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Superman IV The Quest For Peace Review

Note: I spell super bad... wait... wrong movie!!
superman IV: The Quest For Peace
this is my review on supertman IV: The Quest For Peace from da 80s
its got the cast of the 1st few superman movies efore thwey bit it
its directed by Sidney J. Furie who did ladybugs and hollow point
its also got jon cyrer from 2 and a half men (the p0rn0 with a midget/hermaphrodite??) as lex luthors wiener relative
i saw parts of it in da 90s but not much since then
plus everyone sez this film s-cked
btw this superman series has a lot in common with urotsukidoji
the 1st is a regular story
2 has an extenson of it
3 and 4 isnt focused on the same things and goes kinda offtrack
5 is meant to be a sequel too the 1st 2 that starts new stuff but they canned the rest
plus 5 has the hero nearly biting it, winding up in a hospital, the kid of the 1st ones heroes savimg em, and a big plan from the original bad guy returning as the main thing
also there was a darker reboot series that followed
so after the epic superman theme, we get soviet astronaughts in trouble and superman saves em
so sm returns home in smallville and listens to a recording of his space mom telling of the bsackstory of the series and how he has a power core to the ship from krypton that can be used once
so this cowboy is there to buy his farm but sm dont wanna sell if its gonna be torn down andd a mall put up
later lex luthor (which sounds like a p0rn0 name)  is breaking rocks on the road in a chain gang and jon cryer from pretty in pink comes by in a gay a55 car
ohh ducky! no wonder molly ringwald chose the other guy
jon playing lenny luthor kills the guards by having em ride his cr-pmobile off a cliff temote control
but they survive all smoked out like loony toons
so lenny helps uncle lex get away and he wants to take out superman
gotta say, after the 90s animated seriies, everything seems inferior
so lois is in a train outta control and sm saves her
later, the daily planeet hasnt made any cash in 3 years and the owners wanna make it into a tabliod
the owners daughter is gay for clark kent and lois sez she don't think he'd like that chick
theres a summit for peace that f'd out and da pre whos totally not reagan wants to boost nucular arms making
so theres a museum that has a strand of supermans hair holding 1000lbs
lex nabs it and is gonna use it to make his own super mann
so boss daughter trys to seduce clark and lois gives clark grisswold a letter from some wiener kid who wants supeman to get rid of all the nucular arms on earth
all of em??
even the hidden ones?
and the tech to make em??
why not get all the grains of sand on the beach?!
superman wont do it (as its theft a55 hole!!) and the paper se he tells da kid to drop dead
is superman trump?
cu thats how this media is treating him
clack gets emo and goes to his fortres of solitude aND chats wirh his recordings of his people saying he shouldnt interfere
then goes home and lois comes by to chat but he walks her off da room and turns into sm and i think this is footage from sm1
he kisses her and wipes her mind and they go to some dinner thing
later sm sees that wiener kid and they go to the world preace thing or w/e
he gives a corny a55 speech and steals all the nucular weapons (which everyone is launching right now) and they all fit in 1 net that he throws into da sun
so lex works with some weapons guys to make a nuke to send to da sunn with supermans dna and make a nucular man to beat sm
i should point out that thet threat of getting nuked keeps people in line
if it weren't for nukes, the soviets and huamns would have had a big blood war that killed illions with bullets
also, Reagan's spending to boost nucular arms helped bankrupt the soviets and end the cold war
now they can't even save their own subs when they sink
so lex has a nuke launched, which means superman taking all the ukes is pointless if they can just make more, and superman sends it to da sun
it turns into an embryo and into nuclar man who has long naiils and blonde hair
shouldn't he be green?
or is dat da hulk?
meanwhile, clark and boss jr are in an aerobics class and clark acts like a spaz
good acting btw by his actor
clark and superman arre 2 seperate people
like ernest and the bad guy in ernest goes to jail (aka, the 120 days of sodom)
btw; lex speaks french and lios tries to learn french
signs of them being bad guys
so nucular man comes to lex's place as he totally knew where he lived and nucular man has lex's voice and wants to be incharge
also nucularman is powered by da sun and is useless w/o it
props to lex for making a super monster who he can stop
otherswise it would get outta conrtrol
so clark goes to boss jr for a  datr but also has a date with lios at the same time
like that sailor moon ep where mina was dating tigers eye and hawkes eye on the same hour?
clark switches between em with tricks and his powers
then lex uses a private frequency to contact superman and tell him hes gonna bust a building
sm goes to the building and lex is there and sez his real plan is to use nucular man
like; radioactive man from the simpsons?
also; is this sueprman and lex luthors kid??
he's made of ones dna and ones work
alsso he wants to make a lot of cash selling arms to the world
they try to make this look bad but really, it aint
oh no! he's gonna sell legal items!! thats racist!!
so sm fights nm and it goes through space and all over da world
nucular man uses ki blasts on the great wall like its dbz
but sm uses magic looking powerrs to fix it
to be fair; most of his powers were made up on the spot by writers
esp flight
nm goes into a volcano AND OUT OF SUNLIGHT!! to make it erupt and has no issue with it
so sm heat visions a mountain top off and plugs the volcano
then super breath blasts the vala cold
wont that have deadly fumes?!
back in space they fight and nm uses his nails like a sissy
nm steals the statue of liberty and chucks it on the city
 take that you new york commies!
but superman saves them for some reason
bytw, shouldn't it break apart from being held by 1 point and moved around
nucular man cscratches supermans neck and gives him aids and beats him
i guess the fight happened over several days as boss makes boss jr a publisher but she turns it down and boss wants to fiere losi and clark as lclark aint around in days and lois is a b--ch
lois ses clark whos sick and they talk about sm and how she lloves and needs him
so lex has made a lot of cash off selling arms and his buyers want more
lex takes ovr their company and fires the guys
so superman who's decroding uses the power core (like gradius??) to heal himself
sm faces n, and nm starts blasting the city as sm does nothing
oh nucular man is gay for lios cuz hes mpaert sm and wants her
clax tricks him into an elrvator and throws it on da moon part w/o light
but... it does get light
we just dot see it
so sm looks at the part of da moon ameica went to with its flag which was censored in the film 1st man and nm gets power back from light that got to him and fights him
he's firing ki blasts at him and wailing on him like dbz
note; dbz started soon after this
holy f this movie is from my year!!
so he kicks supermans supera55 and berrys him in moon dust
note; sailor moon started soon after this
nm returns to urth and sm brwaks out, breathes hard EVEN THOUGH THERES NO AIR ON DA MOON!! and blox out da sun with da moon as nm is flying with boss jr
he saves boss jr and dums nucular man in a nucular reactor which somehow powers the city back up
wtf is going on?!
later perry white goes to da bankers to get enuff cash to buy enuff shares to outown the new boss and fire him
he probably let the bankers b0ne him to get the cash
later superman makes a speech saying peace for earth wasnt his to give and the people need to get their govs to give it to em
big gov?!
is this the soviet superman??
so he later catches lex and lenny and sends kenny to boys town to give hi a good influence
then takes lex back to jail andsez he figuted out as nucular man was made by the su, it must be powered by it
to be fair; he's also powered by it and nm is ade of him
the end
honestly, it wasn't great and was full of logic and plot errors
but the music was good and the acting fit and it was kinda so bad its good
like if tommy wiseau did a superhero movie
i like the lighting and colors as they are not dark or dreary like modern movies made outta bad cg
yeah its the worst superman movie, but like mega man x6, its paet of a series thats pretty great
its not awful on its own, just has better options ttat outshine it
i didnt hate it but i've seen better
for superman 5 I want it to be in the distant future and superman is still mostly young but in a cyber cty of people who dont get him. also him and lois have kids and sge's all decroded and their kids have powers. lex has uploaded his brain into the computer and lives on the internet spreading rumors of superman that turn people against him. also he's building a super robot body to fight superman in. its also a 32/64 bit 3d game on aati jaguar, n64, playstation, 3do, annd sega saturn where you play as superman and gotta go through tje cyber city to save ur kids who were captured by lex's ntbots and fight malcontent teens who hate him for not being recently made.

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