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Remember Review

note; my mom hatees how i spell
this is my review on remember from the distant future year of 2015 (the year Alien Soldier happened and the malcontent uprisings occured after the 1st robotech war)
its directed by atom egoyan and stars christtopheer plummer, martin landau and no one else i know
i never saw this but my mom wants me to review it so here i go
huh, jurgen pronchow is in this
so after like a min of logos we get plumber waking up and wondering where his wife is
the jamacian nurse sez she bit it a week ago  and sshes  her nurse who stays on for a bit after
she guides him around to breakfast and his  nursing home homie reminds himhe has to do something now that she bit it
after a Jewish service , he tells his (great?) grandkid  he met her in coney island and his homie gives some writings and tells him to fake being tired to read emm
after he doz he getz cash and goes outto a taxxxi
later hes on a train or w/ee and chats with a kid who wonders why he dont take a plane
me; cuz if a train f--ks out you can walk! if a plane f--ks out you bite it!!
meanwhile the nursing home issued an alert for mssingplumber who's Hebrew name translates to Wolf
is he a furry??
o da train he gets confused and thinks the kid is his grandson and wonders where his wife is
the kid is playing that piece of cr-o psp which breaks easy and kid gets nervous of wolf blitzer and changes seats
lupin iii the wolf chex da letter and after the train lands, kids dadoffers to help him but he sees theres a black car for him
then he goes to a gun shop and adfter a bg check the shopkeep is helpful
after buying some justice he goes to a motel where homie arranged and homie calls him
after a bath its the next day and he goes to see this guy named rudy like the footall kid
he pulls a gun on him and asks him about his history andwar record
Rudy sez he was in north africa and served his country and didnt know about the genocide
after showing a photo album wolfenstein goes back to hotel, calls homie and goes on to the next place
its revealed many workers of the camps took the identity's of theirvictims and escaped to america
and homie is hunting thids rudy guy an using wolfman as homie got cripppled
he then goes to soviet canada and at the boarder his passport is expired but his drivers l;icense gets him throough
alsi when going through his bag he narly exposes his firearm, which candy a55 canadians are homophobic of
so he goes to a  nursing home and asks rudy 2 if he was at the camps and he sez yes
wolfbat nearly blows a hole in him until he notices hos ttattoo and realizes he was in the camps as a prisoner
he feels bad about nearly murdermg the wrong guy ad as he leaves hears a ppiano song he knows and chats with the player
afyer playing the piano he goes and buys some clothes
bt when securiry checks his bags he finds the gun
but this guy believes in human self defence rights and smiles at him  and wishs him well
remember in 8 mile when those homies beat up eminem
had he had a strong firearm he could mow em down b4 they iced him and b0ned his sister/daughter dead
latr he spills food on his letter and rewrites it and reads it saying he's the only one besides homie who can recognize the guy who iced thei fams
later he goes to this rural area with a loud dog thatt needs a 45 calibur suppository but this rudy bit it montha ago
a cop invites him in for a drink bt wolfmon is scared of dogs socop puts it away
i think cop was this rudyy's son and reveeals rudy was big on talking of zaa warr and a  collector
they go up to his room and theres a flag from crystal night and a 1st printing of mein kamph
sorta like how james cameron is obcessed with the titanic and the 1500 iced in it
so son reveals his dad was 10 when the war started and only cooked for the Army and is all chummy with wolfmo untul he sees his arm tattoo and reaklizes he lied about being his dads friend
dog barks too much and it scares wolfen til he whizzes from son yelling at him over being jewish
then he lets the dog at wolf who caps it and the cop who was just standuing there
after taking a shower and resting in the home he jusst iced a guy in,he spazzes out confused and calls homie to updatte him on stuff
then travels a while and gets hit by a car
wait, he just blacks out in da street and is sent to the hospitall where they call his son
in the hospital he watches cr-ppy a55 modern cartoons and chats with a little blonde girl like in a speilburg film
she finds cash in his bag looking for candy and reads a lettter saying his story upp to now from homie who was hunting ww2 guys
then a flashback of homie getting wolf baron to murder people w/o a trial as he thinks thhey'd bite it b4 they got a fair trial
thats not very good logic
we have to burn down this collapsing house before it burns down on its own!!
so he then leaves and goes to this wood home and chats with this guys daughter
she knows hes here about the camps andthe guy has a big a55 family
wolfula plays the piano and the guy comes down surpirzd a guy from the camps likes wagner
they speak germanic to avoid being known and go outside as wolf monkey remembers him
he hugs wolf plumber and wolf calls him otto
guy is confused and wolfs son arrives at the front door
thhey come otu and see the big bad wolf holding guy at gunpoint
as guy wont go with his urges, he aims the gun at the guys fam and is gonna murder them if he dont admit what he wants them to
he sez he was in charge of zee campz and iced a lot of people and his real name is sturm and wolf is really the guy he was hunting
they tattooed each other and hid as inmates to escape the commies
he then murders his co worker and remembers everything
then puts the gun to his head and screen goes black as we hear the shot
wont even show his head asploding!!
at the home the friends are bummed and homie reveals he knew all along and sent him on a suicide mission by decieving him in to thinking they were friends and he says they iced his fam
the end
that was pretty f'd
now not to say the guys who bit it were innocent
but what landaus character did was pretty trecherous and dark
taking advantage of a mentally impared man to murder someone and having him driven to suicide
they may have done wrong in the past, but they also have families who love them and care for them
it reminds me of yugioh zexal how vector faked being yuma's friend to manipulate him to having a fight with astral in an apttempt to kill them both
pretty dishonorable
2 wrongs dont make a right
all he did was destroy the lives of many innocents
but over all, it was a well done film
its a lot like memento from 15 years b4 but with nazies
its got good pacing and flow and not much action happens but its got tension and near calls
its well made and the main guy being the real killer was done in yugioh arc v with yuya being the real danger
its a bit dark and grimm and tight but its weill made
good twist with the crippled guy being the puppet master behind all the events and being against them the whole time.
for remember 2 i want the guys who got shot at the end to have been saved by medical intervention and wolf jerked his hand an the last moment in self preservation instuinct so it only shaved off some of his skull. the movie focus's on their recovery and leads up to an attempted murder trial where they charge the crippled guy with conspiricy to commit murder and other things. also the family is suing him for damages and are gonna drain him dry. its  also a 32 bit law game like phoenix wright on ps1, sega saturn, n64 and gba and psp where you play as either the defence or prosecution and try to win the case.

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