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The Ghost Ship

note; I fear the ocean. I don't spell right(the 2 are unrelated
the ghost ship
this is my review on the ghost ship(1940s)
its not the 2000s film ghost ship where the people get cut in half
after cool misty credits an eyeless guy panhandling notices a guy walking by is a sailor
he sez he heard his suitcase
maybe he sensed his ki
the sailor goes on a ship and asks a guy where the captain is
the guy is revealed to be mute through an inner monologue
all these disabled people
its like lon chaney sr
I never saw this film btw so this is a new experience
he meets captain stone (not lt stone from power rangers)
stone sez the sailor is like him as a youth
saulor is gonna wack a moth but stone prevents it
the moth harms no one
its not a wasp or a coon or a dog or some other pest
I like this captain stone
sailor goes to his room and finds the last guy in dat room bit it in it
its revealed the ship is bringing sheep parts
they have role call and make comments on the mute guy
only George jetson I mean jenson isn't there
jenson should be pronounced yen sin
so they find George jetson dead behind a box
mute guy has another inner monologue about how more will bite it
cant he write this out on paper?
maybe spit on the window and finger write?
1 guy talks with another about how if they do cr-p wrong it could wack em
sailor talks with captain about how hes not used to being an officer
i'm not familiar with sea rank
i'm from Slovenian ancestry
pretty sure theres no sea there
sailor I think talks with a guy who keeps saying cr-p in latin
ur American!
speak Japanese!
I do
yatsu ra gaijin wa yatsu okama oshiri gaijin
so sailor sez he likes da captain stone
later they pain something on da boat
and theres a huge hanging hook loose
oh they panted da hook
later a guy b--ches at the captain about the hook dangling but captain don't wanna f da paint
why paint a hook?
its like painting a hammer!
later the hook flails around and busts stuff
the men get it under control
btw the sailor is named mr merrium
like Miriam McDonald from degrassi?
at dinner sailor discusses the choice to not tie down the hook
he explains it in a way that sounds like he can have is men iced
later a guy is oiling up a shirtless guy and the shirtless guy blax out when touched on the tummy
so they do surgery on him with the radio guy giving him a step by step guide
the guy gonna cut I'm cant do it
back in high school a guy was hit by a car and broke a leg.
i had an idea where we recreate the surgery
where we play the dr's with masks on and use kfc for the leg
and do things like sneezing on the open leg
and getting mad at it and stabbing it up
and spitting in the surgery room
and ending with us eating a bit of the leg
so I think sailor does it
after surgery offscreen latin guy gives him a smoke
sailor don't wanna out captain stone over him not wanting to slice open a guy and f with his guts
stone explains it as he knew hes a captain and hes not meant for surgery
makes sense
know not to go too far when it could be dangerous
I wouldn't wanna do surgery
I cant even cut watermelon!
but I am good at carving jack o lanterns
but my watermelons wind up like jackolanterns
later guys argue over when captain should do
follow da rules, or the captain IS da law
1 guy tells da captain something captain dont wanna hear
later someone is in the place the anchor chain goes and captain walking by closes the door
its not shown if he know the guy was there
the chain crushes the guy in it
a guy (oh its sailor) sees it and captain sez to clean it up and he was a trouble maker
sailor sez he sees what captain meant by having something over the lives of his crew
he tries to get captain in trouble over being crazy\
but the rest of da (motley)crue don't like it
they stop at where they were going and sailor goes to out the captain
they have an informal hearing and everyone sticks up for the captain
later a chick meets the sailor and comforts him
she sticks up for the captain too and sez if he sticks to his story he'd have only a ghost ship to rule
later captain stone don't want sailor on his ship
later the chick talks to stone and I think she dumped her man to be with stone
stone sed his 1st sailor job the captain gradually went nuts
and he thinks hes going nuts too
later sailor saves a brittish guy from some german or Austrian sailors
but the brits are the bad guys!!
the next day sailor wakes up on the boat
he reveals a cop had him brought over and that he don't wanna be there
captain stone sez hes gonna be nice and other captains would hold it against him(him fingering the captain for murder)
he said dat to the guy the chains splattered
sailor tries to ask the crue for help but they don't buy him saying the captains gonna wack him
dat night he finds his door wont close
they took the thing off the frame
he rigs up a cloth thing to turn a light on when it opens
he hears a sound but goes back to bed
later he wakes up and finds the door partly open
also his window hole wont lock
he goes out and up and into the gun case and is gonna get protection
but captain holds him at gunpoint
captain sez he should've learned to respect his authority
sailor sez captains nuts
captain sez even if he tells the crew, they are loyal to him
is this like a jab at England and them being loyal to the regent who had daiana wacked?
the qween don't care about her subjects
they are less than dogs to her
once her dog mutilated a kid and she gave it a trial and had it get off easy
sailor tries to get the men to help but they don't help
even his latin homie don't want him around
oh and the mute guy thinks some monologue about watching things unfold
captain gets a message asking if merrium is on board
tom mirrium
like tom mason(dinosaurs for hire)?
that was a fun sega genesis game
latin homie tells sailor he believes in him and will help him the next day
well... that's the end of him!
oh and mute guy finds the message on the ground
captain gets sailor to send a message but its a lie about latin guy going away
oh he fell overboard
he fights captain but the crue restrains him
captain sez sailor is crazy and has him bound and gagged
also he has a guy give him a sedative he made
looks like that's the end of him
but hes the main character
mute guy gives the crew the note asking if aiolor is on da boat
they talk about it and captain overhears
he repeats the words "the boy is right" in his mind as the crew said; maybe da boy iz righte
captain snaps and gets a knife
hes about to ice sailor with it but mute guy arrives and they knife fight
captain gets gut cut
mute guy grabs the blade
mute guy shanks captain
later its revealed mute guy is captain I think
and sailor is by him in command
sailor makes it back home safe and meets a chick who he might b0ne
oh and he gives a coin to the blind guy
the end
that was pretty good
creepy but calm
good atmosphere and feel
good suspense
a bit of blood
kind of a slasher film as the captain is picking those against him off 1 by 1
for the ghost ship 2 I want the mute captain to be leader of a boat full of various disabled people who are skilled and bada55. they are all based off lon chaney sr characters and while on a delivery run, are under attack by sea daemons in a sci fi underwater u fo that wants their cargo to enslave men. but the crew's various disabilities make them immune in various ways to the sea daemons powers. also its a 16 bit fighting game on sega genesis and snes and gba with 8 human characters and 8 daemon characters and the daemon characters fight like the human characters as a way of tormenting them (like each human and rival daemon would be like scorpion and sub zero in mortal kombat, or chaos and blizzard in primal rage). but the human characters have cool crazy breakdance fighting moves that work with their disabilities and in the end they fight either the human mute captain(a knife warrior) or a daemon king with similar abilities.

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