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Boy Slaves Review

Note; Why should I spell right? The title sounds like a gay p0rn0
Boy Slaves
This is my review on Boy Slaves (1939)
it stars Anne Shirley/Roger Daniel/James McCallion/alan baxter
Anne Shirley got her film actors guild name from her 1st movie, anne of green gables
ooh, its by RKO
it stars with scrolling text saying people have loved their kids but in some places people aint as good
Sounds like a Pro Life message
Then in a slum or factory area like in a beat em up, this factory horn goes and wakes up a baby
the boy gives it a bottle and gets dressed
also is a blonde boy who was fired for a fight over a guy twisting someones ear over not accepting aN INVITE
I don't know what that means
the mom slaps him and cries
1 guy writes a note saying hes going out for something and leaves
its the main boy
also f handwriting
its like the metric system of spelling
the boy gets attacked by a gang of malcontents on the road and mugged
he sez hes gonna tell da cops and they think hes a spy
they're gonna b0ne him dead
they hold hm hostage and he tells em off over not fighting fair
if he had a firearm he could shred em in one sweep
they give him back a dime out of the 15 cents they took
they give him a can of food for a dime
hes told everyone has to earn their keep
he starts trusting these thugs
then the cops come and they book it and catch a train
they remind m of section B from Violence Jack Evil Town
the cops are warned of those malcontents panhandling a mean
they hassle a successful guy wo don't wanna talk to those thugs
they get him to give em a ride on his horse thing
but they don't get off when he tells em to
he didn't consent
they push him off a moving cart and into the dirt
those animals
the main boy tries to help the wounded guy but the leader tells him to get back to the base
the victim is kicked by the boss
the cops get em
main boy sez he left to help his mom but boss is a wisea55 and gets dragged out
the cops try to gt info from him but hes loyal to those thugs
they let him go
he sez where hes going and they rearrest him
that's what happens when you hang out with thugs
the cops go to their base but the kids F--KIN THROW BRICKS AT EM
holy cr-p that's deadly
they otta open fire on em
1 cop uses tear gas but the main cop tells him off for it
you'd rather have brain damage??
the ops get the thugs and on trial the thugs bash the main boy for "being a rat"
the thugs just wanna stay hobos and leaching off real people
but 1 guy suggests giving em jobs at his business
the thugs consent to working for him
but the boss don't
he gets fined $100 in 30s cash foe vagrancy
the main boy offers to work 2x for the fine but boss hates him
1st boss mugs him. then drafts him into his gang, then acts like the victim owes him?!
thats some seral killer logic
I was making them more beautiful... by turning em inside out!!
they are sent to a work camp with barbed wire and guards
its said its for their protection
but society needs protecton against these animals!!
they get credit for the store and at it they splurge on junk food
they bash the main boy which makes him splurge on the premium cr-p
a girl tries to get him to not blow dough but the shopkeeper kicks her out
main boy buys reasonable wok stuff
later they are doing honest work
but its made to look unfair
less fair than mugging a guy and swindling people out of their cash
when my dad was a boy on the farm he worked hard and didn't b--ch about it
he was a good boy
they get a lunch break and they b--ch about the food not being awesome
also it costs 12 cents
they decide to quit but hey owe cash for buying all dat cr-p at da store
also the stuff was overpriced
they said; u could've bought it elsewhere
its a free country
don't blame others for ur cr-p
btw, why are we feeling sorry for these daemon kids?!
what next? gacy! the american hero?!
well we got all those dinks saying OJ was innocent
1 guy freaks out in a tree, falls and busts off his arm
then they say at the kitchen is better food
hope its not made of his arm
we get a sappy scene of his little p o s regretting his bad moves
is he gonna bite it?
the main boy cries and the disarmed guy sez; I got a racket for life, or some cr-p
the business owner has a big meal with a guy and the girl
this is like with camp krusty
thr main boy comes to chat with em about paying off a fine
the owner sez hes just gonna charge it to main boys account
then the boss winds up AT THE CAMP
they decide to break out of the place they consented to going to
btw, they still owe them cash
boss is gonna bust the main boy bu he sez he payed bosses fine
they then start b0ning him
well, more like beating
they wanna misuse the main boy's privileges
at lunch the boss f's with the coo about the food and is a d-ck
the boys sing workin on da railroad in the trees instead of working
main boy comes outta da tree and stands up for the boss
the guards negotiate with the boss but he wants em to put the deal in writing
they bust his head with a wrench
later the boys b--ch about "being prisoners"
but them drafting the main boy into their gag is ok
main boy volunteers to get something for mailing a letter out
boss has a hot fire poker on wood to remind him that traitors get branded
that's f'd up
he gets it with help of the girl
they have paper now and wanna write letters
they whine about working in the letter and I think its to the p resident
buyt f d r isn't into helping real people
hes a commie
the boys cause a racket and main boy climbs a barb wire fence to escape
he gets lost in da woods and its pretty bada55 and creepy
he winds up back at the camp and the guard gets him and reads his letter
hes sent back to the boys and they're p-ssed
they think he sold em out
they're gonna b0ne him dead
boss gets da fire poker as the boy begs
hes gonna burn him but sees the barb wire marks on his hands
then the chick comes I anting to stay with a buncha young males
this head guy wants her to come back but he slugs out boss when he tries to stop him
he needs a full on beat down!
the boys all rush the head guy and in the chaos a fire starts and 1 kid is shot
the boys break out and escape as fugitives
but the main boy bites it from a gunshot
he takes a while to bite it and they milk it
he tells em to go on w/o him
they're all winding up in h-ll together anyway
the chick looks like novak from law and order svu
they berry him in the woods and boss asks God not to be rough on him
then the cops are hounding em and they hide in a farmhouse
the get guns are have a stand off
this is like birth of a nation with the cabin
they say they're coming out but the cop open fire on em
send em to h-ll
maybe if they opened fire on em at the brick base they'd have spared the main boy
the cops try to burn em out
but then the actual cops show up and its reveals its the guards who were shooting em em
also the guy who slugged the boss bit it in the fire I think
the cop tries to help those little c-ck suckers but boss wants to cap him
malcontent loves matter?
the chick tells boss off and sez why its bad
da cop comes in and gets the kids out
nowadays they'd make the cop the bad guy
btw there was a geezer lady in the cabin they were gonna torch
at trial they are called enemies of society
the judge tells his family history and sez hes ashamed over how some people acted and sez sorry
yeah cuz those kids were totally good guys b4 going to jail
they get off easy and their debts are made void
he does somethin to the business owner
the end
that was pretty good
too bad they made these delinquents the heroes
i'd've made em the villains with the real people as the good guys trying to stop em
for boy slaves 2 i'd like it to be the 60s and j fk has gotten in and America has gone cr-ppier. the boys from boy slaves 1 are now a biker gang who go around b0ning people dead and eating em. they want revenge on society for not bowing to their whims and j fk sides with em despite them hating him and all normal people. they kidnap people and b0ne em into submission to make em join their gang. In the end, the cops have enough of their cr-p and declare war on em at one of their rallies to bring down society and its a all out war with blades and hammers as guns were banned by j fk and it drove America to hammer crime. oh and the blonde brother from he 1st scene in the st film is the head cop who wants these animals wiped out after they turned his bro and got him iced

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