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THX 1138 Review

note; the future is now! theres no better time to make it right! wait, this isn't the 80s Robotech movie
THX 1138
this is my reviw on thx 1138
ive never seen this b4
plus I'm not big on georse lucas films
star wars is overrated
the film starts with buck rogers in the 25th century clips
I only saw duck dodgers on looney tunes
then we get credits
ooh Robert duval and Donald pleasance
and the rest I don't kno
this is from da early 70s btw
francis ford coppola did this
his movies are usually not so great
f ing Dracula
we then get trippy scenes of audio and video
is this by david lynch too??
then some guys in a sci fi maybe space thing work on a robot with mechanical claws
now it would be cg
everyone looks the same
shaved heads and white suits
theres many videos of people complaining
wtf is that c3po?!
the robots in contra were better
contra hard corps anyway
then some places blow in fire
they say its an accident
63 people bit it and its 242 total compared to another groups 195
they see this as a success
sounds like liberal logic
hope they were baptized
man everyone in here looks like Patrick stewart
if this were animated it would be easy to c/p the cr-p
I guy in what looks like cyber confession at church, sez he ost focus at something and his mate is acting weird
maybe she needs b0ning?
the voice he confesses to gives non denominational words to him
main guy is named THX (said like a word; thex)
later this chick ries to get a drug but shes had enough
then we get a hairless naked chick hologram dancing
I think 1 guy is getting j-rked off by a machine
also is a hologram of a big sweaty black guy
then a hologram of a guy getting pounded by a bat
future p0rn0 is almost as weird as modern day p0rn0
better than girls turning into huge phallllic monsters
the chick changes the channel to black guys doing comedy
thx is taking pills
winners don't do drugs
a computer sez too much of da drug can cause n imbalance
later in cyber confession he sez his female roommate is having an effect on him
then he pukes offcreen
they never show em puking
the voice he confessed to sez to buy more and be happy
fun message from George lucas, the guy ho made millions on star wars cr-p
later he blax out with the chick
when they ake up they are kinda cuddling
she sez she anted to touch him
wtf is this a p0rn0?
then they make out
then b0ne
we see her nips
they look weird
shes worried about being sen but he sez no one knows
but people are watching them b0ning on a cr-ppy tv
later she sez if he goes back on drugs he wont feel da same
and he'd report her for drug violation
but he sez he wont
she suggests leaving
its really widescreen
I jest noticed
then we get a few numbers and they were cropped the top and bottom off
widescreen ruins shows and movies
later he sez he don't trust someone
she sez hes gonna gem em in trouble
man its been nearly 30 mins
but nothing happened
but it don't feel like it
later Donald pleasance talks to someone9i think thx)
thx wants to know where his woman is
her name is l u h
long underarm hair?
legends united heritage?
I think they wanna split thx and luh to different areas
later some holograms warm of b0ning causing increased purvursions
later Donald comes in thx's aea saying he reprogramed his way in9hes not authorized)
thx sez he'd report him
but only c-ck suckers report people
esp on youtube
don't like, don't look
later thx is working on something and keeps f ing up
the nerds ae monitoring his stats
they try to mind lock him but are stopped
he then has a seizure and drops a radioactive thing in a robot thing and it starts burning through
they in mind lock him and da cops take him out
hes charged with drug evasion and gets a trial
hes also charged wit purvursion
they want him put to sleep for being a purvo
that's racist
he gets detention
later he gets poked with a long stick by a cop and runs in a circle
hes in a white room btw
the cops keep poking him with shock sticks
he starts rocking back an forth while sitting
they gave him severe autism
almost as bad as that Freddie highmore dr show
srsly I never met anyone that autistic ever In my life
and I and my homies had lunch with the autistic class cuz it was nicer in there
its like they had to do a show about a fat guy and use a blob from my 600lb life, instead of a normal john goodman 450lb guy
just go the higher end of the extreme
then thx gets weird sci fi tests
they use computer stuff on him and he spazzes out
but in England, spazz is a slurr
they're a candy a55 country anyway
banning films for no reason
makes me glad to be American
then luh comes in and sez shes preggers
that's what happens when you b0ne!
then they start b0ning again
trying to make her double pregnant I see
then the cops come in
but thx fights back while naked
we never see his footlong btw
how lomng is Robert duval anyway?
they knock him out and later hes dressed and kinda veggie
Donald comes in saying thx turned him in
later Donald sez they might be seen as choosing to not be good citizens
is this the nut house?
btw arresting guys for b0ning?
its like how in some places if a 16 year old seduces a 19 year old, the 19 year old is called a monster
I don't think we should b0ne outside of marriage
but should we be arresting people for not hurting anyone?
its like locking up a guy for shooting a raccoon attacking the neighborhood
that's soviet Canada for ja
Donald gets more cheerful and gets chummy with thx
also he gets kinda like oh bba mma or lennin or castro or mao or trudeau with preaching a new way of doing things to help people
later thx's lunch falls on the floor and Donald brushes it off
the whole area is milky white
theres no dirt anywhere
later donald preaches of escape
hes taken off into the white
oh hes going with thx
he keeps rambling on about cr-p
they meet a black guy who leads em to this door
it leads to a river of people going in huge numbers
they go to a smaller place w/o people and black guy sez hes a hologram
they go out through a dark area and into a computer room
a guy called 91021 (not 90210) warns em its a restricted area
the go on and find a sewer
and a scorpion/centipede thing
is that real??
oh they split up
Donald is through the sewer and computer area
thx is in a spaceship
I think
then thx is with the black guy
later donand sez he wants to go back nd change
a guy comes in and sez to go to a unichaple for prayer
also hes gonna report Donald
so donsld kills him
blac guy sez the only out is where they came in
but thx want to find someone
he finds luh but she looks like a shriveled animal in a bag
the cops get in the room they were in but thx and black guy escape
black guy and I think thx get away in a sci fi car
soon theres a high speed car chase in this gritty cyber city
the car stops for a bit as it overheated but restarts and continues
I think the car crashed but I was reading about the alien rangers
thx continues his escape and climbs a bit vertical ladder in a tunnel
the cop follows him saying hes gonna be safe and cop wants to help
he gives him several ;last chances and sez thx cant survive outside da city
thnx gets up and its an orange sky and sun and the credits roll
the end
wtf did I watch?
its one of those weird 70s films where nothing happens for most of it and has a weird tone
its not bad
its just weird
a lot like 1984
the ending was kinda f'd
he goes to a new area
then what?
what about luh?
what about Donald?
what about the black guy?
it doesn't end. it just stops
for thx 1138 2 i'd like for Donald pleasance to be building a new religion around thx as some kind of ascended being who rose to godhood. the ones in charge try to oppress them and start having them drawn and quartered as a message to those who rebel. one guy goes up and finds thx haS BEEn living on the surface with aliens and cannibals after him and fights to survive by eating them. also his thing is detachable and he can throw it like a boomerang. and he comes down to the inner world built to keep the cannibals and space demons out and is feral from his time outside and takes on anyone who disagrees with him by b0ning them dead while eating em at the same time

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