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I Am A Fugitive From A Chain Gang Review

note; the typojn g is bad
I am a fugitive from a chain gang
this is my revierw for I am a fugitive from a chain gang
its based on a trtue story
it starts with a guy returning from ww1
he's given work at a factory and is seen as a hero
but he wants more from life and wants to be an engeneer
he takes the work but is unsatisfied and keeps returning late from work
his names jim and paul muni
hes changed from being in ww1 and seeing people blown apart
so he goes off to do construction work in new england
wasn't 1 England bad enough?
what next? new mexico??
his work lets him go and he travels to the confederate states from from job to job
he winds up becoming kind of a hobo and sells his war medals
in 1 town this sneaky guy offers to get him a hamburger if he joins him
he does but it turns out to be a stick up job and jim takes the cash from the register despite being innocent
he only does so cuz the guy has a gun and is loud
I bet in the real version it was jims idea and he b0ned the guy dead
the sneaky guy gets capped n the thing and jim is found with pockets full of cash and no witnesses to back up his story
he's sentenced to work on a chain gang
I notice that pretty much all prison movies have the hero being innocent
except riki-oh cuz that ones is better
they keep em chained up at night and have em wear leg irons
good idea
keeps them from gettingout and killing/b0ning the innocent
the guards treat the criminals with no trust and little respect
not sure why they would
these people are monsters
my black friend was in prison for a while
as a guard
he hated it
they kept trying to kill and b0ne eachother
it was really stressful
jim's chain gang is then breaking rocks with hammers
one guy notices this big buff black guy who "never misses"
jim gets slugged out for not asking permission to wipe off his sweat
they need rules and discipline beat into em so if they return to society they don't wind up back in jail
maybe if they had more discipline the7 wouldn't be in prion in the 1st place
1 guy seems unwell and at night the guards take out anyone who didn't give a full days work and whip em
jim insults the guards and they whip him
now a days these animals just sit in cushy cells and b0ne eachother
they need discipline
most of em are killrs or mo les ters or theives
but their victims aren't shown
the next day a guy finishes his sentence
also the guy tjhey whipped who was unwell goes out in a box
after a few months, they're working on the railroad and he gets the black guy to hit his shackles with a hammer
at night he woeks on removing em and plans to escape monday
a fellow inmate gives him 7$
on that day he fakes taking a big dump and takes off his chains in the bushes
he runs and they chase him with dogs aNd guns
if he gets out he might kill and b0ne the innocent so they gotta be tough
he steals some clothes on a clothesline and hides underwater using a plant as a straw to breathe from
but his hearts going high from the chase
he's probably outta breath
the guards and dogs pass and he goes to town
he gets an new suit and a shave but a cop comes in talking about the jailbreak
he escapes and stops by this place where the guy who got out earlier is
the guy gives him a place and shows him a blonde who is told of jims jailbreak
she sez; ur among friends. and it goes to the next scene
I assume they b0ned
later the police chief and his men come by and are looking for someone
jim gets on a train and the cops swarm a hobo
the train guy sez they didn't get the escaped convict and he goes to chicago
he gets a job in engeneering using a reverse of his name (allen james instead of jim allen)
another blonde gives him a room for a cheap price as shes gay for him
after a timeskip, they apparently have been b0ning as she is mental about him not being into her and he wants to leave
she blackmails him with sending him back to the chaingang unless he marries her
she found out about it by reading his mail
btw, that's not what marriage is about
but he uses his fake name of allen james on his marriage thing
that means its not a real marriage
later its revealed shes just using him for cash and isn't with him much
oh and shes been out b0ning other guys
jim  starts hanging out with a nice blonde and they start getting along
months later he wants to divorce his bad wife and she just wants to milk him for more
he sez shes bluffing about sending him back but she goes out for the cops
they next day he's being commended about making a bridge but the cops come in
after some newspapers tell that the city of chicago sides with him, and the papers argue about states rights, jim tells his story (totally unbiased toward)
this confederate guy sez if jim does 90s days in jail and pays for the expenses used to search for him, he'd get a full pardon
he takes the deal and he has to work for 60 days
he is surprised he's not given preferential treatment
he's reunited with his prison buddies
I just realized that him going back cuz he's promised something better is like with b4 where he left a good job for his own way
a bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush
so the chain gang he's with is for people too hard core for normal chain gangs
also the friend he reuinited with tried to bust a guards head with a sledge hammer
what a maniac!
that guards got a family
after he's served the time, the board is given character witnesses saying he's a good guy
then the people's side says that the chain gang isn't brutal nor evil
its like that commie liar mrogan spurlock taking a job for a day that people have been doing for years and compares his results to the experienced and saying "itz too hard!!"
so jim's pardon is delayed and he goes on a tirade about how the guards are the ones needing to be in chains and their crimes are worse than anyones in there
as my black friends often say
my a55!!
these people are malcontents and maniacs!
they HAVE to be tough on em!
like with dog the bounty hunter being tough on those druggies and gangmembers
jim is given the chance for freedom after a year
so 9 months later(with the 90 days) he gives brith to a healthy baby boy
I mean the decision is put on hold indefinitely
later jim and his friend who tried to bust a guys head with a hammer trick a guard and carjack a truck
the guards open fire on em and launch the fleet (of cars)
theres a pretty cool chase scene and his prison buddy gets capped from hanging out of the truck as they fire on him
the prison buddy uses dynamite to blow a hill and they get away
jim uses the gears in the truck to snap his leg chains and busts a bridge with dynamite as the car chasing him drives on it
then theres a timeskip and its a year later
he meets his nice blonde gf in the dark of a parking lot and is paranoid
he has no one and cant keep a job
he blames the system for it and walks backward into the darkness
his gf asks how will he live ad he whisper yells; I STEAL!!
the end
that's a great ending
must've been better in the 30s
but now all films get happy endings and are trying to make romance a big part of it
don't mo lest this move holly weird!
for I am a fugitive from a chain gang 2 I'd like fir him to have gathered a buncha followers who are like him, escaped convicts and they plan a massive assault on society to get revenge on it for turning them into maniacs. they bust open the jails like bonny and clyde wanted to do and have a wave of b0ning and killing sweep across the land. eventually, Austria decides to help america stop it and they just shred everyone with gunfire.

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