Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Othello Review

note; I did this in high school.
this is my review on Othello (the 1952 version with orson welles)
its by William shakespear who's plays usually s-cked
it starts with Othello (orson welles) dead and being caRRIED away in a service
oh amd a chick is too
its mostly done in silhouette
1 guy is in a cage being lifted up on a rope
they all have castlevana hair
its widescreen
then we ge a title card with 20s music
it sez in venis was a moor (black guy) Othello who loved Desdemona but her dad didn't like it
but they married anyway
and iago(not da Aladdin bird) was nice outside but sour inside
iago chats with a bummed guy
I think he is gay for Desdemona
iago sez to get rich to win her
then some guys tell desdemonas dad his daughters b0ning a black guy
this is like springer
he gets p-ssed and starts a lynch mob
at the same time the turks are attacking venice
the dad accused Othello of using black magic (lol) to win her over
he sez he won her fair and square (in a long wordy monologue that would make tommy wiseau blush)
good f man he just keeps going on and on
the dad still hates him
just like in cool as ice with vanilla ice
iago wants to use cassio or w/e for a scheme
iago talks to Roderigo (rod) about... h-ll if I know. its that queer Castlevania talk
Othello makes out with his woman and they b0ne offscreen
then we cut to the battle with da turks
the turks bit it in a storm or something
Othello reunites with desemona and hes wearing cool armor
oh they saved Cyprus
iago starts telling a guy that Desdemona is gay for cassio
iago's armor looks sorta like t has the barian symbol on it from Yugioh zexal
then iago talks to cassio (I think) about something
oh and hes drinking
Othello has a romance chat with Desdemona
at a party some guys get in a fight
cassio (I think) is drunk and causing cr-p and attacking people
1 guy calls mutany and the cops come in and bust a55
Othello deals with cassio(it is him) but iago defends him
casio looks kinda like shin in Hokuto no ken
later iago tries to twist cassio
he also tells this guy that cassio beat the guy
later iago chats with Othello about cassio and implies he may be into Desdemona
Othello doubts it but gradually thinks it
he sees Desdemona but recoils and goes off to stew in his thoughts
later he confronts iago and nearly kills him
iago ez he heard her talking about b0ning cassio and sez something about her handkerchiefs
Othello wants to ice her
he asks Desdemona for her handkerchief but she don't have it
he goes mental and sends her away
Othello hears cassio talking with his babe about a handkerchief and thinks its about Desdemona
Othello chats with iago about the handkerchief and goes mental
after talking to himself for a while Othello goes to a place full of people and yells at Desdemona
people suspect hes not quite right
later he confronts Desdemona and goes mental
later Desdemona talks with a chick and iago in near
but Othello comes in and sends her to bed
later In the public bath someone talks with someone
I think Roderigo
iago sez theres a special commission going to do something with Othello and cassio
but he wants to take oiut cassio
some armed soldiers come in the public bath and a guy hides
iago stabs him up under the floor
Othello decides to ice her
he goes to her bedroom and talks with her for a while
she denies giving the handkerchief to cassio but he don't buy it
eventually he covers her face with a cloth and she bites it
he probably b0ned her dead in the real version
he leaves but a maid comes in and Desdemona isn't 100% dead
then she really bites it
Othello sez she was a wh=re and burns in h-ll
she calls the cops on him and iago/cassio are there
the maid sez she was innocent and orhello sez iago told him it
maid explains the handkerchief thing and iago shanks her and runs
her last words; she loved thee
then a guy sez cassio gets othelloes job
Othello goes nuts and b0nes desdemonas corpse
he tells the people to tell the truth about him
then he bites it
then we're back to the start of the film
the credits roll over cool scenery and water an it seems kinda like an early 30s film
oh and theres harpsichord music that's pretty grand
the end
that was pretty good
cant go wrong with orson welles
normally shakespere is kina prissy
but this was well done
for Othello 2 i'd like for iago to be on trial for his scheme but one by one the witnesses bite it. its a slasher film where they get chopped up and turned inside out in worse and worse ways. eventually its revealed that theres another iago who was made out of black magic and as they don't have enough evidence, iago goes free and becomes a high rank commander.

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