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Harvey Review

note; I am the rabbit!(born 87)
this is my review on Harvey (40s ver)
its about jimmy stewart and based on a play
so jimmy stewart is a nice guy who has a good attitude
he avoids touching and bumping into an invisible thing
his sister or w/e is glad hes outta da house as she has company
she is worried and malcontent
she goes mental when anyone mentions jimmys homie spinner I mean Harvey
sister and her daughter live in jimmy steqaets home
the sister wants the daughter to find a nice man
she calls a judge for some reason an people start arriving
judge has his men try to prevent jimmy from returning home
jimmy goes to a bar or something and helps his invisible friend
he talks to a guy who just got outta jail and has a huge chin
but both are nice
they read in the paper the sister is having a thing at her place
he talks to his invisible friend Harvey about going there
jimmy also pays for a guys drinks
I gotta say, seeing jimmy interact with a not there guy is kinda nice
its like one of those mr rogers feelings of goodness
very positive
I cant be mean to this movie
its too pure
at the sisters party a chick asks where jimmy went as hes not at any dances or anything
despite me being Slovenian, I don't dance
then jimmy comes home and talks to his aunt
the sister and daughter keep trying to stop him from showing her Harvey
the sister worries too much
its like my mom or aunt
always worried about what others think about me wearing shorts in the snow
just relax
don't do it
wen you wana go to it
he shows his aunt Harvey ad the sister freaks out
she calls the judge but his minion got busted by slipping on da floor
she gets jimmy and Harvey to stay in a room
he reads sense and sensibility to Harvey
later she tries to have him committed
lol she sez stayed with mother and was a home boy
what is this? da 90s?!
in dbz; bulma to vegeta; hay home boy!
vegeta; whut!? home, boy?!
so sister whines to the dr about all the jimmy stewarts minor issues shes p-ssed at
she sez Harvey IS A BIG white 6'3 RAbbit
that's racist
she sez hes not real ut she then sez she sees Harvey sometimez
so doesn't that mean he IS real?!
wait, is this a horror movie?!
is jmmy stewart gonna start killing people?
then it turns out it was Harvey?
maybe something pushes jimmy and big bad harv over the edge and he starts choppin people up?
so the dr sees that the sister is nuts and has her locked up
he thinks she was gonna be committed by him so she tried to commit him to discredit him
they get worried that jimmy might sue them for false commitment and they try to appease him
man jimmy stewart looks kinda like mr rogers
they chat with him about committing the sister and they get along
he invites them to a bar for a drink
later he invites a lady to something and tells her about Harvey
he calls Harvey a pooka
she goes back to the nut house they put together that jimmy is seeing Harvey and the sister wasn't crazy
well, kinda
they go after him
its revealed that a pooka is a big fairy spirit from celtic legends and isnt bad
when the guy reading the dictionary reads of pooka he reads "how are you (his name)
this is turning into a horror movie
tster tells about how in the nut house the took off her clothes and dumped her in a water tub
she acts like they were b0ning her
1 dr asks her sexy questions about who she wants to b0ne and her purvursions
man this just got f'd up
what are her purvursions and fetishes anyway?
clown fetish?
crotch transformation?(people turning into d=cks or d=ck monstes)
these are real things people find hot btw
then the nut house guy comes in looking for jimmy
later jimmy comes home and sez he cant find Harvey
he calls the bar and sez hes having friends there later
oh and he ha a picture made of him and Harvey
it looks kinda creepy
the nuthouse guy comes by and judge sez hes hired to sue the nut house
they notice the painting on the thing of jimmy and Harvey
she freaks out
jmmy calls asking where Harvey is
she kmows hes at the bar
nut house guy wants to commit him
later the dr who committed the sistwr is getting canned and argues with the nurse
the nut house guy comes by and realizes its been 4 hours since the head guy went to get jimmy
they get to the bar
and jimmy stewart is eating the dr and acting like a rabbit
that didmt happen
hes in the back and is nice to em
jimmy sez he showed the head guy Harvey and they left
the nuthouse guy tried to beat jimmy with a blackjack but the crowd stops him
jimmy saves him and he goes off to find the head guy
jimmy starts flirting with the nurse and so does the dr
he leads them together to dance then leaves
they get him and he sez he misses dancing but hes too busy now
now he and Harvey go around helping people become happy
he tells how he met Harvey and Harvey is his fave name
when he asked harv who he was, harv asked what he likes, jimmy sez Harvey, harv sez that's his name
dr asks if he knew anyone named Harvey but jimmy sez no
nuthouse guy comes back with cops and they go bac to da nut house
later head guy returns saying hes followed
hes freakin out ad tries to escape
the gang gets him but he wont say whos after him
is this a horror movie?
he meets with jimmy and they talk about the pooka
as others see it that proves its real
jimmy sez science overcame time and space
but Harvey overcame both and any objections
he goes on about his issues and jimmy plays dr for him
oh he has gf issues
and booze
later the gang decides to give  jimmy a drug that's gonna f him out of seeing Harvey
the head guy gives the dr his job back
he wants to get a drink but they want him to stay
he sees this as positive that people disagree as we each get our say
better than the commies and unions who silence free speech
the sister whines and twists jimmy into getting the drug
he chooses to consent after this manipulation
he bro! give up ur best friend cuz I'm whining! waaaaaa!
the cab guy comes in wating to be payed for bringing the head guy over
but no one has any cash
she sez jimmy might have some but the cab guy wants it now
jimmy comes out and his goodness cheers everyone up
oh and he was bringing the judge and gang up there and was gonna book it if they didn't pay em and let em take a bus
jimmy goes back and cab driver sez after people get the drug it f's em up and makes em into d-cks
she tries to stop him from getting the drug
is this a thing on lobotomys?
she fully turns and now defends havey
also she finds her coin purse and if she paid the driver jimmy might have been drugged
she sez Harvey did it
daughter and nut house guy are a couple
as is nurse and dr
jimmy fids Harvey swinging in a hanging couch and the head guy wants to have Harvey as he needs hm
Harvey goes with the dr and jmmy leaves
as he goes, Harvey returns and jimmy sez they prefers eachorher
they walk off to the sunrise for new adventutes
the end
oh and the credits show clips of the characters with their names
Harvey as himself is a door opening and closing
that was really good
upbeat, fun, cheerful, positive and warm
jimmy stewart was wonderful and I liked how the whiny chick was the butt of the joke
for Harvey 2 i'd like for those affected with the drug to start mutating into phallllic monsters as a side effect of it and they go around eating people. Harvey and jimmy stewart team up to beat the drugs outta em and tur em human and happy. but they beat em with happy words instead of fists and it drives the drugs outta em. also is a 2 player beat em up on sega genesis and snes with player 1 as jimmy and player 2 as Harvey.

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