Thursday, May 11, 2017

Rodan Review

note; I used to spell better. no I don't care
this is my review on rodan
ooh, its fullscreen
and the credits are in English
its the dubbed version
a nRRATOR describes some island getting nuked in a nuke test
then a Japanese guy talks about a thing that happened in his mining town
then somethimg happens in the mine and 2 guys are trapped
they go in and they find Yoshi chopped up
and they don't know what did it after the autopsy
they think goro did it
when I hear goro I think mortal kombat
they go back in to find him
but something wastes em
the autopsys say 2 bit it only from shock
1 chick freaks out thinking theres something awful in da mine
this reminds me of Urotsukidoji II: Legend of the Demon Womb where Kohoki or Takeyaki went around wasting people
then big bugs attack the village
and they see a huge one on the hill
so they open fire on it
it still chops up a few guys with its claws though
then it just disappears
does it bite it?
did it escape?
bad editing
so the army comes in
they go back in the mine and find it and open fire
I think theres only 1 bug
guns don't stop it so a guy rides a minecart into it
they go in to get goro's body
but theres another big bug
then the mine caves in and it looks like that scene in power rangers season 1
theres earthquakes and this guy from some place goes to investigate
they find shigeru(the Japanese guy who talked about the mining town)
his memory was wiped and I think hes brain damaged
he starts rehab
the guy from someplace (glasses) sez he mine bug is a prehistoric insect
its always some ancient animal
shigeru has an episode looking at a picture of the bug
later a jet encounters a super sonic thing
it wastes him
also its better in the air than his et
sounds like episode 001 of Robotech where rick hunter outdid veritechs in a fanjet
later it flies around and busts cities with SONIC BOOMS
john hughes died
he was a US AF guy in here
not the breakfast club guy
also a volcano might erupt
and a couple got pictutes of the flying thing
shigerus gf  or sister or w/e shows him baby birds hatching and he has viet nam flashbacks to a big red monster busting out of a giant egg and eating the bugs
then he gets his memory back
he sez it as a pteranodon
even though it looks nothing like it
also didn't mothra do this too?
giant egg releasing a big monster?
only here the bugs are wat it eats
btw I heard stories of ancient greeks describing having seen winged reptiles
they go back in the mine to bust the other eggs but only find 1 piece of eggshell
1 guy wonders how an ancient creature can revive after so long
I guess this movie is creationist
a fw hundred years compared to millions
plus seeds from Egyptian tombs were able to grow wheat
or something like dat
they say the flying thing is a giant winged reptile with a 500 foot wingspan
they called it
In japan in think its called radon
after pteRAnoDON
also volcanic stuff woke it up
oh and now it eats people
so the military attacks it with jets as it rests on da ground
hoy cr-p we're like 45 mins in
but it feels like nothing happened
rodan flies off and another one arises
the jets fight rodans but the weapons don't work
why not plow into its wing?
that can at least get it outta the air
rodan lands and its wings blow apart the place
also the military opens canon fire on it
then the secord rodan flies by and the wind busts the city
lol the closed captions say "people screaming" when rodan shrieks
then they leave
they expect the rodans are gonna hibernate so they'll bury em in rocks and missiles
they'll nuke the mining village shigeru is from
shigeru and the chick admit thier love for eachother
glad that subplot was resolved
I thought they were bro/sis or already a couple
they missile launche and bury the rodans
this goes on for several minutes of explosions
so that's where Michael bay got it from
rodan flies up but falls in lava and burns
then the other does too
shigeru sez some emo cr-p about how they died good and he hopes to die that good as well and they chose to bite it
that's f'd up
u got issues shigeru
the end
that was pretty good
nowadays it would be all cg
although most of it was just destruction
entertaining and fun
How did it fly super sonic if its the size of a building?
it just rockets around like its got a missile up its a55
for rodan 2 i'd like for shigeru to have gone mad from the brain damage and shock of seeing the rodans biting it and he tries to become the new rodan. he makes a giant mech rodan to take its place and decides to wipe out humanity to get back at them for a few humans killing the last 2. but his gf/sister/w/e takes the main gear needed to activate it and he sends his cloned rodan minions who were made from his DNA ad rodan pieces after her. oh and she uses the gear as a power boost item to turn into a costumed hero and fight them.

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