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Watership Down Review

Note: I aam the rABBIT! But I spell bad
watership down
this is my review on watchwith downs from da 70s or w/e
i never saw this but the writer also did plague dogs which i liked the movie of
huh, the director of plague dogs also did this
i did like the 00s series of this and still remember it often
it stars john hurt from aliens, Nigel Hawthorne from Domlition Man, and a buncha dead brits i never heard of
ooh, Ralph Richardson from Things to Come is in this
In otta review dat
and he was in Anna Karenina
So I hear this movie is disturbing but soviet england gave it a G rating
if those candya55es can handle it, anyone can!
i har feminists hated this book
they hate everything
i starts with a creatuonsit story like from the Bible or Go Nagai
so the rabbits bred too much and ate too much and their creator made animals into rabbit eaters
the 1st rabbit hid in a hole and their creator blessed his a55 so he could hop and run fast so he could get away
\then the animation changes and goes from creative expressionist  to relaisitc
its like the snowman, that walking on air thing, kinda
well, maye not
but it looks good
backgrounds and characters are made differently and pop
now animation is a55 and done on computers
so theres like a class system in the rabbits and this wimpy looking one fiver and his homie (bigwig??)  wanna lwave
oh its hazel
five has a vision of the field becoming blood and senses a dark future
he wants to go b4 they get iced and they speak to the cheif
he thinks they're full of sh-t and sez no but a group sets out, including bigwig whos the new leader
oh and therabbit place is st to be part of land development
they reach a river but are too tired to by by
and a dog is comming
but they find a  wood thing and the tired use it aS THE othera swim
they reach a road and bigwig knows of cars and calls em hrududu
hoodoolee doodoolee do too fast for keehah!
then a bird picks off violet
see you in h-ll violet!!
they rest at an empty house and later fight rats and an owl
sounds like a good level in a video game
watership down on Atari 5200!
so latter some rabbits are disgruntled and wanna go back\\
this fruity rabbit cowslip invites em in but fiver dont trust him
he's probably gonna b0ne em
the gang ignores fiver and finds man leaves food ot for em and fiver semses nega vibes
cowslip doesnt care for their creation stoey and tells gay poems
fiver has enuff of this sh-t annd books it
then bigwiig gets caught in a snare and bleeds out the teeth
they dig out thee snare big big wig bites it
the whole area is snared and they don't talk about it
is this a pro life thing?
like living in a place where people get iced by da gov and the general population is ok with it?
so bigwig gets better and they book it and wind up in a farm with female rabbits
they get chased out by a cat and later meet captain holly
btw fivers visions are starting to seem like final destination
he sez men fille in the burrows, gassed em, and f'd the area
meanwjile, woundwor, who's offscreen like dr claw in inspector gadget, refuses to let other rabbits leave his area
like the ussr and the berlin wall
or unions saying you gotta stay in em to get work
so they eventually find a great place to live on a high place to see everything around and  burrow in it
wyf this was rated 17+ in indonesia and r 16 in the phillipines
canddy a55es
soo they meet this soviet sounding seagull named keehawwho joins em as the fun one
so they want some chicks so they go to the farm
the owners of the rabbits see em and chase em out andd hazel gets capped
fiver dont think hazel bit it and they have the song bright eyes to fivers visions of the grrim reaper rabbit
wow, this is good
now all animated movies ae bland and kiddy
in the 80s we had bad a55 sh-t like the secret of himh or the land before time
thy were beautiful and had heart
now its just mass maketed cr-p to make a franchise to sell apps to candy a55 kids cellphones
so they get the bullets outta hazwls leg and holly tells em of woundworts soviet reublic
they mutilate rabbits for being our past cerfew and we see a rabbits ears getting torn off
nowadsys it wold be offscreen and mentioned ony, if at all
theres a chick rabbit who wants to save the others and helped holly escape
and holly got away as a train mashed up his chasers
keehaw warns em theres a team after em but bigwig stays behind
btw; ears chewed off?
;ike mike tyson??
is that where he got the idea?
do violent movies make people violent?
so bigwig joins woundwart and gets a chick of his choice and a mark cut into him to identify him
is that their circimsision??
bigwig sees the ear chopped guy who is being used as an example to the others
as this was made during the cold war, i assume this IS the ussr and woundwart is stallin
is there a mussolini rabbit too?
so bigwig chats with the chick and wants to help her and her droogs escape
btw, wountwart has a bunch of  areas under his control and has guts working forhim in charge of em
bigwig meets keehaw to st up the plan and keehaw is loud and attracts attention
so woundwart meets with bigwig asking about it but he denies it
later bigwig takes out a guard and escapes with the rabbits
they get to the meting plce, a bridge, but keehaw iis on top of the bridge as they are unde it
then it rains and the commies come to em
keehaw sees em and fights off woundwort as the good guys escape
keehaw goes off cuz he's had enuff of this sh-t
later, w w's forces are nearing the good guys home
they wonr surrnder to ww so they gotta fight
fiver has a seizure and his rantingcreep out some of wws goons as they are accurate
so some rabbits go too get a dog to fight off ww and a cat gets 1 but its owners make it let it go
cuz cats listen to human orders
ww gets in and fight with bigwig and they cuz eachother up
so the dog comes back and wastes wws men
ww goes to fight the dog cuz hes like raoh from hokuto no ken or something and narratir sez his remains were never found and he might live so parents tell their kids to be good or he'd getcha
years ater, the grim reaper rabbit invites hazel and he goes off on a journey with him like goku in dbgt with shenron
they go to their rabbit god and we hear advice about being fast and strong and smart from b4
the end
that was grand
dark but not too dark
dark in theme but not in look
good beautiful music and animation
good action and story
good acting and writing
its pretty bada55
characters bite it on camera instead of being captured like in the cgi alien
movie with he big bang theory guy Home
the bad guys are a real threat
the good guy's aint invincible
its got real stakes
way better than the crp we got animated today
to some its too dark for kids
but Robbotech had similar stuff and kids saw it
as did DBZ and that didn't screw up the kids
plus after watching Urotsukidoji, Violenve Jack and Riki-oh and Fist of the North Star, this is nothing
I loved it
its perfect
besides, they're just animals
like the transformers movie showing the autobos getting blown open
to quote dbz: he was just... a monkey...
if kids can handle star wars with lukes hand getting sawed off, they can handle this
unless they're candya55es!!
for watershipdown 2 i want it to be  afteer hazel bit it and woundworts son has amassed a force of those who liked his rule and has reganed much of his fathers turf. also he's half raccoon and is deadlier than his father. a new generation of rabbts in watership down must take on his forces and him once and fir all before he beciomes too powerful. also its an 8 bit |Strategy RPG like Shining Force on Game Gear, Sega Master System, Game Boy, Nes, TG16 Atari 7800 and Lynx where you plat as either wound wort jr's side to take over or the downs side to stop him.

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