Thursday, May 18, 2017

It Cane From Beneath The Sea Review

note; I COULD spell rght, but dat wouldn't be as fun
It Came from Beneath the Sea
this is my review of It Came from Beneath the Sea
its done by ray harryhausen and stars no one ive heard of
it starts by talking about an atom powered submarine
then we get a cool opening of text coming outta da ocean
sorta like star wars
we get text saying something like; this could happen
I don't know I missed most of it
then we get guys in a sub talking
they change the music in the sub
but then they notice something bigger than a whale or a sub following em
its a Gundam!!!!!!!!!
they go to attack mode and check the sonar image
but cant make it out
they go in deeper
but it follows and gets em
they sense radiation from outside
its the giant behemoth!
they try to escape but the thing has em
so they try to surface
they eventually make it
the thing is gone
divers say they found a rubber thing on the sub
the captain sez to keep quiet
so they go to pearl harbor
scientists examine the rubber thing in radio active suits
th girl scientist is kinda disgruntled
its revealed shes the 2nd best marine biologist
and the best bit it
they keep working on finding out what the rubber thing is
the girl talks about how she don't wanna dumb down things to explain it to the main guy
that's kinda stuck up
I dumb stuff down for people all da time
main guy and girl talk about romance
and chicks aint allowed on subs
sounds like prison
and in prison people b0ne
but this is da 50s so its cleaner
later they find out wat the thing is
and the next day someone high rank comes by
they say its a giant octopus
and nukes were what brought it up from the deep
they gave a test octopus a radioactive meal
and some fish can sense radioactivity and escape
so the giant octopus went after other things like men
they say a buncha boats went down
but the high hank guys don't buy it
th man scientist is growing closer to the girl one
but he denies it
the girl scientist looks kinda like the chick from aliens
later a boat sees a huge tentacle
they go overboard as the octopus brings it down
took half an hour but we got to see it
at a tropical place the scintists have dinner
and the main guy stops by and tries to dances with the girl
she makes a fuss for no reason but calms down
they talk a bit and make out
after dinner she reveals shes not changing her plans to go to egytp and he walks off
then army guys come in an say they gotta stay cuz a boat went down and they think its the creature
a survivor sez it was a big log thing that grabbed em
he compares it to the stethoscope bit bigger
the other survivors sez they saw nothin after the guy is taken to see the dr
the girl takes off her jacket and smokes with the survivor who saw it
nowadays she's try to butt seduce him with a skimpy outfit
but this is the 50s, so its cleaner
she gets him to say (while a radio to the army guys was on) it was a giant octopus
the army searches da ocean foe the giant octopus
the army plans to blow the octopus but the girl sez the octopus is too good for em
also they have been blockaiding the ocean and theyre keeping the octopus secret
but Canada and peru and a 3rd country are getting p-ssed
yeah what Canada gonna do? throw pinecones at em?
they cheack various places the creature might be after people go missing or some cr-p
at a beach teens went missing, theres tentacle marks on the beach
the main guy and the girl have a romantic time on the beach in 50s swimsuits
in the real version I think they were b0ning
but the sheriff calls em over
the giant tentacle gets the sheriff
the whole west coast prepares for he tentacle monster
pare an electric net to keep the monster out of the san fran sisscko bay
they plan to bust the octiopus brain with a shot
they have a jet propelled torpedo that goes off by remote
they talk about how in the 1300s or w/e Holland faced a giant octopus when Vesuvius went off
so is this the same creature or are there several of em?
later the octopus is coming and they drop mines
the thing gets through and climbs the golden gate bridge
is this like king kong climbing the new York building?
the main guy I think goes on the bridge to turn of the electric thing
another guy goes on the bridge to save him as the octopus tears it up
he saves him
remember that octopus in ecco the dolphin?
that was cool
the news warns people of the giant radioactivce octopus
wow that sounds bad
in the bay the octopus crushes things
it takes out a chopper
it starts going on land
this sub is gonna fire torpedoes under water under boats at the octopus
the tantacles crush peole and smear em  on the road
I like how you can kinda tell how it was done
its sorta fake, but the not bad fake
almost real
they flamethrower the teatacles and the thing goes under water]
then they torpedo it but it gets stuck in its flesh
and the thing grabs the sub
as a kid I said sumberine instead of submarine
they cant blow it or they'd be blown
the octopus is smart
irl they are smarter than apes
they are
they can time things and undo locks from inside
look it up
so a diver goes in to save em
he bites it
the man scientist goes in to use a gun thing on the monster
as he knows its weak points
I gotta say, the things size is inconsistent
one minute its limb can crush people not much smaller than it
the next it can grab a nucular sub
the scentist uses a thig on the monster and it lets go of the sub
they blow it
they rescue the divers(I thought he was dead)
the scentists and main guy have a meal drinks and smokes and the radio thanks the people who stopped the thing
the science gurl and main guy are gonna write a book about the sea monster and they smooch
the end
that was pretty cool
too bad it was a bit widescreen
but it wasn't too widescreen
plus octopi are cool
smarter than dogs, pigs and apes
for it came from beneath the sea 2 i'd like if the scientists were experimenting on the octopus they irradiated and found it was smarter than them. one scientist is jealous and gets drunk and tries to b0ne it dead. the octopus crawls up his a55 and controls him. it goes around killing people and when his body breaks down it crawls out his a55 and goes in another guy. when the scientists find this out, they create a radioactive ape to fight it, but the octopus crawls up its a55 and tears it up inside. the scientists make a deal to let it be an assassin and they wont have it executed for icing all those people. then for it came from beneath the sea 3 its working with ninja to assassinate bad guys

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