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Stranger On The Third Floor Review

note; this movies only an hour long but I might expand on it
stranger on the third floor
this is my review on stranger on the 3rd floor
I never saw it b4 but I hear its good
its got peter lorre and Elisha cook jr
its by rko who did some good cr-p
it starts right a title and credits of a shadow smoking
after dat a chick holds a seat at a restorant for a guy
he comes in and they talk about how he got a 12 $ raise
even today that's a lot
oh hes a reporter
and he wants to marry her
well, that's the end of them
oh he got a guy arrested with his story
and hes a reporter
later guys chat while playing cards and smoking
how 40s
main guy comes in and his reoperter homies congraduate him on his story
we get a flashback of him on the stand fingering the accused
the victim was throat cut with blood pouring out
if made today we'd see it
also the killed guy was a d-ck to the accused
the lawyer asks if hes sure if its the same guy who was d-cked who ran out of the place
he sez yes
but he didn't actually see him chopping up the guy
wait I don't think its a flash back
an examiner sez the head was nearly removed
the accused sed he went there to replay the guy ad found him iced
1 juror was sleeping cuz he was up all night with a toothache
better than a buttache!!
also the accused held up a gas station as a kid for 5$
he breaks down saying he didn't ice the guy
main guys woman thinks the accused is innocent
she goes home and main guy goes drinking with a homie
how 40s
hes worried of the guy being innocent and getting da chair
but his home sez; so what?
later the accused is found guilty
he freaks out and sez to main guy hes innocent
then the camera moves to a statue of justice like in a silent film
later his woman is malcontent over the trial
main guy worries about if he was guilty and how the diner the man was chopped up in just repainted the sign and people are ok eating in it
how 40s
now the place would be ten down and ruined forever
so main guy goes home hating his snoring neighbor nextdoor
later his neighbors come in and b--ch about him using a typewriter at 10 pm
later hes going to bed bt sees peter lorre skulking around
he confronts him but lorre runs
so he chases him
but lorre gets away somehow
on the way back he notices the neighbor isn't snoring
he nearly goes I but remembers fingerprints from the trial and don't touch the knob
he thinks about how the accused said he'd ice the guy
and how main guy never said anything like that about the neighbor
then remembers how he did
he thinks how its just talk
like how I tell cannibal jokes while not wanting to eat people
or pedo jokes when I don't wanna seduce kids
or inbreeding jokes when I don't wanna inbreed
btw b4 remembering he was playing with a knife
that's smart
then he remembers another time where his woman came over
then the land lady and neighbor come in b--ching about him having a woman in there
they wernt b0ning
would they prefer he was with a big black guy?
like in degrassi next gen??
he threatens the neighbor who was only trying to save him from crotch diseases
he throws em out
also he sez da neighbor was spying on him
as they leave he looks at em
they talk about getting married
well, that's the end of them
then they smooch
man we're over half way in
he has a fantasy about him being found guilty of icing his neighbor
just like how the accused was found guilty
theres good german expressionism in it
like the woman screaming as twisted buildings behind her are panted on
its kinda over the top
good lighting and cr-p
light and shadow
but the acting is kinda extreme
the jury doesn't hear him as they aint listening and after hes found guilty he sees peter lorre
the accused guy from b4 mocks main guy for not listening to him
he then is gonna get da chain and neighbor mocks him
but main guy freaks out saying; hes alive!!
then he wakes up and is glad the guy is alive
then notices theres no snoring
he goes over and finds him icd
he packs up and gets ready to skip town
he has his woman bring him cash but she tries to get him to not flee
he realizes the neighbor was iced the same way the 1st vc was
to the same guy iced em both
could be a copycat
so he sez if he proves it they might free the accused
he calls the cops and tells em
they go to see a judge at night
judge calls the peter lorre "queer looking"
we'll, in the maltese falcon...
also he tells the judge both guys might be iced by the same guy
judge points out both were discovered by main guy
later main guy calls his woman saying hes arrested and they cant find peter lorre
she asks around about peter lorre
but no one saw him
she stops by a place and peter lorre stops by and wants raw hamburgers w/o buns, in a bag
he gives he to a dog who follows him
he seems nice
but in real life, people who love animals often hate people
look at peta
or hitler
she walks and chats with him and he gets paranoid
he was in the nut house and ears going back
he sez he had to ice the guy who would sent him back
she tries to go in a building but the building owner sez no
then lorre gets creepy
she freaks out and bangs on the door that just rejected her
he grabs her but she gets outta her coat and runs
he chases and gets run over
she tells em he sed he iced em
he admits to it and bites it
later main guy is gonna get married at city hall to the chick
but hats not a real marriage
if I go to a judge and have him sign a paper instead of being baptized, is it the same?
and the accused guy is out and driving a cab or something
the end
that was pretty good
nice german expressionism
good edgy dark cr-p
good acting
and good twists
peter lorre isn't in here much
but it feels like a good silent film
good camera and visuals
I liked this
for stranger on the third floor 2 I want for peter lorre to have survived and his damaged body is given to nikola tesla for experiments. they graft animal parts to it and rebuild him. he powers up and uses his enhanced strength to break out and go around attacking people who he thinks aint nice to animals. he also eats them as the animal parts are affecting his mind. also some animal parts arte from males and some from females so he winds up getting himself pregnant and the dna mixes to creatre mini peter lorre chimera monsters that when unleashed go around eating people alive. also its a 16 bit sega genesis, super Nintendo and Gameboy advance game where you play as lorre and go around eating people And saving animals (who are actually the bad guys as they attack people) and getting the pregnant with your mixed animal ki blasts to make them turn full of your offspring.

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