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The Boy In The Plastic Bubble Review

note; i spell Bubblicious (It took e a while to find how that was spelled by typing it on youtube and wikipedea and seeing the dro[ down suggestions)
the boy in the plastic bubble
this is my review on the boy in the plastic bubble from the distant future year of 1976
its directed by Randal Kleiser who did grease, the blue lagoon and big top pee wee (where he gets g cup implants)
it stars john travolta, P. J. Soles from Halloween 01 and Carrie, Kelly WaRD (who's a dude) who was Fitor in GoBots(eww!), Vernee Watson  from the 80s G I Joe Movie and no one else I know of
its based on real peoople with crippled dna or w/e
so it starts with a dr dropping by a couples farm to say they ate pregnant
they hope this one lives and worry it might have 0 immunity to stuff
then title and a montage to sofy piano of her going into the hospital to poop it out
wtf buzz aldrten is in this?!
so after a sterile offscreen dilivery, they put him in a glass bo and da rents see him
but dr comes in and sez he has 0 immunities and has to stay in a sterile environment until he evolves an immune system or they find a treatment
i vener saw this b4 but seinfeld made fun of it
so i assume he bites it in the end like that aids carrier in The Cure or Philedelphia
people with severe medical issues dont survive these kinda movies
at least he's not in africa, where they think b0ning a virgin cures aids and they are outta virgins ecept nerwborns
thats not a joke. look it up
although he has no immune system so not sure aids would do anything to him
so later the rents talk about how hard it would be to arrage a sterile envoinrmtnt to have him teravel as a healthy kid plays on the swing with his mommy
so yars later, hes a kid with jet black hair unlike both his parents (making me think of maury) and lives in a plastic area shielded off og humanity withgloves in da wall like hes nucular
later they are taking his tank around as the medis wateches and this blonde sees him and he sees her
i assume they are gonna fall in love
what is this? the butterfly effect?
later the battlepod gets the air cut off and they kid coughs
why?! hes onyl not getting oxygen
his body wont kknow he's getting c02
wait, he was choaking on a marble
my mistake
so they slap his back and he coughs it up
btw, the famil'ys name is lub-tch
like ernst? the excellent austtrian jewish director from the 20s?
he did good stuff
student prince in old heidelburg
i cried
later he's in this glass area and the blonde girl (like in every speilburg movie?) comes by and wants to play with him and they mouth on the glass like in midnight express
ohhhhhh billy!!!!
later some teens are smoking cuz its cool and they talk about the kid who's always inside and has no friends his own age
and he has a little pet germ free mouse
my cousin has a peet snake and i had a pet tarantula
our pets eat your pet!
so i guess its the futturte as hes not devolved into john travolta, despite none of his official parents being el italiano(you are NOT the father!! black guys: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!)_
later da dr coomes by and plays chess with travolta and sez theres a japanese treatment that might evolve him an immune system
dr sez travolta has the best excuse to not grow up and is being chilidish
he's malcontent and dont care abotu the world (rambo; f==k da wolrd) and gets a little b--chy
later he eats dinner  next to his rents and they say the school board donated a closed curcit tv system that lets him skype with school to take classes
he gets triggered and goes to bed as they are eating dinner at 10pm
then he watches a neighbor through the winder like some kinda degenerate
in the real version he was probably j-rkin off and she was getting changed
as no one can come in. imagine if he was j-rkin off all the time and the area was coated in j-zz
sounds like the adam sandler version
so later da schoolhooks the tv to the thing and hes on a tv screen and has a cam that moves to watch  the class
he chesks out this chick and they talk about truman and kennedy and l bj and f dr
1 kid is chewing gum which is banned in 90s schools) and travolta knows of the new deal
he makes faces on the screen and the class laffs at him
later the teens are at da beach and the chick is wearing a bikini
she sez travolta wont go out in punblic in his bubble as it would make him feel like a freak on display
now we got my 600lb life where people shower and get hosed off in the back yard on live tv
so travolta is dancing lim a jacka55 to bad disco  and chick comes in wearing a coat over her light blue bikini and sees him
woulnt he be in his undies all the time?
i would
i am right now!!
he has an open area with a vent that keeps germs out and he cant go past and they talk
he sez he miight get out someday and she invites him to an independence day party at da beach
later they drive him around in a glass box at da beach and he seez chick riding a horse
wouldnt he be milky white from getting 0 sun and burn easy?
so he likes her ghorse and seeing her ride it
later its night and 1 teen offers a chick 2$ in 70s money to hold someones hand through the fireworks
oh its travoltia
she dos and gets him to think she likes him and fireworkks go oof
imagine her j-rkin him off with those reversable gloves?
maybe in the adam sandler version
she runs off to get her cash and he wants more of her but she sez it was a dare and not srs
what a b--ch
f--king with his heart
he's gonna snap and shoot the place uop
he spazzes out and thrashes around wanting to be let out
so they take him to toe hospital and give him a special room for immunity f;d people and he has a room mate in another bubble
they guy is knda annoying and travolta ignores him
thhis f;;s the room mate and he spazzes out and goes mental
this annoys travolting enuff to talk to his a55
later room mate talks abou how he misses chicks and as soon as he gets out hes gonna find a h--ker and live in filth
up next on tlc!
later he meets buzz aldren who was on the alleged moon landing and gives him an item and they talk about his quarentine over space aids from the moon
oh its on a tv special
nowadays he's have a reality show like those midgets
chick is watching and feels bad abotu ignoring his crippled a55 all these years
she sees the only way to atone for her sins and whips out a katana and comitts seppuku
later she gets work at soome pplace as she needs cash an she's not ready to be a h---ker
she goes to help travolta but hes disgruntled over her b--chery
he asks why shes doing this and thinks  his dad made her andthat shes being payed
shesez yes and hat she wanted it
hes kinda aiutismy with taking things literally as he never watched all in the family amd she explains she was gonna do it 4 free and they talk about theeir teacher
he sez he only wears shorts as its warm in thereand cant shower but as theres no germs theres no stink
later they talk about woody wilson and his cr-pmobule the league of nations and travolta combs his hair like hes italian or something
ayyyyyyy vinnie barvarino danny zukko!!
later she comes by and sez she couldnt come yesterday as she had to stay after class and danny zuko dont believe her
she's f ing out at school ezcept in art cuz i guess shes a bimbo and barbarino offers to neuter i mean tuter her for a 1 doller an hour
she asks how he likes her hair and if he finds heer prerty
she wants to cheet off his paper and he does so even though theres no reason to have him  on screen during a test
teacher catches him but he sez hes finished and he's ok with it
later he goes out in a box to getta tan even though hes el italiano
he sez his rents never do anything for themselves and theyask if he blames em for allowing him to be born
he sez he loves em and is glad they made him
good pro life message
even the disabled have the right to exist
look at that britmo steven hawking
he couldnt wpe his own a55
would it be right to put him to sleep?
i mean he's in h-ll now, but when he was alive i mean
later i think his rents go to vacation and chick comes by saying she  did better at school with his help and wnts to dom do something speacil with him
so battlefiend earth comes out in his box pushed by a hag and chick
they have a battery and extension chord on his box for the air or w/e and he watches her ride a horse
hes imppressed by her speed (wait til he sees sega genesis!) and wants her to jump his extension chord
wait, he waits her to jump over hiim
well this will end welll
holy cr-p it worked!
i expected it to knock him over and he's bite it
so they smooch through da glass like kirk and spock in star trek 2 but with mouths
so his rents come back and ask if chickjumped the travolta but pulp fiction sez she  was drunk annd he wants a space suit to go to school
that will totally not make him stand out
also; isnt that just a big c0nd0m?
so he goes out in a red boroid and goes to school annd tthe class claps for him
he has to plug his suit in (jack in mega man!!(although hes more Zeri as his suit is red)) and sits alone and the other 25 year old teens come to chat with him
he can go for 90 mins on 1 charge and they offer to walk by the football field
they say its not a joke and he has em turn his bat terry on
he se he sh-s and p-sses like astronaughts; in a diaper
at the field they hold him down and gand butt hammer him all over as he screams for help
jk they just laught like idiots and i think they are doing chronic
travolta sez he uses mind techniques to out of body travel
you mean astral projection?
that's dangerous
some daemons might get ur empty body
they are on drugs and think hes from space and he bets a guy he can beat him in push ups
my guess; he p-sses the guy off and the guy kills him later
so travolting wiins ashes not a syoner and his air tank buzzes and they gotta get him to the bubble
they get him there and he brings his suit in even though it was on the grass where jocks bleed steroids and aids and gatorade and he sez "dont tell my dad"
daddy's gonnaa whip yo a55 boy!!
lsster its night and chick is rhere and p-ssed at him nearly getting iced and he sez he wanted to ahow hes not a cripple and wants to be a real man
He Man!
she gets disgruntledand se shes worried of being more than friends and leaves
shhe gets home and travolto calls and asks to go to the beach
lateer shes in a one piece cuz she didnt shave get belly and hes in his red zaku and they fly a kite
later its nighht and he sez ne never had the red suit as a id as he never thought about going out
they cuddle in his latex condo and soft piiano plays
in thereal vetsiob they were b0ning
later its graduation day and the guy from carrie isin his red eva and goes up in ablue gownd
he graduated high school although i dont thinkhe did grade school
later chick coes by and sez she got a college to sovuet new york for art and its all cuz of him like lom chaney in the unknown
then da dr comes by and tom jtaviota wants to know when he can leave and what would happen if he left now
dr sez he dont know and theres a chance a cold could ice hi
then dr leaves as 3 sentences was worthh a car trip and coouldnt be done on da phone
later its knight and travolta sleeps naked, wait, hes got tight boxers, and puts on a shirt andleaves his plastic womb
see you in h-lll jonny boy!
they play a 70s song and its kinda niice
he goes out and feels air and outside
btw this is fullscreen so no black bars eating half the pictue
he meets chick and feels her face and sez its soter than he imagined
soundd like a serial killer line
wjat is tis? face/off?
they rife a horse together and the credits roll
the end
that was pretty good
nice, light, meaningful, positive, heart, good pacing
i'm told to mention fabio in this review but i'm notr sure how or why
i liked it and it has a good feel and look to it
sorta like carrie
the music and actibg is good and its got good wood like colors like the 70s had
they could put this on the history channel as its semi based on real people
better than 10 000 bc
for the boy in the plastic bubble 2 i want him to have a reaction to the outside world and the virrus's clash witrh his immune system and he devolves into some kind of slug like aope. the movie is him devilving as his rents try to find a cure and soon he's a living ple of slop that's not fully solid or liquid like that guy in batman beyond after inque gave him half a dose. also its a 16 bit puzzle mini game collection on gba, snes, gensis, tg16 and atari jaguar where you play as the devolving travolta and gotta do things to get enopugh points to unlock the next area and it gets harder as you devolve more.

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