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David Copperfield Review

note; im on a plug in ketyboaRD So im not used to it the key spacing so theres typoers
davuid copperrvfierld
this is my review on david copperfiend
im reviewing t5he 1930s version with w c fiends
it starts wityh Christmas songs and all the actors and credits up front
they6 knew back then that no one sits through the credits unless their looking for adult film souinding names
chubby johnson
richard bonehill
heather butts
fred fuchs
simon meacock
magic Johnson
these are all names I saw while reading credits
and in the Robotech shadow chronicles movie made in korea; all the dongs
the movie starts with somne chicks talking about david copperfield
after a while some other chick poops out a baby and its named david
I assuyme hes some kind of fulfuilment of prophecy
years later theyre at a church and some kid is making faces at david
tjhen hes reading
his mom comes back(his moms a teenager) and they dance
im not reallypayiong attention as im ping pikemon white 2 and this dink keeps spamming me on AIM about questions about his cr5-ppy pokemon
later david is in town or at a slave thing or w/e and talks to a guy with face hair
everyone wears top hats
its like the monopoly guy
the cable went out for a sec and I missed like 15 seconds
laster daved is with some guy with a pipe and his fam
the pipe guy is a bachelor
they talk about the guys family for a while
if pokemon taught me anything, inbreeding is good
u breed a few pokemon with good stats then brteed those to get onwe with perfect stats
ive practiced quite a bit of inbreeding
in pokemon
later some little bimbo at the beach stands in a dangerous pier and s killed
later david retyuns home and finds his mom is with a new guy
like many brits, hes strict and cares only for regulations
also theres this nasty old hag whos also strict
davids teen mom is mental about this guy so he says hes less into her when she displeases him

also they ban david from sleeping in his moms room
david deals with his despair by reading
later the new dad tests him on his lessons and he isn't perfect
he tests david on a complex math thing with queer brittish cash
david has a breakdown and his dad takes him upstairs to beat him
david begs but is whipped on his a55 mercilessly
you donrt beat kids for not knowing things
u beat them for being bad
hes gonna grow up to be unbalanced and wind up as some sereal killer
later david is ruinning around alone at home calling for someone
I think the new dad killed em
oh its his mom
his brother too
I didn't know he had a kid bro
later this chick leaves and gets married to some blondes
then daved is sent away cuz his new dad didn't marry davids teenage mom to b0ne david
later the blonde fams dad come in through the roof
hes got a top hat and cane
hes friendly and open but owes a l;ot of cash
later david is working with winebottles
he reminds me of the wizard from the wizard of oz with his overdone way of talking
he uses a lot of big words to sound fancy
then a guy he owes cash to has him arrested
don't drop the soap
after being gang b0ned in prison offscreen, hes released and skips town
he comforts david before leaving and says they are friends for life
as his fam leaves, they bid david a kind goodbye
I saw him almost getting picked up by a purvo before making a burger in the oven
when I got back I saw him wandering the English lands and his clothes rotting off
sorta like I riki-oh or violence jack or fist of the north star
later he goes to a place with men being driven away from animals by women
in the window is a guy who looks like a degenerate
he asks a lady something but she says "no boys here"
davd tells her his life story and she freaks outut
she gives him some liquid and he coughs
I assume its liquid aids
later the lady and some others wash him like a dog
the degenerate is revealed to have a mental illness
later at night davids room is locked
I assume to not let the degenerate or the other deviants b0ne him
later the degenerate says hes got a brittish king in his head
I assume its a daemon
later some guys come over for someone
its the new dad wanting david
the lady doesn't want them to have it
later she gives him good advice and sends him to some brittish area
he talks to this little girl and her grampa
then runs into a creepy guy in a room full of books
he seems slightly sorta snagglepuss
his name is Uriah
I like that name
an Angel name
after a dbz style timeskip david is a youth and looks like a lesbian a bit
hes planning on writing a book
he talks with the girl and shes grown up into a slightly chubby lady
then the big words guy comes back and makes friends with Uriah
he needs money
so david gives it to him
imagine if david copperfiend was also dave from alvin and the chipmunks]
later david is at the ballet
and meets some guy he knew as a kid
later david comes back to where the little bimbop's family is and they talk about some stuff that's not really important
apartently someone got iced
later its raining in England (as usual) and the now grown bimbo has run away
she went off to be with some man
the bearded guy wishes he killed the man she loved when he had the chance
he also vows to hunt him down
later david gets the book published and wants to tell his aunt a secret
also the fancy talk guy returns and Uriah wants to become a partner in the law thing of some guy
the guy is malcontent about Uriah wanting to be partner
Uriah is tired of being humble and wants to kick a55
people act like hes a traitor or decpticon or w/e
later david marrys some chick
instead of kids they get a dog
that's not what marriage is about
besides, dogs only live like 8 years
that's 8 years too long for me
dogs bug me
I hope they go extinct
they always bark at me and jump around like dinks
his wife seems like a bimbo too
I think hes living with the mentals from before
the degenerate is having dinner with them
they try to have oysters but they were cooked wrong
they also screwed up the roast
later it turns out the man the little bimbo went to be with was ditched or w/e and went suicidal
the guy had her locked up but she got out and was found the next day
im not sure if shes dead or not
they talk too much about unimportant things and im not sure if they said any thing useful
later theres a storm andsome boat is getting b0ned
some guy goes overboard and another goes after him
im not sure who's who
all these brits look alike
one of em winds up dead in the water and washes up on shore
later this dr comes over and says some chick is gionna live but is crippled
I think its his bimbo wife
then she keels over
david returns to England and Uriah has taken control of this old dudes things
then the fancy talking dude stands up to uriah
Uriah goes on a tirade and later some paper gives the business to someone besides uriah
also the fancy guy outs uriahs lies and misdeeds
realizing he nolonger has the advantage, he returns to being humble and leaves
later david gets with the chubby female and its revealed the bimbo wife asked the chubbo to take care of david
the end
for david copperfield 2 I'd like for the old hag, the new dad and Uriah to take revenge on david by kidnapping his new chubby wife and hold her hostage in their flying battleship to lure david to come face them. david goes after them with 1800s steampunk tech and fights his way through 8 levels across Europe with various supernatural enemies like polish and Italian and Nordic legendary creatures like we americans have bigfoot and the thunderbird. the fancy talking guy is in each country hidden in some area with hidden bonus items and bonus levels for chances for extra guys. he fights his was across Europe killing each level boss and eating a piece of them to increase his life bar after each boss fight. the last 3 guys are fought in the flying battleship and have daemon powers from using forbidden witchcrafts.

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