Thursday, May 7, 2020

Going Overboard Review

Note: I spell as bad as this movie is seen... ok, mayne not dat bad. but still pretty bad
going overboard
this is my review on going overboard from 1989
everyone hated it but it got rereleased in the 90s after adam sodom sandler got big
he hates it though
its also got  burt young, billy zane, terry moore from both Mighty Joe Youngs, Milton Berle, billy bob thornton and others i doont know of
its rated one of the worst movies ever so imma watch it tosee how bad it is
so it starts with a guy going through his p0rn0 collection and sees a tape of adam sandler
then the credits start with cartoon adam
then some 80s babes say hes gross and then we on a cruise♦
then adam sghows up and sez this is  his storey of a cook who wants to do comedy and hangs with babes
on the boat this comedian who's really obnoxioud is getting all the babes and telling crude jokes about being b0ned by his female fam
adam hates him and wants a chance to prove hiimself as a stand up
later the comedian dickey diamond (Like dustin diamond??) does obnoxious stand up and hassles a chick
adam stands up to him annd takes hm out with 1 gunshot
after throwiing him overboard he he does standd up
but it waa juat a phantasy
later this punk guy has a guy trying to get his consent to make a doll of him
he consents and grossly makes out with a chick
he  sez he was a waiiter b4 he was a millionare and hated it cuz he dealt with chewed up food
then some bikini chix come by and he signs something 4 em
later adam is in a bar and thee guys dont get his jokes
1 guy sez when hhe was a waiter he dumped a55 and didnt wash his dands
punk rocker gets some chickk to b0ne his agent if she wants to b0ne  him
after a chic blows off adam (not like that)  dickey diamond somes by and adam wants to open for him
dicky dont like him and when tthe chick coomes back for dickie, he slugs out adam for talking to her
dicke is inspired by andrew dice clay but i dont know much of him so i wouldnt know how accurate this is
so then we see chicks telling how tthey wanna be married with 2 kids and adam thinks he'd be a bagel vendor
better than the zohan in the electronix shop
adam hhas a phantasy of dickie insulting im and adam is in a straight jacket
then he rips up dickies face (done in cr-ppy animation) and eating it
then he imagines himseklf on a beach with a chick with a big a55 and they make out
then bikini chix come by and feel his bod
but his manish mom sez his things gonna fall off like his dad and his homie sez he was with this bimbo who did magazine photoz with a pig
as adam dad chuck and larry, and thats by boy, animal stuff seems right
he's big on taboo stuff
ten he has a phantasy of a boxing match with dickie where they attack each other with jokes
wieners today: words can hurt as uch as a fist!
me; ok. lets test that out. we fight. u with words, me with fists
then the chickss say bimboy things abbout politics and world prace
burt young from rockey 1-6 is a general based on a real guy who watches the biimbos talking about his stink and he has 2 guys sent to wack her
just like the queen and daiana or r fk and marilin monroe
later dstin diamond is swearing a lot and drops his hat in da water
hes sick from eating cr-p and goes to barf but gets locked in the bathroom
his bimbo sees his hat and thinks he went overboard
everyone feels bummed has no coedian so adam gets a visit from Neptune despite being Jewish and is told to try being a comedian
also the hitmen from general 3rd world is coming by boat
later adam does stand up and s-cked at it so punk guy plays an 80s song
later his hiomie sez  how coedians s-ck and are pTHETIC
then we gget a montage of biini chicks
later punk and agent are talking and hear dickie callong for help and they think its his ghost and punk startsd spazzing out
later amad gets another shot and s-cked
he talks to milton berle and  berle sez his jokes s-cked and gives him advice
he gives stand up and don't s-ck so bad but then the boat is under attack
if this were made today it would be african pirates
so the hitmen arrive and say they want miss australia and adam and homeie say shes a b--ch who dates dickie dianond and she's in the boat adam and homie are hiding in
she runs and adam and homie follow and as do hitmen in a chase to 80s music
austriala b--ches about how she hates being pretty and withes she was deformed
homie relates to her and thhey make out and the hitmen catch a chick as a hostage
austriasla comes out and swz she only said general 3rd wolrd sticnks to be start and the hitmen catch her
homie goes to help her and adam talks to the autdicence and a voice sez to kill the bad guys with laffs
adam gets 1 hitman to do stand up and the people love him and australia sings an asutralia song
homie makes out with autrailia and the hitmen wanna do stand up and wanna live in America and have adam write their material
homie and aurstiala wanna egt married and make out
general of soviet 3rd world watches a tape  of them and combs his hair
dickie gets out after praying then acts and c-ckksuckery as he's an athiest and sees the hhitmen doing well
he interups them and acts all a55 holeing but the hitmen throw him overboard
general caps his tv and adam sez everything turned out great for everyone
and now he's got  a good comedy career
then Neptune comes in and his blonde daughter meet the adam and he goes to make out with her at the bo of  the ship to close the movie
then credits to adam and homie h-mping the air and dancing with bikini chicks to 80s music by tthe punk rocker
neptunes daughter wa schris bodard
like terry and andy bogard from fatal fury?
the end
tat wasnt so bad
normal 80s movie
not too dark or awful
yeah the jokes s-cked but thats kind of the point
they're trying to be bad
i didn't hate this
i mean it didn't make me laugh but it had some good fun
bright, colorful, silly, good muisic
sort of a pauly shore movie but prototype
its not the worst movie i;ve seen and its dont bad enough to be on the worst movies list
from justin to kelly is
for going overboard 2 i want it to be about the hitmen stumbing around in america as a fish outta water comedy with them amazed at 80s and early 90s tech that they never had in their 3rd world h-llhole country like sega master system and atari 5200. its also an 8 bit sega master system, game gar, game boy, nes, atari 7800 and lynx and tg16 game where you play minigames and after you earn enuff cash for the month you win.

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