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20 000 Years In Sing Sing

note; I'm in a hurry. cant spell
20 000 years in sing sing
this is my review on 20 000 years in sing sing
its by michael curtiz with bette davis and spencer tracey
its based on a book
it starts in prison with men walking and their sentence shown
it adds up to 20 000 years in sing sing
that makes sense
as creation science dates the earth at around 6 000 years
the opening credits show the image of the actor and sez who he plays
why don't we do this anymore
candy a55!
tracey talks with guys in suits
he seems like one of the 3 stooges in this
he goes to prison and has a lotta people there to see him off
a guy with a moustache talks to the warden
the warden sez tracey has 5-30 for robbery and assault with a deadly weapon
he then reads traceys rap sheet
the moustache guy tries to bribe the warden but he burns the cash
he sez no inmates get preferential treatment
btw tracey is named conners
like curt conners from Spider-Man
i'd like a Spider-Man p0rn0 with dr curt "the c-ck" conners who had his thing bit off by a gator and uses lizard dna to regrow it
but it makes him grow lizard d-cks all over his body
tracey refuses to wear a uniform and throws a fit
warden sez he don't gotta but he gets treated like everyone else
they take him through the prison but in long undies
the inmates make cute comments like in top gun
they're gonna b0ne him!
he's put outside with the other inmates in long undies
they make tracey work in the ice house
his parts are gonna freeze and fall off
he later goes in uniforme
he talks to the warden and don't like being in prison
prison isnt good?!
the warden tells tracey hes not some ubermench who is superior to his fellow man
tracey sez work is for saps so warden has him to sit on an iron bench until his a55 callouses up
tracey sez if he has to ice the warden to get out he will
warden sez if he were him he'd do the same
we get a montage of tracey on his a55 and other people being good inmates
he asks a guard how long he's here
guard sez 3 months but tracey sez it feels like 3 years
he agrees to work as he has a55 callouses
he enjoys busting rocks
get buff in prison!
turn into garlic jr
tracey meets with his woman and they make out
bette davis wasn't a hag in the 30s
in baby jane she rotted
tracey sez she shouldn't look hot in prison as it arouses him
I bet he got a b0ner
he also sez don't come on Saturday
its not good mojo 4 him
cr-p happens to him on Saturdays
In the distant future year of 199x; Saturdays were the best
fox kids!!
power rangers and cr-p!
tracey gets an IQ test and does well
its some random guy
now tracey does it
he don't wanna sit down so he spills ink on the chair
he has to sit anyway
a55 full of ink
he hears a dumb guy got coal shoveling so he does well on the test
hes smart when he wants to be
another guy does the test and s-cked at it
the test is putting wood pieces into grooves they belong in
he sez he's color blind and the dr puts him on cr-pper detail
that's racist
later bette davis returns dressed like a chick from Robotech season 1 but in dark colors
she sez shes got a guy trying to spring him
but the he's have to live in hiding or ditch America
just get it over with and move on
later inmates ae making shoes
tracy talks to a guy who sez hes bustin out
the cr-pper guy cuts a valve on a thing after taking the wheel off
as in he removes the wheel and saws it
b4 lights out the guys prepare for something
after lights out a guy uses a device to unlock the door
one uy fakes being ill and gets a guard over
he sez hes got cramps and he might be poisoned
its his perroid
hes got a uterus
hes a hermaphrodite
the warden warns of a break
when the guard comes he beats him
more people join in and tracey don't wanna go cuz its Saturday
yes he had bad ones
but maybe his Saturday is different?
its a new day
they make him go with em and dress in guard uniformes they jacked
tracey wacks the guar as he was waking up
the device wont open this door so they wait
they wack a guard coming up but he whistles for help
more guards come and they use tear gas
1 guy in guard dress runs to the bars and yells
he gets capped
the guards come in and have the guy surrounded
the guy who forced tracey to come jumps and busts on the pavement
tracey was in the jail cell the whole time?!
I thought that guy was him
he tells the warden that his door is unlocked
warden thinks tracey is going soft but he sez he stayed cuz its Saturday
later tracey gets word bette davis is biting it and was in a car accident
we get a human moment from tracey as he reveals he loved her
like mad saurus and blue from violence jack
but bette davis isn't a hermaphrodite
or is she?
warden sez he can let tracey out for a bit to see her
he gives his word that hes coming back
aw f
its Saturday!
later the moustache guy talks to a dr and sez they're worried she might talk
moustache guy sez she jumped
at the train station the cop that busted tracey recognizes him and follows
tracey meets davis and she sez moustache guy was gonna give 5 000 $ t do something(clear him)(wtf ever that means)
she tried something and now is biting it
she could've sent moustahe guy "up da river"
tracey takes a firearm but she tells him not to
the cop comes in and (wait I think its the moustache guy)
he confronts the blonde bette davis but tracey fights him\
bette davis caps mustache guy and the cop pounds on the door
tracey takes the gun and books it
the moustache guy tells the cop tracey did it
why'd he take the gun?!
the cop calls the jail and tells him tracey iced a guy
warden thinks tracey is gonna return
later tracey wants to skip the country
warden sez this might wreck him as the big wigs hated his honor system
although everyone he released came back
the papers mock the warden
he agrees to resign
as he writes his name on the resigning thing, tracey returns
what took him so long?!
a montage of newspapers say he is tried and convicted of icing the guy
why not just tell em the woman did it?
if he didn't take the gun it wouldn't've happened!
hes gonna get the chair
he sez to check the watermain that for the last year he's been working on it to bust it so he can bust out
later he gets a letter saying if he don't see the irs about his 1926 taxes, he will be arrested
later the cr-pper guy is taken away
he plays a harmonica and does a song great for once
we get a newspaper say his appeal is said to be staying in the chair
he talks to a priest and don't go for "pearly gates" stuff
i'd love it if the priest said; see you in h-ll(from heaven)
bette davis comes in sez she did it but no one bought it
she wants tracey to marry her b4 he's cooked
he sez to live on in a good life
he f'd her up and now she can be free
wtf bette davis' character is named fay
like faye wray in king kong
warden brings her out
a priest prays for him
waden lights traceys smoke
then we get the inmates and their sentences
and the title
the end
that was a good 30s film
and it was written by the real warden of sing sing
I enjoyed it
for 20 000 years in sing sing 2 i'd like for the warden to see how he was the reason tracey was getting the chair and he'd b0ne him crippled so they cant fry him as you cant execute someone unless they are healthy. tracey thinks he warden betrayed him by b0ning him crippled and vows revenge. his gf and him fuse into a hermaphrodite with the muscle and bone mass of both combined into a super human and it goes after the warden. the warden tries running through his jail using traps the inmates built into it and fighting the fused tracey/davis until it defuses and he can fist fight both. its also a 16 bit game on snes and sega genesis and plays kinda like Spider-Man vs the kingpin.

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