Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Most Dangerous Game Review

note; you'd spell like me if you didn't care either
the most dangerous game
diss is my review on da moist dangeriss game(1932)
its got joel mccrea and fay wray from king kong
I hear this was made at the same time as king kong with similar people
even shot on the same sets at night
nights into dreams
also Robert Armstrong from king kong, iron man(30s version) and gay blades
are these p0rn0es?!
ooh, he was also in mighty joe young
so this is by RKO and starts with a sorta silent film opening of crediys as a hand knocks a door knocker
david o selznik and max steiner did this
all star
so a boat goes across da water and they are cutting across a not well known water area
re heading for a channel between an island and main land
but somethings off
and the waters have high coral and sharks
1 guy on da boat is a trophy hunter
they discuss the pros and cons of hunting
when a bug gets in my place, I go after it
its a good experience
then the boat crashes and everyones in the water
the main guy gets to an island
I forgot 2 mention this based on a small story
he goes to a castle and asks the owner for help
but its really a minion whos deaf
he talks to count zaroff the real owner who's smoking
nowadays people would want this film censored for showing smokes
but b0ning and swearing and icing is ok
count sez this happened b4 and they have survivors from past wrecks still there
they introduce a few other characters including a kinda fruity guy who looks like the yeeeeeeesssssss guy from the simpsons
they chat about hunting for a bit
yessssssss guy is also a hunter
zaroff was once on a hunt and a buffalo nailed him and gave him a head scar
after getting bored with hunting he started hunting with a tartar bow
and now he hunts the most dangerous game
but he wont tell what it is
i'd say sasquatch
also he wont show em his trophy room
they chat a bit and zaroff plays piano as yeeeeees guy gets drunk
hes the chick(fay wray)'s bro
the chick tells main guy 2 other survivors disappeared and theres a mysterious iron door that's guarded
then they start going to bed
everyone but yesssss guy and zaroff g to bed and he shows yesss guy his trophy room behind da iron door
as they go in the scene fades out
did they b0ne?
it looks like it
later main guy and fay wray go in the iron door and find zaroff b0ning the yesssss guy
that didnt happen
they really find human rotted heads on the trophy wall
zaroff comes in and they hide in the dark
he brings in a body and its the yessss guy (but it don't show it)
they come out(so much for hiding) and the chick attacks zaroff
zaroff sounds like a drug
shes taken away and zaroff reveals he hunts people
he also f's the light guides on the ocean to send ships to reefs
he expects for main guy to get his view on huntoing people cuz he hunts animals
so if I eat chicken then i'm ok eating people?
main guy don't and is forced to be hunted by zaroff
fay wray tries to help
but zaroff sez its more like a game
winner gets to live
what is this? the Yugioh manga???
if he and fay wray survive until sunrise, they can go free
they go into the jungle
I wonder what zaroff does with the rest of the body's?
he only saves the head
does he eat em or does he feed his slaves with it?
by the daytime main guy and fay wray are at the island edge and find the island isn't big
he decides to set traps for the xaroph
mainly a tree that cn fall on himi
i think you better get plans b through p
btw this is a lot like that 90s film; home alone
zaroff comes out qad they hide
he uses an arrow to trip the trap
he calls out to main guy to cme out as hes not walking into an ambush
he leaves and main guy comes out
why not use ur ki to spread out and feel the area?
then you can sense where he is
he realizes xaroff is coming back with a rifle
as they flee they find a crevasse and cover it with grass
wont he remember where the crevasse is?
I mean he hunts here often
and hes lived on this island for a while
they use a vine to pull a tree right nxt to em and he comes back and shoots it
he trips the crevasse trap card but evades it
they escape into fog
and its 30 mins til sunrise
they decide to go to the swamp to avoid him
so he summons his dog team in attack mode
I should mention mai guy has a knife
he can take those dogs
btw isn't hat unfair calling reinforcements?
give main guy a emu or something
the minions chase them and one gets stuck like a pig on a spear in the uterus area
main guy and fay wray get through the swamp with gators in it
they come to the long bridge from king kong
then climb a tree as the dogs get there
they climb higher and on a ground area
btw this is pretty bright lighting for minutes before sunrise
they escape by a river and main guy puts his rag shirt on a branch and they run
a dog gets it and falls off the cliff
they hide in a waterfall and he fights dos 1 by 1
if u bite a dogs ear it'll leg go
he wastes the dogs (which would make him the bad guy nowadays)
zaroph fires and main guy/dog fall in the water
thinking he won he gets fay wray and brings her back to the castle
later main guy returns to the castle and hes not wounded
he reveals it hit the dog
zaroff pulls a gun on main guy but he grabs him and they fight 30s style
a goon interferes and xaroff gets his bow
but main guy grabs zaroph and shanks him with his own arrow in the back
a goon attacks but they get away to the boat house
as they drive away in A BOAT xaroph tries to sniper em, but cant hold out and blacks out
he falls out the window to his dogs
I think the dogs either b0ne or eat him
probably both
the end
hat was pretty good
nice pre code 30s film
and a good warning of those who put animals and humans on equal terms
it only cheapens human life
many would try to turn this into anti hunting
if hunting did make people bad or was only for bad people, why was joel mccrae such a stand up guy?
it wasn't hunting
it was viewing humans and animals as equal
for the most dangerous game 2 i'd like for zaroff to be rebuild as a cyborg with a/c current parts by nikola tesla. he decides to go after the yeti and goes to whatever country the yeti is in to hunt one as its seen as a legend and he sees it as a challenge. when he finds the yety they attack him but his a/c body is stronger than the av er age human and he can fight equal to them. also its a tournament fighter on sega genesis and supwr Nintendo with you playing as either zaroff, a variety of different yeti(each modeled after a different decade culture) and a few mystics from the country the yeti are from who have mystic kung fu powers and ki boosted skills.

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