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The Man With The Golden Arm Review

note; I don't do drugs b ut I spell like I do
the man with the golden arm
this is my review on the man with the golden arm
its got frank Sinatra who I hear was kind of a d-ck in real life
but he did turn catholic
it starts with smooth jazz and white lines moving showing the credits
is this about blow?
so frank gets off a bus with suit cases and walks around this sorta caligari town
its widescreen
he sees guys drinking
they make a guy dance for booze
he meets a nerd who cant read and are glad to see eachother
hes back rom somewhere are was in a band
a shady guy invites him back to his place but frank doesnt consent as "I kicked it"
were they b0ning?
I assume he was having secks addiction treatment as the dr sed; 1 fix and ur hooked again
frank wants to join a big a55 band and is said hes got an at of pure gold
he moves into an apartment and this wheelchair chick is there and glad to see him
she kisses him a lot
keep it PG
he made her jewelry outta cigarette wrappers
he sez he has to keep busy to avoid cravings
cant stop j-rkin off
he started music to keep busy
I missed a bit as my busty blonde gf was talking with me on the phone
his woman needs money to fix her issues
he has a letter from the dr but the woman don't want him to go downstairs to use it
he goes anyway and phones
lol his name is "frankie machine"
that sounds like a P0RN0 name!!
just pull the lever!!
nerd brings frank clothes and his woman is going mental over him
he leaves and she has a whistle she uses when feeling unbalanced
he goes to a bar ad the shady guy is there and tries to seduce rankie to doing cards for him
I love thee 50s movies
its sets remind me of black like me or bucket of blood
the cops pick up frankie for being a dealer
they say he shoplifted his suit
they put em in the cell without any black people
I assume this is b4 they were invented
nerd gives frank a cigarette
shady guy comes in and set fran up to get him to work for him
frank consents
its revealed frank was good in the war
1 guy in the cell freaks out
frank is triggered
later frank an nerd are in a dark room b0ning eachother
jk they're really playing cards
nerd sez the shady guy has 14 year of junkies seeing him and shady guy nearly kills him
I assume hes b0ing them for drugs
after the game shady guy tries to seduce frank to his place
frabk runs off to a strp club or jazz bar or something
he flirts with a blonde named molly
nowadays molly is a drug
hes bummed but moly is hopeful
he ants a stage name jack duval
whats wrong with frankie machine?
thats more memorable
shes b0ning this guy who frank sez she can do better than
he wants to b0ne her but his wife from b4 is still in love with him
don't cheet on your wife frank Sinatra!
oh wait...
he brings a drs note to a guy for a band audition
but the guy is worried frank is gonna go back on drugs
but he trusts frank Sinatra
yeah that's a good idea
later the guy hasn't called back and frank is rubbing his wifes legs
shes b--ching but frank hears da phone and runs to it
its not for him
then a polish dr comes by to see franks wife
he gives her a q ray bracelet and tells her to eat spicy foods
then vibrates her spine with a buffer
she reveals he drove drunk and crippled her then married her
hes a drunk driver?
couldn't he be a cannibal or child mo lester or anything less awful?
at a bar the nerd as a squirrel catching dog that's prey is going extinct cuuz of global warming
good thing both are fake
frank goes to the shady guy and gets injected
hes on drugs!!
5$ for heroin??
and last time it was 2$?!
that's cheap
hey junkies, go back in time!
after getting injected with drugs, he sez he never ding it again
later hes at home and the wife is playing with the dog
he finds his drumsticks on a dresser top and she sez she walked there and put em
but might be sarcastic
he plays drums but it s-cked and
she tells him  to stop
she wonders where her cash is going
she want beer but its not good for her
shes 25 and cant do sh-t
she admits she knows about his gf
he denies meeting her but
she wont buy his cr-p
he leaves and goes to a bar
what a d-ck
he crippled her, cheets on her, and treats her like cr-p
they otta pull off his parts
at the bar he chats with molly and calls the guy
he finds out the guy lost his number and search all week for it
he has an audition Monday
he asks molly to play drums at her place
she sez no cuz it would hurt her bf
also the bf is a drunk
he don't care and tries to get her to change her mind about b0ning him
she eventually sez he can come by once in a while
what a bast-rd
pressuring someone and getting em to cheet on her loved one
while hes doing it too
later he playing drums in her place and she gets changed outta her tight dress
aw gay he joined the musicians union
and he sold his drums
I think
unions are no good
he sez hes quitting the card games and drugs
he talks about how he thought drugs were fun but once he couldn't get his drugs and went mental
if my kid did drugs, i'd fill him with bugs!!
he sez he had his last drugs and he means it
to quote my black friends; my a55!!
the molly falls asleep (which makes me think she did some drugs as she was awake a few mins ago)
later the shady guy comes by and threatens the wife
hes got a big game coming up and needs frank
he comes home later and she wants him to go back to the shady guy for their safety
he doesn't care and goes off saying "if they get raided again he's lose his job"
having a job?
or being alive?
whats better??
the shady guy and some other shady guy pressure frank at a bar
shady guy sez he cant eat candy anymore and once ate a lotta candy
he seduces frank into going with him
it looks like they're gonna b0ne
later he goes to talk to molly and assaults a guy
wtf the chicks on stage are in lacey undies
this is a strp club!!
she goes home and he follows her
is this a horror movie?!
hes gonna b0ne her deAD!
she skips town
in the real version I think he b0ned her dead
he goes to the card place and plays a card game with some guys
I don't get why its called
the golden arm
is his arm magic?
later this chick comes by saying franks wife needs him
shes really upset as she actually cares for that d-ck head
during the card game he tricks them outta a winning hand as he was bluffing
frank wants to go and get payed but the guys wanna keep going
he don't get payed yet and the shady guy plays em
he comes home beat ad goes to bed with his wife
but the music sez something happening
instead of sleep he rns back to the card place for drugs
they need him to card game and cant pay him
he needs to be fresh for tomorrow for his appointment
so he plays and is doing cr-ppy
they don't let him leave even though hes tired
if he has cola it can wake him up
getting a b0ner gets blood flow and heart rate up and keeps u up
so later hes losing and they keep running low on cash
they learned not to buy his bluffs
they play and hes sleepy but they catch him cheeting at cars
frank gets beat up
they otta b0ne him dead
his nerd sill believes in him and comforts him
he throws the nerd away and goes to the drug place
he beats down the drug guy but cant ind the drugs
nerd tries to stop him but frank goes to his audition and wears a tux
he s-cked at it and books it
he goes home needing cash and leaves
the wife can walk
the shady guy comes by and finds she can walk
he threatens to out her so she shoves his a55 down the stairs
its down the stair hole
that's the end of him
huh, I thought the woman bit it
haven't seen this in a while
frank goes to see molly
didn't she skip town?
the cops grill her thinking frank did it
molly comes home ad she rejects him
he just wants cash
isn't there some OTHER way he could pay for it??
she tries to get him to stop
her bf comes by but hears frank is in there
he sez the cops are after frank and she sends his a55 packing
he sez he cant face da cops w/o drugs
she suggests manning up and toughing it out
hes too candy a55 to do so, so she gives him cash
she rags on him and tries to help him with tough talk
her friendship speech like tea from Yugioh gets his a55 in gear and he has himself to be locked in til hes over his junkie-ism
da cops pick up the nerd and grill his a55
then let him go
frank goes mental in the apartment drinking water a lot
why not just b0ne da blonde while trying to get over the drugs?
keep ur mind off it
he tries sticking things in his arm
good this this aint da 80s
he'd get aids
molly tries to get the wife to help frank
she tells molly as long as shes in da chair he wont leave
man, he broke her brain too
she kicks molly out
moly comes back and he tries to ice her
so she tricks him into the closet
he stops taking sounds and she gets worried and opens it
hes on the ground and hes going mental
imagine a drug ep of care bears where no heart gets kids into drugs so they don't care about anything
and one care bear gets hooked on it!
imagine if she couldn't stand to see him like this and executed him
by busting his head with a sledge hammer!!
she sees someone at the door but I was typing so I dont know who it was
she gives him suger and hes feeling better
she gets a razer from a bag of sharps se hid while he was jonesing
including a cheese grater
imagine killing a guy with a cheese grater
she tells da cop frank is wth his wife and they go to see him
frank breaks up with his wife he crippled and mind wrecked
hes skipping town
she tries to get him not to go and stands up
he sees her but she sits down hoping they didn't notice
oh and the cop saw
she runs away and falls off a ledge and bites it
look wat you drove her to frank
she sez she loves him so much and bites it
frank might as well have chopped her up and b0ned the parts
then ate em
sick bast=rd
he walks off with the molly to a cop car and the white lines form a crooked arm
the end
that was a well done film
good jazz
good scenery
good acting
too bad frank was such a d-ck
its like the 20s film WINGS
great movie
but the main character you just with would get blown apart
for the man with the golden arm 2 i'd like for it to be the 80s and hes still using. he finds out he got da aids from a bad needle and sees its the end. he decides nothing matters and goes around sticking people with needles full of his aidsblood to bring em down with him. also the molly girl is revealed to have been b0ned dead by him in a drug relapse until her torso ruptured and organs spilled out(as seen in a slow mo high def flash back that's repeated often)

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