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Blue Thunder Review

Note: I spell better than they act in soviet california
blue thunder
this is my review on blue thunder from 1983 (The year the Famicom came out)
it has roy scheider, warren oats, daniel stwrn and malcom mcdowell from those p0rn0es
it had a tv series i never saw in da 80s but thunder blade and super thunder blade by sega wre based on it
i beat super thunder blade on my genesis and it was hard but not impossiblee
its directed by the guy who did wargames and saturday night fever (dat p0rn0?!) and was wrote by the guy who did alien, heavy metal, total recall , the good total recall and alien vs predator
so we're off to a good start
i never saw this b4 btw and i'm mainly doing this cuz of the sega game
so it starts with text saying the tech in this film is real
ooh, it has candy clark fromcool as ice (vanilla ice the movie) and the buffy the vampire slayer movie
so these chopper guys are flying over soviet california and see a black guy selling drugs
but its actually an undercover agent
a cowboy robs a store and the chopper chases him but he opens fire on them
yeah like dat peashooter can stop a chopper
ground cops get him with advice from chopper cops
roy is a chopper cop and sez he was doing a watch test b4
if you are going nuts, you cant tell 25 secs from 5 if ur eyes are closed
they see a suspicious car but passover it and theres a killer in there
what is this?! urban legends?!
chopper guys check out an actress in her tall building as she works out in the nude
nowadays theyd be shown as bad guys and have to be stopped from checking out chicks they find hot
so this other chick goes home but some homies get in her metal gate and start b0ing her
thats california
new sodom
someone calls the cops and they come and take out thew homies
nowadays thhey'd make the cops look bad for cpping murderers and mo lesters
roy has viet nam flashbacks to seeing the mo lester getting capped
oh and roy notices the suscpus car is gone
if this were the 1910s, this would be the whole movie
back at thheir station, their boss chews em out for letting the chick get busted up and nearly b0ned
he takes em off the air thing until the situation blows over and sez the review board wants roy given a mental evaluation
lateer roy does car training by running a pylon cource
at home he nearly caps a chick who came in thinking its a burgler
how low soviet california is to have people so used to crime
they otta just nuke it
worked for the 1st sodom and gomorrah
i thnk its his gf
so the b0ned chick bites it from her injuries and the news is all over it cz she was part of the mayors task force on crime
roy checks out the crime scene on his own time and later hears thweres a new chipper prototype
its armed despite it allegedly being illegal to arm cop choppers
so they cant defend thenselves?!
so only the bad guys can have guns?!
what is this? soviet england?!
so they test da chopper an its got bad a55 armor and weapons
its meant to be a last ditch option incase of an armed uprising
like when L A rioted cuz some drunk driver got pulled over and attack the cops and lost the fight he started and the cops were proven not guilty?
this movie was made like a decade b4 that
so roy found something where b0ned cick got iced and tells his homie about it
later they test the chopper in da air above soviet calevirnia abd the spport chopper f's out and goes down
later homie sez the thing he found was in mexican and suggests theres trouble comming
also it mentions thor
like from marvel, or the reakl one from norse legends??
later roy is having viet nam issues and spazzing out on the bedroom
later they show roy and friends that the super choppers guns are linked to the helmet and follows it
so roy dont like malcom whos behind the new chipper or w/e
later they go on a night test in new chopper and check out naked chick again
they tune the radios to listen to 2 people b00ning badly
in the chopper they have access to files and check out stuff on malcom and hes part of project thor and was the sole survivor of something
Tacticle Helecopter Offensive Response
they fake having interference and keep looking up cr-p
they also test the x ray heat cam of the chopper and can listen to people in a building
not sure thats possible
the guys they spy on say the chick who got iced was gonna out some info and they wanna ice roy
then they look outside and see da chopper
roy returns to base and his homie goes for the key card for the tape they made of the building homies chattin
roy is taken off the thing and his cheif or boss or w/e i called him wont listen to roys issues
roys homie gets the tape and some bad guy finds out
i never saw this b4 but i'm pretty sure his homie is gonna get iced
the bad guys catch him, tie him up and say they gonna torture hum untik he gives em the tape
while 1 bad guy chex da car, homie gets away and car guy goes after him in his car and runs him over
the cops go after roy thinking hes got something to do with it
roy gets a message the next day from homie on where da tape is
roy takes da super chopper and they dont have a remote kill switch cuz they're stoopid
he calls the news and tells em hes got something hot
then calls his gf and tells her to get da tape
she goes through a dumpster and roy hovers over her as the win blows her
she gets it as the cops show up and he uses the dust storm from his blaes to try to hide her from da cops
they see her and chase and she escapes
he fights inferior choppers who machine gun him and do jack sh-t as he takes em out w/o killing em
another chopper after him crashes in the place looking like the greased lightening battle in grease
greased lightning? blue thunder?
its connected!!
the cops opull over gf and roy in blue thunder blade comes in and tkes iout their car as they flee
the army guys wanna use f 16s to take him out
she gets to the station and an agent tries to take it from them but a securiry guard takes him out
a f 16 takes ouut a bbq shack in little tokyo as its heat seeking
they try annother missile and it takes out a building
looks like when cl|nt|n did n|n3 ||
roy takes out a f 16 and never iced the piclot as good guys cant ice people
so roys gun f's out and he has iet nam flash backs
the tape reveals that the bad guys wanted to st irr up trouble in da slums to have a reason to use da super thundr blade on em
so roys chopper gets a bit f'd and he fights another chopper wth big power guns
hes not doing well so he does a loop where he goes up and spins back around like a loop in sonic and takes out the chopper
hay, he killed someone
so later its night and he goes back to base after flying non stop all day
whats this  thing run on? protoculture?
he lands it on train tacks, gets out and it blows
then text sez the bad guys were arrested
the end
that was pretty good
it has a low build up and not much happens for miist of it
bt its not awful
its got good effects and action and the story is pretty good
its been copied enough by other movies anyway
the acting and music is good and its easy to follow
good pacing and stuff
i dont super love it
but i dont hate it
its avove average
for blue thunder 2 i want the trial to reveal that a lot more people in california wanted to take out the slum guys cuz they know how dangerous they are. this gets out and the slum guys go berserk and start tearing up the town and b0ning/eating/killing anyone they can. so the trial realizes the accused were right and let them go. they then work with roy schiders character as he's the best knowing of how to use it to pilot the prototype beta model of the blue thinder chopper and take on the slum guys before they destroy all of california. its also a `6 bit sega genesis, tg16, atari jaguar, snes and gba gamme where you play as roy in the prototype chopper and gotta take on the slum guys b3fore they get to the more civilized areas.

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