throw 2 at a time. You get unlimited continues and even running outta guys sends you back to the checkpoint. But you gotta choose Continue on the start screen and the default is New Game 1P. The jump is in a set arc and can't be changed when in air, but you can flip left/right to fire in that direction. There are these monsters that look like circimsized hot dogs that pop outta nowhere and wiggle around. Plus little imps that respawn and sniper you. The bigger enemy's stay down until you bite it. You gotta beat it 2x to beat it and there's no super attack like in later games. Its one of the harder games on NES and a worthy challenge, but it can take hours on 1 level, only to have to do it again later. Glad I played it but I ain't playing it again. The Red Gargoyles are the worst guys and spazz out once off so you gotta try to jump at em then jump back and fire at em. There are these pooping ogres that eat time as they walk back and forth above ladders. The Genesis ver lets you aim up, but not here. some bosses are immune to certain weapons but still react as if hit, so the White Guy in LV 6 can be forced back with the shield and you can climb the ladder if done right. Yes I beat it 2x and got the bad spelled good ending. Oh and there's a time limit so you gotta do it fast but don't screw up or you gotta do it again.

Just beat Techno Cop on Sega Genesis. Its an 80s style future game where you play as a cop and blow apart crooks. You gotta take out a Drug Empire as its Always Drugs in the 80s. A is a leap jump, B is fire and C changes between Gun and Net so you catch the crooks in 1 shot, but it takes longer to reload and you can't crouch. There's 11 levels and before each one you gotta drive to it. If you take too much damage from trees on the side of the road, its game over. You get 5 lives max and a life bar but no continues, passwords, level select or savers. There's said to be a life refill code but it don't work for me. But you get lives back from finishing missions. You are told to go after a crook like a kidnapper or dealer and how to get em, dead or alive, and you get points and rank ups for doing it right (Which has no impact on gameplay and is just score). Each mission has a time limit and you gotta get the guy b4 it runs out. But you don't gotta actually do em and you can just wait for time to run out and move on to the next one. If you know which missions are tough, like 5 6 and 7, you can sorta skip em. The levels look similar all run down and slummy and you can cap innocent guys and only lose points. In Driving mode B fires a cannon and C fires a Nuke and up and down are speed up and down. Its not too bad and once you know where to go and how to take out guys, its entertaining. Its also pretty gory as when you cap guys they blow apart in a blood and parts mess and lay there twitching. Its not bad if you know what to do. Glad I played it.

Just beat Kuuga – Operation Code Vapor Trail AKA Vapor Trail on my 218 Genesis games Multicart. Its a Shmup by Data East and is up to 2 Players. Its a vertically scrolling game where you just blast stuff. You get 3 or 5 lives and 5 continues but there's as Level Select code to use that you can choose any of the 6 levels. You get 3 hits per life but gotta restart the whole level if you bite it before the checkpoint, but after that, you just respawn wherever you are. You get several power ups you get by blowing certain planes and can change the power up by blasting it. You get 3 different planes to use and can select a different one on using a Continue. You can also get a Power Armor that changes your attack to a double shot wave cannon and if you bite it beyond the checkpoint it can be recollected after respawning. Also 1 button can let you use a spin to be invincible for a bit and if used with the Power Armor its a Screen Nuke. Its pretty tough but if you use the code to return where you fall, its not so bad. Nice music and graphics and it controls pretty well. Glad I played it. Also its set in the distant future year of 1999 like Robotech and The Rage: Carrie 2 and has pretty good Japanese saying English Voice Clips.

Just beat Jet force Gemini on N64. It took over 14 hours and was pretty good. Great music like the 90s DBZ, Great 64 bit graphics, the controls need some getting used to, but ain't too bad. Z is fire, C up and down are cycling through weapons, A is jump, B is crouch, C left and right are strafe left/right and R is going into aiming mode. You gotta complete a bunch of levels and fight these ant aliens that enslaved these Not Ewoks(Or maybe its Carbarrans from Robotech II The Sentinels?). some parts are quite tough and you get more weapons as the game goes on. You also collect life extenders like in Mega Man X. You get 2 tries per level and leaving and going back resets it and bosses have infinite tries. It also can save and has a bunch of varied gameplays like flying through corridors and a racing game. To beat the game you gotta get all the not Ewoks in each level in 1 go and not let any of em get iced. This can be tricky as they are hidden and you probably need a guide if you don't wanna wander around for hours. Kinda like Castlevania II on NES. Each player has a different ability, Lava resistance, Underwater swimming and Hovering, Air Water and Fire. Later you get a Jet Pack and can fly for a bit. Its quite a great game and is woirth getting but it would be nice if it had brighter graphics as its hard to see things, and could change weapons in a pause menu like Mega Man, instead of in real time. Glad I played it. Its an epic on the N64. But pretty hard at times and you need a guide to get through it.

Just beat X-Men 2: Clone Wars on Sega Genesis. Its quite an ordeal. One of the harder games, but balanced hard, not cheap hard like the 1st one. You play as 1 of a half dozen X-Men, and later Magneto of your choice, selected before each level and fight alien clones. A is Mutant Power, B is attack, C is jump and it controls mostly well. Some parts are pretty annoying like the levels you climb up and 1 wrong move and you fall down and gotta do it over.The screen seems a bit too zoomed in and it moves pretty fast at times so its hard to know whats happening. Its like they wanted it to be Widescreen but had you shift back and forth by turning and it don't work perfect. You get 8 lives and no continues and its pretty easy to bite it in here with enough hits. Each character plays different and has their own feel matching the source material, Beast is heavy seeming and Nightcrawler is nimble. Its pretty impossible but there's code to use like 99 lives, but that might not be enough. There's also a health refill code, level skip and other things to balance it out. It took me 6 hours and I was down to 13 lives when I beat it and that's after finding the Health Code. If you have Max or Near Max Life your Mutant Power Attack is stronger and can do more. Its a pretty great game and a full upgrade over the 1st, If only Clockwork Tortoise got X-Women made, Yeah it would be hard,, but it would be good! Oh and the music and graphics are most great and really work in here. Good mid 90s game.

Just beat Tail 'Gator on my 108 Game Boy games in 1 GBC cart on my GameCube Game Boy Player. Its a simple Puzzle Platformer where you go through 5 zones with a bunch of areas. You go through each area and bust all the treasure chests with a tail slap. A jumps and B is attack and you move through with the D pad. The final chest busted gives the Key to open the door and you gotta go to the exit. Enemies respawn after a bit and never stop so you gotta keep going. You get unlimited tries and a fire a SoNiC BoOm wave that goes out a bit and it eventually runs out and you gotta get more. Also there's screen clears and Hearts that heal you in chests. Sometimes you find a hidden chest that gives a good power up. For boss fights you get a full power P for the fight but it runs out eventually so you gotta hurry. Some bosses are able to attrition if you have enough life and they usually fire blasts at you. Its not bad and plays well and has good music and graphics but some parts, like the bird boss, are kinda grating. Glad I played it. Its a good little simple game that took me around 2 hours to plow through.

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