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Garfield The Movie Review

note; garlifeds and me r born in june. but that wont make me spell right
garfiend the movie
this is my review on Garfield da movie
I used to like the comics, tv shows and video games
well, the sega genesis one anyway
I used to get the Toronto sun on sundays just because it had the garfiend comics and the star didntso it starts with credits and the nly names I know are jenifer love heweit and bll murry
the film is live action but Garfield is cg
garfiend doesn't look too bad in here
so after garfiend gets jon up and speeds him through his showerhe switches food with him
then garfiend and nermal wait for da milk truck
nermal is really not like the books, shows or games
hes more like a dumba55 sidekick to big g
g uses nermal as an item to trigger a device get him someones milk
then g boy f's with a big black dog
is that brad garret?!
trypticon from transformers?!
Garfield vs trypicon
although Daniel and wheelie beat him in the headmasters series
g boy then ignores a mouse and jon chases it out
but g boy chats with the mouse and they fake garfiend eating him
btw i think the mouse is a homie
later jon brngs home lasagna and don't want g boy tp eat it
yeah that'll go well
meanwhile this tv loser is sick of working with cats and wants a dog
after g boy eats 4 plates of lasagna jon brings him to the vet played byu jenifer love hewwit from I know what you did last summer
Garfield vs I know wat you did last summer
although the Halloween thing with that 110 year old cabin boy and the ghosts and cr-p was kinda freeky
huh, the guy who was jon was in freddys dead the final nightmare, clueless and road trip
I liked those
he was also in the craft, escape from LA, and played teen joseph gribble in king of the hill
and hes the son or something in designated survivor
huh, nick cannon was the mouse
he married Mariah carry and got her fat and pregnant
so da vet gives jon odie (which I think means odin) as he cant make it if hes in a cage
in the manga it was jons room mate who had odie
then was never seen again
btw odie is live action
as is nermal
and jon is gay for the vet
garfiend don't like odie
nermal (who seems kinda slow) chats with g boy about it
as usual, odie is a dumba55
but hes a dog so it fits
later garfiend tries the milk device on odie but gets caught in it
g boy chases odie but the bog black dog gets him
but odie saves him by making out with the black dogs neck
Arlene (g boys gf) and nermal see it and say odies a hero
later Garfield is dancing to black guy music and odie keeps him
so g boy fights back
in a clean tv y7 way
which turns into a dance
the dance goes outside and Arlene and nermal see
g boy tries to play innocent
I think in the real version they were b0ning
jon takes odie on a date with the vet
gafield chases, catches up to, and gets in the back of the pickup trick
yeah I don't think that's possible for a fata55 like big g
also the director of this also did
Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey (I liked that one)
The Borrowers (I liked it)
Thunderpants (never saw but I hear its surprisingly good_
Zoom (It was pretty good)
Home Alone: The Holiday Heist (good f--k no)
so they go to some fair and at the dog show all the dogs go after big g
he hides in a fat chicks dress and she runs and busts through everything
while he escapes the dogs, odie dances at the dog show uninvited and wins everyones hearts
and the contest
the tv loswr likes odie and is at the show
they return home with Garfield hiding under da car saying; never leave the cul de sac
wtf is a cul de sac?!
sounds dirty
g boy goes in, hits something, and it triggers the whole place to f apart
what a cr-ppily put together place
one small thing knocked everything over
jon kicks Garfield out for the night
so he sings
is this the sad moment of the film?
I hate how every movie needs a tacked on sad moment
odie comes out to comfort garfiend but he slips back in and locks odie out
why didn't garfiend just come back in that way(the doggy door)??
odie chases cars and winds up with some geezer chick
the tv loser wants a dog for his act and notices the wanted posters for odie
later the vet is a small red dress comes by for a date with jon
and unlike the mANGa, shes into him
he eventually tells her odies gone and they go to look for him
the tv loser gets odie from the geezer
the neiborhood pets blame Garfield for odie going away
tv loser plays odie dancing in german clothes and is going to new York new Sodom today
g boy tries to get jons attention but he cant speak cat and misses it
he tries to go out but is too fat and lazy to make it past the driveway
yet b4 he chased and caught a car
so he goes off again
jon notices hes gone
in the city a swarm of rats comes to eat Garfield
but nick cannon the mouse defends g boy
n c mouse helps Garfield find the tv studio and past the street
why not do a frogger thing like in Seinfeld?
the Garfield goes up the ac in the building and the operators turn it on after noticing him on the rad
da vet and jon are out they notices a dog found poster from the geezer chick
garfiend finds odie and says sorry
but the tv loser comes in with a shock coller and uses it to make odie flip
the movie tries to make this look bad
yet in Yugioh gx they had electrodes shocking card game players who took damage
garfiend goes after odie but falls outta the building after stairs surfing on a tray
he lands in a truck of lasagna but animal control catches him
they're gonna neuter him!!
jon and vet see the geezer but she sez she gave odie to the tv loser
in da pound garfiend meets a fruity cat who was tv losers last act
he admits odie is his friend and hes a cat trying to save a dog
a little girl comes in to adopt a cat
she chooses the fruity one and he hits a switch that lets all the animals out so Garfield can save odie
why was there that button?
why was it in the open?
and how'd da dogs and cats get out of the building?
were there no doors closed?
so g boy makes it to the train station
wait, howd he now where to go??
garfiend finds the train controls and f's around to cause the trains to not go by making trains go to crash
then makes all trains stop
he f'd everyone to save 1 dog
jon and vet get there and know odie is on it
and somehow he knows g boy is on it too
g boy saves odie and they hug
as they leave the tv loser sees em and chases em
btw he hates lasagna
he catches up to em and traps em by knockin over a small box to stop their escape
why don't they jump over it?
its not as high as the chair they jumped on b4
Garfield fight him but is beat
so a buncha animals from the film b4 get him
I think they b0ned him as its silhouette
they somehow put a shock coller on him w/o thumbs and leave
then garfiend shocks him
jon comes in and slugs him out
in the books jon gets his candy a55 kicked often
the news reports it and has tv loser blamed for everything
and Garfield and odie are seen as heroes
nermal and Arlene see it
at home jon and vet kiss and watch a movie on the couch
that would never happen in the books
good thing Garfield fans aint as disgruntled as dbz fans
hen Garfield dances
then credits to b/w stills of g boy
btw joe ochman had a small part in here I didn't notice
he was in mon colle knights and iron monkey
the end
that wasn't so bad
its a clean simple lite film
yeah it changed stuff but it didn't ruin anything
better than the marmaduke movie
marma ball evolution
but this was fun
i iked it
its not trying to be gone with the wind
and its only like 80 mins
for Garfield the movie 2 i want odie to have some medical issue and, wait, make that Garfield. and e has to be surgically connected to jon for several weeks to recover. also jon got the vet pregnant and shes really fatten up like with Mariah carry but wayyyyy huger. and Garfield being connected to jon lets them understand eachother and he's disturbed by all the smata5 comments garfiend has about him.

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