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Time After Time Review

note; I spell bad but I;m good at it
time after time
this ids my review on time after time (79 ver)
its got malcome McDowell from clockwork orange and fist of the north star
and david warner from tron and balders gate 02
so after cool credits its londen 1895
its a foggy place but bright and night
btw this film is super widescreen
we get a 1st person view of a guy buying a h00ker
he gets out a pocketwatch to play music b4 b0ning
I think he's b0ning her but then he cuts her up offscreen
hes jack the ripper
later da cops find her
Malcom McDowell is h g wells and having a party with his homies
david warner returns to h g party and h g is his bff
h g here has a time machine
its like if jules verne had a submarine
ir Arthur c Clarke had a space ship and alien homies
oh and the machine is solar powered and has the ability to return the user unless he uses a key
and theres a component that without it, the rider goes through time without the machine
and the machine returns to its starting date after going out
h g sez in 3 generations civilization will be free of war and cr-p
and he wants to see it
btu then the cops come by without a warrant and say jack da ripper is in the area\
the cops find david warners bag and realize hes the ripper
many cops come in w/o a warrant but cant find him
later h g realizes jack got away in his time machine
after the machine returns with cool 80s style effects like tron, h g sees jack went to nov 05 1979
isn't that chichi's birthday in dragon ball?
he fears what jack the ripper will do to the utopia of 1979
isn't that the plot of demolition man?
a past crook comes to the candya66 future and his nemesis comes after him?
h g calculates that its 86 years and 2 years per minute so its 43 mins and goes to the future with cool 80s effects
also just like in the time machine movie he has a chick who is his maid
then we get trippy effects of him going through time
wtf the years move as one
1916 to 1917 is a single number on paper
not a 1 9 9 6 thing for each year, decade, century and millennium
so does that limit how far into time he can go?
and did he print or write out each year on a long a55 strip of paper?
and did he build the machine himself?
or did he hire people?
so many questions
so after going through time and getting audio clips from the 20th century he's in the 70s and at a h g wells exhibit
they have a real time machine and think its a repro
he is surprized by things about his future
oh and he gets a pair of glasses from a cabinet deck drawer and switches em
he's arrived 08 hours after jack
he takes in the sights of the 20th century like cars and planes and chicks in tight jeans and tube tops
oh and he's in san fran Sodom
he gets his 1800s coins exchanged for us cash and gets 25$
which he thinks is a lot
then he goes to mcdonalds and orders what the guy ahead of him ordered
he then checks the banks for clues to jack
he tries to sell jewelry but don't got ID
man we're 25% through this
he goes to church and sez
I don't believe u exist, but if u do, let me spend the night
the fact that he's talking to God proves he believes
after a night in the outside he looks through more banks
he finds a brit bank and wants a man
but the chick there sez she's just as good
and h g sez he's basically a feminist
but he don't say it
she helps him find jack and talks with a fellow co worker about how she's gay for him
he was in clock work orange
that wasn't the best guy to get into back then
plus its set around when this film takes place
he gets a cab to the hotel with jack
jack; ur the last person I expected to see
me; i'd think it would be one of the wh-res he iced
h g wants to bring jack back
and expects him to obey
but like an unarmed cop, he had no leverage
jack shows h g tv about how f';d things are in 1979
and jack sez he belongs there as its a f'd up violent age
like him
so jack locks the door and sez he wants the key so h g cant follow him forever
then jack beats his a55 for saying he don't have it
a maid comes in and interrupts what she must think is b0ning and jack books it
h g chases him to cool music
why is jack running?
just kick his candy a66!
hes a dr
he knows the weak points in the human body
jack gets run over and is taken to the hospital
he's from the 1800s
he can walk it off
h g follows him and the nurse sez he bit it of internal injuries
this is san fran sisco is 79
and he;s in a hospital!!
with bleeding people!!
later he meets the chick form the money place who's gay for him and they go to lunch at a rotating restaurant
they chat and he sez he did articles on free love
sounds like p0rn0
also aids
so she is the kind of girl who b0nes a lot
and talks about it in restaurants
anyway how is your secks life?
she drives him across the golden gate bridge and he picks up how it works watching
she tells about how she married a guy who wanted her to be a mother to their kids
and she'd rather work
so she ditched him
h g also ditched his wife
later they see a movie and h g is scared of it
later she brings him back to her place for dinner
and the newspapers say theres a guy icing wh-res
later they b0ne
meanwhile, jack is out and finds a dancing 5kank
the next day the radio sez another rh00ker was chopped up
wells wants to stop him and cant tell te cops as they wont believe him
she thinks hes a detective and goes out
at work the chick invites her friend for dinner at 7 to meet h g
then jack comes in wearing 70s clothes and wants to exchange more cash
she calls h g and he tells her to keep jack there until he gets there
yeah like he can do anything
she makes small talk and he realizes she lead h g to him at the hotel
he gets her name from her name desk thing
and tells her to tell h g to leave the key to the machine at the museum
btw david warner is really good at being creepy in here
she gets him to go to the cops
he tells them to get jack
but they check the data and say theres no record of jack entering here or leaving England
oh and h g sez he "Sherlock holmes"
I get he;d think the name is fallen out of use by then
its like saying ur char aznable
or terry bogard
but still man
they don't believe him
so theres a letter from jack at the chicks place
and he comes out to her about being h g wells
and she thinks he's full of cr-p
so he takes her to the museum
meanwhile jack goes to a 5kanks place
she's also smoking chronic and wants to give him some
he';s already crazy
that'll make him psycho
oh and he takes her out
so at the museum h g has them ride the time machine to November 010
but nothing happens
she goes but finds its the future and a newspaper has the 010th as a date
she's happy until she reads it
it sez shes been iced
good use of music to go from happy and lovey to dark
h g suggests her going back with him
but she don't wanna
so he decides to use time as they know what jacks gonna do b4 he does it
why not go back to when jack arrived and take him down?
or why not pull a bill and ted and set up traps to help u?
later she sez she wants to get a firearm for self protection
h g not getting how guns work, thinks its answering violence with violence
yeah that worked so well with chamberlin
the Nazis listened to him and by not responding with force, they obeyed him
so h g and her drive to stop jack but the car gets a flat
h g calls the cops saying its Sherlock holmes
at least he didn't say john holmes
I guess that's if he fuses with john (jack ) the ripper
by the time they get there the chick is iced
the cops hear holmes called b4 the killing and think he did it
at home, the chick don't wanna get iced
so h g sez to not be where the paper sez she gets it
he then goes out cuz he;s a d-ck suck
she takes sedatives and h g buys a pistol
when he gets back the cops get him
oh and the doors not slammed so it didn't lock
they grill h g and don't buy his cr-ppy story
Malcom McDowell gives a good performance when begging them to save his gf
and he was so evil in clockwork orange
what a great actor
btw why would she take valium when she has a killer after her?!
so she wakes up too late and jack comes in
h g sez he's gonna sign and agree to anything they want if they go to save her
even if he is crazy
and his story don't add up
it wont hurt to check on her
just to be sure
I mean this guy believes someones gonna get iced
sounds like probable cause
so the cops go there and find a blood mess and rubber looking hand
h g is free to go
and the cop sez sorry
its the cops fault btw
so h g is out the next night and the gf is still alive
her friend from work she invited over got iced
and jack has the gf hostage
h g gives him the key as jack gave his word as a gentleman
and jack sez he's no gentleman and drives off with her
he chops up 5kanks for fun after b0ning em
why would u think he;s a gentleman?!
so then we get a car chase with h g driving bad and jack with a blade at her neck
but if theres a bump she bites it and the car crashes and he goes straight to h-ll with her
they get to da museum
jack has her at knifepoint
h g uses is words to try to win jack over
heartfelt appeal
good acting btw
jack throws her at him and gets in the machine
but h g removes the thing that keeps the rider in the machine and jack goes to infinity and beyond with cool 80s style effects
so h g sez bye to her as he has to return to where he belongs
as hes leaving she begs him to let her come
he does
she sez shes gonna be susan b Anthony
or her cousin leslie b Anthony
didn't she hate black guys?
text sez h g wells married amy robbins and they bit it in the future of the 1920s or 1910s
the end
good ending music btw
wtf cory Feldman was the boy at the museum
I never knew that.
that was pretty good
I liked it
good historical fiction
better than the cr-p on the history channel anyway
10 000 bc my a55!
the acting, music and effects were great
really good story too
good twists and such
good time story too
too bad the tv series was canceled after 1 season
that was cool
for time after time 2 I want it to follow h g welles and his new gf's issues in the 1800s with no modern cr-p. its also her dealing wit 1800s brits and cr-ppy brittish food. then jack returns from the future as time is a loop and he' gone around and back to the start. he's learned his lesson from the time trip and seeing the universe made and unmade and wants h g to find a cure for him time issues. also its a 16 bit sega genesis and super Nintendo game where h g and the chick go through time t collect the fragments of jacks ki he left through his travels and rebuild him. and each level is another time period with anachronistic stuff like cavemen on motorcycles and future mammoths.

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