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Pulp Fiction Review

note I never saw this b4 so theres gonn abe tyopes from me watching and typing
oulp fiction
this is my feview on pulp fiction
it starts with a dictionary definition of pulp
then a blonde couple talking about banks and robberies
one guy did= it with a cell phone saying he';d wack a chick if they didn't give him cash
and it worked
then he chats about robbing other places as they are insured and its ok
once they jacked a booze store and jacked all the customers wallets
they make out then stick upo the store
then we get opening credits
by quention tarentino
with Samuel l jackdson and uma thruman
ooh cving rhames is in this
and Christopher walken
and bruce willis
and phil lamarr
man theres a lot of 70s music
in the 90s the 70s were retro
the in the 2010a its the 90s and 80s
john Travolta
him and sam Jackson are driving and talking about Europe
they have beer at mcdonalds in france
and cuz they're f'd by the metric system they cant call it a quarter pounder with cheese
cuz they dont know what that is
then sam jacket explains what a tv pilot is
one guy gave someone a foot rub and some homies sent him off his 4 story house
do they have storys in the metric system?>
or is it also f'd up?
they go into some apartment saying they work for a guy who foot fetished the chick
the guys are eating cheese burgers
sam jacoki tries a burger and liks it
oh and phil lamarr is in there
he calls a guy "flock of seagulls" cuz of his hair(which means this might not be 70s)
the travola gets the apartment guyds cash and sam kickin caps the flock of seagulls guy
sam kicnjign asks the burger guy if he knows who the foot fetish guy looks like and after some back and forth he caps burger guy in the arm
sam jcikin quotes the bible and him and Travolta waste him
then we get bruke wiliins looking at the camera and someone offscreen talks
he gives bruce an envelope and we see its the foot fetish guy giving him it
oh hes bribing hi to throw a fight
then Travolta and Jackson come in
but the foot guy is gone
wait, they';re in the background
after a clash with bruce and john, john hugs the foot fetish guy
then 2 chicks are talking about piercings
john Travolta is there and goes to see a drug dealer who looks like macholoy culkin
later Travolta comes home and his woman left him a note
his woman (uma thruman)chats with him over the intercom and it takes him a bit to figure it out
uma does blow as Travolta drinks booze
both are bad
then uma comes down with a camcorder and interviews travolata
she sez theres 2 kinds of people, beetles and evlvis fans
and no one can like both equal
that goes for anything
coke and pepsi
sega and snes
Yugioh and magic the gathering
mcdonaids and bugarking
she asks a buncha questions and stops after him saying if he was archie he'd b0ne betty
they go to a fun center like DZ discovery zone(anyone remember that??) and theres a fake elvis singing
I think its also a restaurant
they eat in a car table(a table in a car)
oh I think its a 50s diner
she orders a 5$ shake and Travolta whines
then they smoke
they just came back from Europe
she tells about a tv pilot she was in
its like a p0rn0 power rangers
she lets hi try her 5$ shake and he loves it
its gonna fatten em up
butter lard and cream
she goes to the toilet and does more blow
they talk for a bit and eat burgers
they talk about the foot fetish guy
foot fetish guy threw the real foot fetish guy out the window
foot guy is Antwon
marcellis is the guy Travolta works for
hes now called boss
and it was uma who's feet foot guy b0ned
antwion is who I call foot guy
and uma is boss's wife
then uma and Travolta get in a dance contest
Travolta dances cr-ppy
uma has some style
this is like in the dbz movie the dead zone where Gohan got drunk and had that weird phantasy thing
after they get home they have the trophy so the other dancers mustve s-cked a55
then uma dances to I think 90s ish music
this isn't a movie
its a buncha music videos and the comments below
then uma does more blow
but it breaks her brain and she vegetables
this is what happens when you do drugs
travolta drives her as he calls his dealer on his cell phone in the car
driving on a cell phone?
in the 90s it was ok
the dealer don't want Travolta bringing her there but he does so anyway
why not hospital?
he has to adrenelin shot her but he never did it b4
see u in h-ll junkie
they argue over who injects her
Travolta sticks her like a pig and she wakes up and is ok with a needel in her b00b
he brings her back and asks her not to tell boss(not the ham ham or the Mazinger guy)
then Christopher walken is a war vet and talks to his son about a watch from his grandad who was in ww1
its been in the fam for ww1 and ww2 and viet nam
walken had it in nam and after getting caught he kept it in his a55
Christopher walken in vet nam?
its the deer hunter all over\
then brce wilise does a boxing match offscreen and someone bites it
I think willis iced the other guy and skipped town
but boss wants him wasted
in the cab ride hes surprised he iced the guy and this soviet chick driving is into him cuz of it
wait, shes mexicany
he phones a guy and finds the money he had bet made it
he goes to a hotel and pays the soviet chick not to tell
his woman is in ther and she ants to be fat
well, just have a gut
and shew wants to show it off
then she presses her normal tummy on bruces face
this is some fetish cr-p right here\
the next day bruce cracked a rib and his woman thinks its from b0ning
he jokes about her being ret-rded
they wanna go to mexico and he teaches her Mexican
he sleeps but wakes up screaming to a motorcycle war movie
he gets outta bed and adjusts his parts
his woman talks about all the food she wants to eat
fat a55
bruce freaks out about losing his dads watch
he was the kid christpoher walken had
he then busts up the place
she left it at the apartment
ten he cools off
but wants to go back and get it
its an item!
he goes back and makes no name brand pop tarts
also he finds a big gun
then travota comes out of the cr-pper and bruce wastes him
see you in h-ll Travolta!
just like with carrie
bruce wipes the gun(unlike how tavolta didn't wipe his a55) and leaves
what about the watch?
he drives away and listens to a 60s song
as he crosses the stoplight thing he sees the boss and runs him over
then his car gets hit
after they wake up he chases bruse and shoots at him(hitting several guys)
they get to a redneck store and bruse is gonna waste boss
but the redneck saves him
then ko's bruce and makes a call
when the bruce and the boss wakes up they're tied to chairs with p0rn0 gags and the redneck soaks em in gas
a redneck cop comes in (is that matthew mcconehey?!?)
he plays eenie meenie minie mow and chooses boss
he takes him to a back room and I think hes b0ning him
bruce gets free and is gonna leave but goes back after going through several weapons
he settles on a katana
he cuts down the redneck and is gonna get the cop(named zed)
wtf zed!?
like lord Zedd from power rangers!?
but boss blows cop redneck away with a shotgun
hes gonna torture em dead
yeah cuz 2 bad guy fighting is ok
and lets bruce get away free
he also dont want anyone to know he got a55 b0ned
wyf quenton Tarentino?!
you made this film
everything that happens in it is cuz quenton wanted it
he anted to have a guy getting b0ned in the butt
bruce gets zeds bike and goes back to his woman
they drive off w/o helmets
nowadays guys would go up the a55 over it
then theres a flashback to the flock of seagulls guy and a guy in the back that we never knew about has a gun
gun guy comes out shooting but all shots miss and Travolta and kacking cap him
jackin thinks its divine intervention
they drive with phil lamarr but Travolta accidentaly shoots him
they stop by tarentinoes place for coffee and hes malcontent over the corpse of phil lamarr
jacking calls boss (ving rhames) about the dead phill lamarr
one guy gets a phone call and Travolta is white and jacnkings is black
a Charles Bronson looking guy comes in to organize the clean up of phil lamarr
Travolta  jackon get nude and hosed off to clean the blood bone and brains
they get 90s clothes and the Bronson guy swaps cars with em to drive the cars to where the body gets take care of
theyre eating breakfast and Jackson wont eat bacon cuz pigs are dirty
Travolta mentions dogs eat their waste and jackon sez he wont eat dog either
they talk about Acts of God and Miracles
and Why He did so
jascon sez after he delivers the case to boss hes gonna walk the earth like Kenshiro or violence jack
then its the 1st movie scene and Travolta goes to take a dump
the couple sticks up the place
they take the owner hostage and jack the register
then decide to jack the customers
but jacksons packin heat
hes gonna get the bosses briefcase
he opens the case and its not revealed whats in it
but its beautiful
then jackon grabs the gun and holds man robber at gunpoint
his woman is going mental but jaxckion is cool
he don't wanna ice em but don't wanna lose the case
then Travolta comes out and gunpoints her
jackon has man robber get jaxons wallet out
he gives man robber 1500$ and sez hes letting him go
then tells the bible quote
then gives several interpretations on it
the robbers leave and so does Jackson and Travolta
the end
that was actually kinda good
weird, offbeat and fun
good 90s with some good parts
for pulp fiction 2 i'd like it to be set in the late 90s and samuel l Jackson and the robbers are living on an island when the boss comes back for em. he wants Jackson to do work for him involving an aids vaccine needed for protecting the troops from aids based weapons that's gonna be used in a coming war. its gonna be used against the boss's island kingdom he won after a fixed boxing match with a dictator and the big guv don't want the boss to run things. also the island has various extinct animals the guv wants to wipe out to promote the lie of evolution and turn people against the bible. so Samuel l Jackson goes through several mission based levels to get the pieces to a code to get the access to the aids vaccine. its also a sega genesis/ snes ninja like game with you as samuel l jackaon but you use guns instead of shurikens. actualy, make it; he found the island with the magic item in the briefcase.

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