Saturday, February 27, 2021

Showdown Review

 note; i spell samurai, wait, wrong movie!@


tjhis is my review on showcdon from the distant future yer of 1963

its got audie murphy and no one else i know

i never saw tis but its directed by Robert G. Springsteen who did nothing i saw

so 2 cowboys came to town and 1 guy has a collar and chain on him and is kinda nuts

the cowboys come to the bank to cash a years wages check and 1 is a horse vet and 1 is some 1800s thing

vet wants to send some of his cash to his chick and wants to send a decent money instead of a few $$s more

audie sez he never sends cash and vet sez to get cash from audie to try to get more

audioe goes off and vet is gonna use the poker games for making cash

so audie gets a shave and some horsemen come in to town and kids say they are close to their dad

the horsemen chain some guys to the post in collars like some kinda Yugioh SM thing

1 guy was an outlawe whos gonna get strung up and 2 kids wanna trhow a rock at him

audie takes the rock and sez as their dads chgained up, outlawe will f--k him up iuf he finds out the guys kids stone attacked him

vet gets drunk and loses the money and gets in a fight and audie joins in

audie takjes vet outside and he slugs out the sherrif and he has both chained up outside like some kinda mad max thing

vet sez this was the last time and tomorrow he's gonnsa get a good job and make it up

outlaw has his g00nz dig as its nighte and finds theres giuna and horses in the office from the nut

audie and vet are drafted into digging or they get iced by outlaw

is this a thing on unions? u gotta all go down topgether and no dissent?

by sun up the guasrd goes in and they pull downb da pole and carry it into the office and get guns

theres a shootout like at a crack house and the chained get off the pole and bust open the safe and run

nuts guy runs out and gets capped and a buncha guys get capped escaping

vet gets money dropped and he and audie book it

the kids see dad, the nuts guy, and audie and vet stop by a water annd losaat their money and gear

but vet reveasls he stole cash and adie sez they shouldnt but he wants it for his woman

then the ouutlaws men get em and vet sows he has the bonds he stole

the outlaws have took off their own collars and leave main guys chains on until after main guys cash the bonds for em

1 guy trys to b0ne a girl but vet or audie nauils hm with da chain

they go on andthe collars are f--king their necks and vet has the outlaws take em off

so they send vet in to town to get the money and if he don't come back they'll ice audie

outlaw sez main guys are a teem like an oyster and need each other

later vet is brought back for trying to esacape and not trying to pay em

they cxollor him and string him up to get the info on where the cash is

audie learns where it is from him and sez he's gonna get the money to save em

vet sent themoney to hs woman and thought thewy'd just get iced after giving the money and didn't even try

vet treys to save audie byu saying he was gonna leave him so audie won't come back and bit it

so audie escapers down a hill and the guys following him dont risk it

so audie gets to the woman and shes a singer in a saloon and he gets knocked out and wakes up with the outlaws guys

he fights his way out and ecapes on horse, then returns to the town and trys to get the cash back from woman

she don't care and is gonna keep the cash even if the vet gets it

a moustache guy comes by and pulls a gun on audie after he's called a liar and theif by owman and outlaw guys come up wanting the cash

he sez shes not the girl hes looking for and they dont buy it and a gunfigyht breaks out

1 guy runs and woman takes a gun from the floor

later she cr-ppily opens fire on audie and runs on horse back but audie follows on another horse

he catches her and throws her off and sez after da horse is rsted to go back

she reveals she and her sister were gonna live well and met vet after their dad bit it

but he sold the ranch and gasmed all the cash and she had to send her sister away and become a h00ker

sounds like the vet is like the guy from Wings in 27; a j-rkoff who f--ks everything up for everyone!

audie wont be swayed by her tears and sez he'd make it up to her and goes off

so audioe goeds back with the money and hides it asnd returns to the place with the outlaws

he sezx the woman gave him the money and will give em it when he knows vets ok

they talk and audie goes for the cash and woman comes by and vet tackles a guy and gets cappewd

audie and chick esacape and outlaw sez "he was worth 12 000!!"

audie makes a pile of rocks and when the outlaws come up, they think audie went back to town

audie and woman escape to a barn or something and she blames herself for everything getting f;'d 

later a guy comes by and audie fights him on a room and the guy falls and bites it

as its a 60s film it dont show it, but in the real ver, he head splattered on that rock next to it

audie sez he's taking the money back where it came and goes off on a horses a55

he's then chased by a guy witha  shotgun and uses sa thing on a rope behind him to raise dust to cover him

he hides n rocks and when the gunman goes by he caps him

later outlaw and a guy find the rocks shotgun guy and guy wants to quit but outylaw wants to get the money

later audie gets capped and falls in ariver and escsapes under water

his gun is wet but he caps ther guy who capped him and gets the guys horse

i have a hosrse now, ho ho ho

woman goes to the marshall and the kids from b4 say marshall will find audei, dead or alive (xtrema volley ball 4)

outlaw goes there and tels kid to stfu and audie comes to town and woman meets him gladly

he's got a hole in his torso and outlaw isggonna j fk audie but kid shoves his gun and warns him

theres a gunfight and audie trakes outlaws a55 out and sends him o h e double england

then audie goes to give the mobney back.

the end

that was pretty good

audie always plays honorable guys

good way of the screw up getting it

good fullscreen and b/w style that audie didn't like but i think works

i enjoyed this and it tells a good story about how distrust gets byou iced and trust helps

fot Showdown 2 I want audies character to be wandering in the desert ad he comes across a bone mound where demons werte buried and hsi new partner takes a bone to use to ghet rich. the demons come foir them and they gotta fight their way back with holy items and return the bone. its also its an 8 bit platform ame on gameboy, nes, sega master system and game gear, tg16, ataRI 7800 AND LYNX WHERE YOU PLAY AS AUDIE AND GO THROUGH WESTERN TOWNS AND ruins of mexico aztec or w/e protuculture.

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