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Island Of Lost Souls Review

note; I spell in American/cr-ppy englisdh
Island of Lost Souls
this is my review on Island of Lost Souls (1932)
its got charles laughton and bellugosi
its based on the h g welles novel; the island of dr moreau
aw gay
h g didn't like this film
and the brits censored the vivisection
but devo, oingo boingo and van halen liked it
ooh, the director also did house of Dracula, house of Frankenstein and ghost of Frankenstein
it starts with the 2000s universal logo which looks really out of place
then credits
then a boat going somewhere finds a life boat and recues the guy in it
this better not be set after the adventure and he tells the whole story
hes freaked out about somone called ruth
the boat hes on is going where his past boat was going
how convenient
he has em send a message to ruth, his future wife
the guy who fixed him us sez he was a dr
later word gets to a place where it sez the main guy is missing from the boat accident
this blonde is bummed but gets word saying her bf is alive
its ruth
as main guy goes for a walk e finds lotsa animals
they meet the captain who's p-ssed at the animals and th guy being brought on
he also thinks low of dr moreau
1 guy freaks out and acts like an animal
they deliver the animals and the captain beats up main guy and h falls into moreaus boat
then they book it
moreau sez he can take some crew and go to his destination the next day
the crew is very beast looking
moreau sez main guy should not out what he sees there
and the island was once a volcano and birds brought seeds to it
he also whips ape like people away
he good with the whip
like earnest evans
and hes from Australia like scott mcneil
when main guy comments on the weird natives(racist) moro sez to take a cold shower(gay)
at dinner they hear moaning and moro leaves
he wants to use him to see if this chick can feel attraction
he talks to the chick about her talking about anything except him, the law and the pain house
he brings her out in a skimpy top and tight skirt and they meet main guy
he sez she a pure Polynesian and the only chick on the island
he asks her where shes from as she dont look like the ape like people of this island
morrow watches but is brought away by a dr
she don't want main guy to go and then they hear screaming from the pain house
he runs over and moro sez get out
he sez moro as vivisecting a human
and he thinks theyre next so they try to escape
they find a buncha mutanty looking people and one is bela Lugosi
morrow bangs the gong and they show up to him
he has them recite the laws
no being on all 4s
no eating meat
no spilling blood
these laws s-ck
I had chicken a few hours ago
also they seem to be worshipping him
main guy confronts moro with vivisecting a man but he denies this
he gives main guy a gun and they return to the house
man its been 30 mins
that felt like nothing
he sez he evolved an orchid 100 000 years and did it to other plants
instead of magic, sci fi uses evolution to do w/e they want
he sez all animal lie is going to human forme
he ditched England for some reason and got a medical guy from prison
he has been evolving animals into human like things
main guy seems to care for these monsters like real people
just cuz they talk
gacy talked
is he worth mercy?
he sez he feels like God
that line was cut from the brit version
like with Frankenstein
the chick sez goodnight to main guy and moro is amazed how shes like a real woman
nowadays that might trigger some tumbler dinks
the next day they go to leave but the boat is trashed
he blames the natives
later the boat from b4 lands where it was going and the future wife asks about her bf
captain buttwipe tries to avoid answering for his actions
hes confronted by a superior but gives em info on where he left main guy
they get a good captain to help em find him
later main guy is reading and the chick talks to him
she don't understand him and seems like a bimbo
he sez he has a gf but she don't get love
the she seduces him and they make out
in the real version they might've been b0ning
she has claws like blanka from street fighter and he runs
he confronts moro over making her out of an animal
spoiler; shes still an animal
surgery don't change what you are
its still interspecies romance
not that theres anything wrong with that
moro sez his using main guy to try to b0ne her was an experiment as she fears him and his dr homie
so main guy slugs him out
moro confronts the chick and finds shes naturally going back to her normal way
he decides to keep going on em after nearly quiting
if you gotta use drugs and hormones to be a certain way, then its not what you really are
its like cutting a hole in ur arm to say its really you to have an open wound
so the good captain and the gf come to the island and the animal people are interested
word gets to moroow about them and he meets em
they reunite with main guy whos name is Edward parker(the fusion of eddie brock and peter parker)
he wants to book it but its night and they got a mile of jungle to go through
so its safer to spend the night
at dinner they eat veggies and good captain asks if they eat "long pig"(human)
after dinner good captain is a bit drunk and tey go to bed
1 lusty beast man (not the he man guy) taes out a bar in the fence and goes after the gf
hes gonna b0ne her pregnant with his mixed species babies!
but main guy scares him off with a gun
momos dr homie gets p-ssed at moro for anting mixed species b0ning and wants to go back to England as jail is better than h-ll
he tells the guys and they go
moro sends the lusty guy after he good captain
good captain wastes a few beast men but is iced by the lusty one
the other beast men confront him for breaking the law but he sez moro told him to
they realize that if they don't follow the law no one will stop em as the law enforcers are full of cr-p
then start a malcontent rampage
they burn down their village and moro bas the gong
moro confronts em but they stand up to him and try to b0ne him dead
is this a thing on 1776?
bela Lugosi gives a good performance about them being non men nor beast but things
they rush him and its freaky with the realistic make up and b/w cr-p
better than cg
the good guys book it but the lusty thing follows em
he gets the chick and starts b0ning her
they kill eachother b0ning
the monsters get moreau to the pain house and cut him up as the island burns
good guys leave
the end
that was pretty good
I like how morueae thinks just cuz hes higher status than the subhumans that they will follow his orders
its like England having unarmed cops expecting crooks to obey the law
this was good horror and a good look at the dangers of science
for the island of lost souls 2 i'd like for the animal people to be living on the island and have learned about the evolution cr-p from moreaus notes. they decide to continue his work for some cr-ppy reason and continue experimenting on eachother to gain power and become strong enough to never be ruled again. also they turn into hermaphrodites and get themselves pregnant and have double inbred kids that are double evolved and have super abilities like psi blasts and bone extending spikes. also its a tournament fighter on sega genesis and snes where you play as one of 16 fighters each with weird chimeric looks and abilities and a character creation thing where you can choose abilities and looks for your character based on several animals and mix/match options

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