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A Clockwork Orange Review

note; my typuings cr-ppy but im getting beter
a clockwork orasnge
this is mt review on a clockwork orange
spoiler; its a P0RN0
its set in the not too distant future of England
but we call it; da 80z
why is the 80s always the future?
even in yugioh gx (set in 2004-2008) when they see possible futures for themselves, the bad guys have an 80 look(spiked mohawks, leather, maker up, piercings, ect)
the filme starttes with these purvurts in some room full of naked manniquins drinking milk
I like the crteepy slang they use in here
right horror show day for a bit of the ultraviolence eh wot me droogs?
they ease you into it and its easy to pick up
unlike oliver with thast frooty cockney talk
might as well be in Japanese
I'd be able to pick up some words
so alex(malcome MacDowell) and his himies beat up a drunk
then we see these other punks b0ning a naked chick
shes got a big butt
like in a rap videothen alex and droogz come by and fight
all to classical music
this is like something go nagai would make
its just violence and naked chix
it came out around the same time as go nagai did hisd violent p0rm0; violence jack
that had more hermaphrodites though
go nagai has a thing for em
every 3rd book he writes has at least 1
later alex and droogz go to someones home and beat him up/b0ne his wife/trash his place while singing the song from, singin in da rain
kinda fitting as many classic song are msused today
good morning from singin in da rain was used in an add for b0ner pills
man, this film was rigjht about the future
also theyre wearing masks wirth male organ like noses
afterwards they return to the milk place
wtf, he pours milk from a naked manniquins nipples
then a manlylady sings the Beethoven song they used in milk adds in the 90s
this movie was right about the future
one of his droogs makes noice while the manly lady sings and alex nails him in the b0ner with a stick
wtf he still lives with his rents
and at the place he lives its all run down and has wallpaintings of naked mebn
how fitting, his rents don't know their son is a maniac
just like nowadays
theres a lot of nude art in his place
then he puts on a different Beethoven song and starts j-rkin off
in the AM his purple aired mom sez its time for school and he sez hes not feeling well
he pulled a ferris bueler
his rents think he's out at night doing odd jobs
I never faked sick to avoid school
nor did I ever skip school
I was a good 90s kid
later alex is walking around in his undies and this creepy brittish guy who tells alex next time he's going to prison
I think hes trying to seduce ahe knows alex is up to no good and heard the guys b0ning the naked chick from b4 were hospitalized and mentioned him
the creepy brit grabs alex's crotch
I think he was mo les ting him in the real version
later he goes into a 70s-90s music shop and seduces 2 chix eating long popsices
I think they were b0ning in the real version
the very next scene is a sped up benny hill like thing of em at alex's placer and b0ning
this is a weird a55 p0rn0
ahnd I thought Urotsukidoji was strange
later alex walks downstairs and sees his homies
thay act sarcastic and he calls em out on it and asserts his dominance
they wanna stael more worthy things to get more cash
then while walking he beats up his homies
one he nails in the b0ner with a stick
another he slices in the hand with a hidden knife
all in slow motion
I assume in the real version he b0ned em
his homies say theres a crazy cat lad with much cash alone
alex trys tricking her into opening up but she don't buy it
theres a lot of crotch artwork everywhere
she call the cops and sez the guy at her door used words similar to the guy he beat up b4
alex comes in and shes really b--chy to him
he plays with her crotch art and she attacks him
he splatters her head with the crotch art and the cop sirens show up
as he gets out, 1 droogh busts his face with a milk bottle
the cops have him and he's got a nose cut
when he burps at a cop the cop grabs alex's face would so alex grabs the cops crotch
later the creepy brit comes in and sez the cat lady bit it
the cops say they can hold alerx down if the creepy brit wants to "giv im a bash on da chopz"
I assume that means b0ning him
people think american cops r bad
anything these britys do would get the guy off on law and order
alex gets 14 years in prison
in prison the brits are strict jerks
they take his items and clothes
they get him nude and look up his a55
also we see some of malcom mcdowells hot dog
he's in a lot of p0rn0s
and has many nude scenes
later this priest gives a sermon to help turn people away from sin
but the brits just laught at him and make gas noises
my dad dis prison ministry in his youth
and my black friend was in prison for a while as a guard
and I watch prison movies
my fave?
he has fantasys of bring the romans beating Jesus and being in biblical was
I mean yeah it was our sins that caused him to suffer
but that infop is meant to drive us from sin
not desire it
he also relates to the sinners in the old testament
that's like wanting to be freekin starscream in transformers
later alex talks to the priest of wanting to be used in a medical experiment so he can get out sooner
the priest advises against it but alex fakes wanting to be good
the priest sez that goodness is choses and being forced to be good isn't true goodness nor being human
after all, humans were given free will
im surprised by all the bible refs in this violent p0rn0
although in the bible is a lot of killing and sin
but they were the bad guys
a lot of the good guys screwed up too
but they were good and making mistakes
not openly bad and having fun mo les ting and killing peiople
1 dr sez medical treatment is the only way to deal with croox cuz they don't care for punishment
alex compliments him only for the guard to yell at him
so the dr chooses alex for his experiments
the warden sez he wants the enemies of civilization punished in return and thinks reform is a waste
he gives alex forms to sign and when he trues to read em the guard sez; DONT READ EM! SIGN EM!
doesn't that go against the point of having a form?
then again, people agree to user things on apple and miscrosoft and google w/o reading
this movie was right about the future
alex is strapped into a thing that wont let him move or look away and he's shown violence and p0rn0
btw he calls his head a "Gulliver"
I thought that meant b0ner
he's given a shot that makes him feel sick while shown secks and violence to force his body to turn against its natural urges
he's then shown ww2 footage for some reason while Beethoven plays
he begs for them not to ruin his fave song but the dr don't care
he claims he's cured and sees violence as bad and he's learned his lesson
but the dr don't care
later theres a showing of the dr's work and alex is unable to do violence or look at a purple haired naked chick as he becomes violently ill
also this brit abuses alex and makes him lick his shoes
talk about foot fetish!
the dr sees his destroying a man as a success
kinda like a lobotomy
didn't the dr who invented that get a nobel prize?
the priest sez that since he has no choice hes not really being good nor a real man
then alex is released and he comes home
he finds his rents rented out his room to a guy and his pet snake bit it and his stuff was taken by the cops
the new guy bashes him but alex pushes him and gets ill
his rents cant kick the new guy out as he's payed his next months rent and they get along
he goes out on his own and meets the drunk hobo he beat up b4
he recognizes alex and takes him back to his hobo gang
they beat him up and maybe b0ne him but a cop saves him since he cant fight back
he cant harm others but he's defenceless
the cop is his droog from b4 and another cop (also a droog) try to kill him
he cant fight back against the bad guys so he just takes it
I think this movie is a ref to taking away guns
they let him go so they can torture/b0ne him later and he later comes by the home of the guy he beat up b4
the guys now a cripple living with this bodybuilder who carry's him around
the bodybuilder looks like Austin powers
he tells the guy the cops beat him up but the guy remembers him as the guy the anti crime thing was used on
the guy feels sympathy for alex and wants to help him
he also stands for individual rights and is against the brits system
but when alex is taking a bath and sings "singin in da rain" the guy recognizes him from b4 and freaks out from viet nam fash backs
later the guy has some friends over and they claim they wanna help him
the papers aid hes unable to listen to certain music
it makes him wanna suicide
alex blacks out from the wine given him(probably drugged) and when he wakes up he's in a sealed room with Beethoven blasting
how'd they know how much wine to give him so he'd be out after they got their info?
he might've blackled out b4 revealing the secret
I assume the guy has done this b4 or is a poison specialist
aex jumps out the window and wakes up in casts
then a nurse comesx out and gets dressed after b0ning the dr
so the dr who made the treatment is charged with inhuman stuff
his rents come by but he don't wanna c em
they say its partly their fault that things turned out like this
maybe beat him more he'd not be a maniac
later he reveals to a nurse he had a dream of dr's playing with his brain
he's given a test to finish a conversation in the picture
all his responces are just like a teen or 20something would say nowadays
he's recovered from the treatment
lie in Robocop 2
then the creepy brit returns (I think) wait its a gov guy
and he sez the guy from b4 in the wheelchair was locked up for his anti brit papers
also he's looking out for alex's interests and is gonna give him a good job and salary
he's only doing this for votes
also her plays beerthovern music for him and alex thinks about b0ning
the end
the credits are bright colors with text and singin in the rain is played
for a clockwork orange 2 I'd like for alex to have become a celeb for his experience and causes an uprising in England when people recall his violent past. also his popularity lets him get iix and lad an ultraviolence party that plans to legalize anything and the people love it. within a few years, England has become a mad max wasteland and the cops cant do anything as they don't have guns. the regent orders mass executions of anyone caught even saying anything against her (no trial even, just iced in the streets). soon its just a turf war between the regent brits and the droogs. the next series of films is in the 90s England and each deals with a new protagonist in the battle for the brits.

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