Thursday, June 8, 2017

Rope Review

Note; my typoes are inspired by real words
this is my review on rope(1948)
Its got jimmy stewart and is directed by Alfred "blackasaur" Hitchcock
its based on a true story of 2 gay guys who chopped up some kid in da 20s
it starts with the 21st century universal logo which looks outta place in a 40s film
then the credits scrolling up
douglas dick and dick Hogan??
sounds like a p0rn0
all we need is dick van dyke
and dick miller
so these 2 guys strangle a younger guy and hide his body in a trunk
how'd he scream if he as strangled??
btw this film is shot as if 1 long take in reAL TIME
and in long takes of uninterrupted filming
every 10 mins or so they use a camera trick to cover the breaks
as cameras could only hold like 10-15 mins a film per reel
that's why in the 10s and 20s they called 20-30 min films; 2 reelers
the guys talk about their victim
1 guy is nervous the other is cocky
nervous suggests icing cocky but sez hes just uneasy
cocky sez they killed for fun and how they see themselves as some kind of ubermenchs
I'm surprised they didn't do a law and order ep about this
also they're having a party soon and I think the invited the victims rents
yeah these are our protagonists
serial killers
they have candles and dinner set up on the box with da body in it
1 guy pulls out the rope from the box they killed him with
a lady comes by and thinks the candles on the box is odd
cocky sez its like a sacrificial alter
what is this? Yugioh?!
he hides the rope in the kitchen drawer
they talk about inviting someone who could finger em for the crime
but cocky sez its more of a challenge and he almost got him to join em in the icing
but the guy didn't have the nerve to wack so they are superior
more guests arrive and cocky sez nervous is going away to practice some instrument for some event
and they invited the guy they wacked
good alibi
more guests arrive and they chat some more
I missed a bit as I was reading wikipeadeia about Harrison ford
nervous cut his hand on a cracked wine glass
btw right b4 they iced him the vic had alcohol
the vics rents show up and say they expected their kid to be with the killers
cocky sez he expected him to come wit the rents
they talk about how good their son is
nervous gets his palm read and the chick sez; those hands will bring him great fame
more like infamy
then jimmy stewart comes in
hes the housemaster and the one the killers talked about earlier
cocky gets nervous around jimmy stewart
I think he has a crush on him
jimmy steart sez its weird they use the chest for the food table
and mentions a story cocky told as a youth about a bride who hid in a chest on her wedding and 50 years later they found her bones
they wonder where the victim is
one chick finds it off that nervous don't eat chicken
cocky sez a few years ago nervous was killing chickens and one want quite dead
nervous freaks out and interrupts and sez he never strangled a chicken
jimmy stewart sez murder has uses for stopping unemployment and waiting in lie for movie tickets
sounds like a democrat cuz hes pro choice
he goes on about the people he thinks its ok to ice
another liberal idea; punch a na zi! they disagree with me!
jimmy strewary sez there should be killing seasons as art
and hes not joking
and how morals are for lesser men and the superior otta rule
again; very left leaning
the vics dad gets uneasy about this killer talk and they stop
who is superior? who decides?
good themes
this is like law and order before it got all preachy and up its own a55
1 chick finds out the killers knew she and someone had something happen with the vic and gets p-ssed
she also sez the killers did something to stop the vic from coming and its one of his sick jokes
the maid sez they had her take the afternoon off and the killers were acting weird
jimmy stewart asks what 1 killer is playing at and he avoided the question
he asks where the vic is and what the cocky guy is doing with the guy and girl he's manipulating
he grills him on the chicken story being true and his odd acts
also  the killing rope was used to tie books
jimmy talks with the killers about where the vic is as the maid cleans off the box
maid nearly puts the books in the box but cocky stops it
man the dad sounds like tony jay from reboot and skeleton warriors and mighty max
everyones worried about the vic and starts leaving
as jimmy leaves he accidently gets the vics hat b4 getting his own
why'd they keep his hat?
the killers bicker about the events and nervous worries hes gonna get caugfht
the phone rings and nervous gets nervous
its jimmy stewart saying he forgot his smokes case and wants to come up
they know hes lying but they invite him up anyway
cocky gives nervous a drink to shut him up
but alcohol weakens our senses and defenses
cocky gets a gun and jimmy comes in
if he knows they killed the vic, why is he going up alone to a room with 2 killers
he hides his case behind some books on the box and talks for a bit before picking it back up
he has a drink and eats time with dialogue
he talks about the vic and lightly lets on hes putting together the case
he sez he knows cocky is into tricks and they talk about how jimmy would get rid of the vic
he almost lets on he knows its the box but diverts to say they took him outside
nervous cracks and lets on he knows they are doing cat/mouse
jimmy calls it when he sez cocky has a gun in his pocket but cocky laughs it off
he pulls out the rope and nervous snaps and pulls a gun and sez cocky made him
jimmy fights him over it and gets he gun after firing off a shot
coky sez nervous was drunk and jimmy looks in the box
jimmy is freaked out but cocky sez its ok cuz theyre superior and its what jimmy talked about
jimmy stewart has an epiphany that he was just talking sh-t and he'd never do that
also hes ashamed of his left wing life devaluing views and now sees how each of us has value
he sez they're both gonna bite it and opens a window and fires the gun
people outside call da cops and soon the apartment will be a crime scene
cocky just has a drink and jimmy sits by the box
nervous plays piano
the end
that was pretty good
good life views and character development for jimmy
showing the dangers of devaluing life
plus good camera work
it really looks kinda like one long take
the sun and daylight change over the film is well done
for rope 2 i'd like it to be a courtroom film where they are on trial for wacking that guy. jimmy stewart is scapegoated for twisting their morals into thinking they did nothing wrong and they get off. the thing is appealed to the supreme court and its decided that its ok for the superior to ice the inferior. also they set out special months for who can be iced when and how. which is then overturned to say that infringes on the rights of killers and now you can ice whoever you want, however you want, whenever you want. and the last act of the film is just people splattering eachother.

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