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Suddenly Last Summer Review

Note; I actually reread thing b4 posdting it to fix errors. I just leave some in for fun
Suddenly Last Summer
This is my revuew on Suddenly Last Summer(1960)
Its got Montgomery clift, Elizabeth taylor and Kathryn Hepburn
its written by Tennessee Williams so its gonne be mentally unbalanced, gay and emo
like evangelion
here something I came up with
coming soon; Tennessee Williams evangelion!
shinji is a mentally unbalanced gay emo teen who don't get along with his dad and struggles to be normal for him.
also, Asuka is unbalanced from seeing her mom eat her gun after she caught her dad b0ning a big black guy.
they complain and whine for a while and in the end wind up being committed and lobotomized.
its also got writing by gore vidal who did myra breckinridge
wtf this is the only Kathryn Hepburn film with her as the bad guy
but I hear I real life she was kinda mALCONTENT
so it starts with brief credits
also I gotta say I hate the spelling of Tennessee willians
2 s 2 e 2 n
its all f'd up
it starts In the distant future year of 1937
in a nut house
the chick ward has some kinda ugly dames
remember in good burger?
that guy kept eating the cards?
I liked that
one chick gets lobotomized
jus like how j fk's dad ha his slow daughter's brain cut up for her being slow
I have friends who are slow and I wouldn't want them mind f'd
then monty gives a chick a lobotomy
but as he cits her head open a piece of the building cracks and he f's up the cut
I'm sure she wont notice
later the light goes out during the lobotomy
monty b--ches about it to the people watching
then monty b--ches about the cr-ppy conditions and wants to leave
his boss sez its a state hospital and they don't got the cash
if they privatized it they could
don't leach of the gov but make cash from other ways
he gets a letter from a rich b--ch who owns most of the county
she can give them the cash they need
so he goes to meet her and is told hes 23 secs early
this like severe ocd
she comes down an elevator and is kinda b--chy
she has a high status view on herself
oh f, monty plays a pole!
I just czeched wikipiedia and hes not polish
that's racist
Hepburn (the rich one) jabbers on about her son who bit it last july
her son had  big a55 garden made thats still there
she has a pet plant that eats bugs
venus flytrap
her son was a poet
she wants monty to give her niece a lobotomy
she jabbers on and on about her son
I should mention he never fully appears on screen
hes like the sister in super human samurai syber squad
she sez her niece is nuts and acts out
also she sez "obscene things" about her son
also she allegedly tried to b0ne a geezer gardner but said he tried to b0ne her
monty sez the lobotomy isn't to be handed out willy nilly and it might not be the best
Hepburn don't care
hempburn sez one summer her son "saw the face of God"
they went to an island and saw birds eating baby turtles
this tales a while for her to tell the story and is done like a bad campfire story
comlete with dramatic music and wordy monologues
Hepburn is disturbed from it
its just birds eating stuff
spiders eat birds
centipedes eat mice
orca eat baby whales
once a octopus ate a seagull
its just animals
its how its worked for thousands of years
somehow this relates to her son seeing God
later some chick and her son come to get heburns sons clothes
btw most of these people are southerners
aka; confederates
later this elizabet taylor is smoking and this nun hassles her for it
she pushes her to give her the smoke and when she does, it burns the nun hand
why did she hold out her hand for a lit cigarette?!
she accuses taylor of being violent
this reminds me of how in grade schools if you say a joke about something they act like you just b0ned a dog dead
or in college and university if you don't agree 100% with the malcontent left, they call you racist and try to bully you dead or remove you from "their" world
taylor sez Hepburn iced her husband for her son
she explans how her son became a monk for a while and Hepburn went with him
when her husband was biting it she stayed with her son
also she sez her son manipulated her into it or something and she thinks love is using people
what is this? apocalypse zero?
the 7 ton, giantess, SM, hairy, clown, fire breathing, put to sleep with drugs, voring, human puking, chick fthiks "ultimate love is 2 bodies becoming 1"... like when she EATS PEOPLE!!
So taylor tells a story about something I wasn't listening to as I was typing the fetish monster thing
she tells about when the son bit it but its vague
she gets Vietnam flash backs and freaks out
later at the nut house the boss sez they are gonna get 1 million thing for brain cutting
and Hepburn wants him to do it
hay, the dr monty is a pole from Chicago
me too
HE HAS  taylor brought over in he own outfit and allowed to use make up
later taylors mom and bro come by with monty
oh, those confederates who got the sons clothes were her mom and bro
her fam talks to her about the stuff she said abut the son
and they were paid off to sign papers to commit the taylor by Hepburn
that's awful
at least they were bribed
j fk's dad did it out of his own free will
they wa t her to get lobotomized thinking it'll make her happy and they get paid
but when talyor described it they freak out
she runs out and winds up above the mens ward in he nut house
as they don't see women often they try to reach up to b0ne her
btw her black dress makes her t-ts and a55 look big
I thought this as a gay guy movie
the guards save her and the taylor mom sez she wants taylor lobotomized
she also make it look like Tylor was the bad guy
taylor is freaked out and wants monty to help her
he don't know if he should cut her brain up
as another dr gives her drugs, taylor talks about how blue eyes people should be blonde
also how her ad the son were going to have blondes next
as he as tired of "the dark ones"
aw f
I just noticed this is widescreen
but its not as bad as others
i forgot to say b4 that taylor sed she cant recall anything from b4 the son bit it
later monty comes by the hepburns place and talks about the son
he wrote poems and was a virgin according to the mom
he takes the Hepburn to the taylor as the taylor comes out of the drugs
the taylor sez how the Hepburn bribed her fam but she denies it
its revealed that the son took the taylor on vacation instead of Hepburn
also Hepburn and the son used people and saw themselves as superior to real people
and he used the mom and taylor to get stuff for her
Hepburn cant take it and freaks out
but it was fake
she was triggered by the truth like most dinks on tumbler
Hepburn wants taylor lobotomized so she wont have to face the truth
that's f'd up
just like modern commies and liberals
taylor sees the womens ward of the nut house and they all laugh
one of us! one of us!
gooble gobble! gooble gobble!
taylor nearly jumps so she wont be one of them
see you in h-ll taylor!
but is saved by a guard
the boss wants her cut but monty wants more time
boss also gives a lit of her "crimes" but monty gives reasonable doubt
he nearly sends her to another place to be cut but monty prevents it and gets 1 more continue
later the taloys fam and montys boss come by hepburns place
oh and monty is there too
he gives taylor truth serum
he has a weird ritual thing to give her strength
she comes out and he has her tell the true story
monty tells the others to stfu and not interrupt
she tells em the son said Hepburn couldn't come so he invited her
Hepburn sez she iced him
she explains how he made her wear a skimpy white swimsuit and got her wet
later they were on a private beach but the slum people on the other side of the fence lusted after her and swarmed the fence to try to b0ne her
later he would pay the guys he aroused to b0ne him
he b0ned with a lotta guys
later he was at a café, wearing a white suit and wanted to go north to get blondes
but all these slum kids came out and wanted food
he hated em
I should mention theres good effects of overlay and flashback and scene mixing of her face and the flashback next to eachother
wtf these aint kids!
they're like teens to 20s
is it like how 17 is considered a child?
wait I think it was a buncha guys
and they were playing loud cr-ppy home made instruments
they leave but hes getting p-ssed
he walks uphill in the heat with heart issues and the kids or band people or both followed him
oh it was kids playing instruments
he run away but they chase him for a while
he trips near a ruined temple and the slum kids swarm him and eat him alive
I know what ur thinking
you mean as a figure of speech right?
like; I got eaten alive at Yugioh?
well... no
they literally ate him alive
they didn't even kill him 1st
he was alive and felt them eating him
I'm not making this up btw
it really happens
I should mention that this takes place in spain, a civilized country in Europe next to Portugal and france
I know a guy in spain and I told him about this
hay homie! I saw a movie about your country! this guy gets eaten alive by a buncha cannibals!this is made up right? ... right???
him; no cannibals here, but things were pretty bad in the 30s
btw, I question if Tennessee williams knows where spain is
and I hope he doesn't say "Africa"
although he probably would
also she saw them eating him
she has more viet nam flash backs
Hepburn closes the poem book, thinks monty is her son, and he brings her up to the elevator where she goes up
shes snapped
lol her name was violet
like the blueberry expansion girl in willy wonka
taylors fam wants her to come back with em
they realized she had PTSD
she walks off with monty
the end
lol david Cameron was in the credits
not THAT david cameron
that was pretty good
classy for a movie about b0ning and cannibalism
Normally 1950s made  movies don't allow gayness
but the league of decency in the 50s allowed this as they saw it as a "cautionary tale" of the "dangers" of such a lifestyle
imagine; hay kids! don't turn queer! the cannibals will getcha!!
although there was that guy in Germany who put out an add for people to be eaten by him
and that gay xxx star in Canada who brought a guy over
he killed him, b0ned him, ate him (in that order(ewwww! don't eat him after u b0ned him)) chopped him up, and mailed him
I should mention that I know a guy (wardog810) who in an art stream years ago said
I was gonna go to Canada, but i heard something about "roaming cannibals" and didnt know if that was true
to be fair, Canada has had a few cannibals in its history
that gay xxx star above
the guy on a bus who chopped up and ate a guy
the franklin expedition where they got tuck in the ice and had to eat eachother to survivce
spoiler; they bit it
wtf Canada
I expect that to California or new York
but Canada!?
its known as a happy country with jolly inbred lumberjacks fighting bears and eating moose
not a buncha purvo cannibals
my dad said nowadays the dr would be the bad guy though
but here the good pole is the hero
better than streetcar nAMED desire with stanly being the worst pole ever(besides gacy)
for suddenly last summer 2 i'd like for Hepburn to still be in a phantasy world thinking everyone is her son but when someone contradicts her, she snaps and eats him alive. thinking this is the best way to get revenge for her son, she goes around eating guys who look like him and tries to become the new her son as you are what you eat.

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