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Godzilla King Of The Monsters Review

note; im left ha nding and my keyboard is cr-ppty. thres typoes
Godzilla king of the monsters
this s my review of Godzilla king of the monsters
I fisrt saw this on tv as the uncut Japanese version with subtitles
this is the Americanized version
it starts with the Tokyo in ruins after some daemon busted it up
maybe someone lost a card game and I cost the city
so this guy named steve martin in a news guy describing the ruins of Tokyo and how everyone lives in fear and ruins
its obviously highly inspired by Hiroshima
I saw barefoot gen a few years ago and it told the tale of a Hiroshima survivor
if only america and maybe Canada sided with zee kaizer in ww1
then the Nazis amd mabe commies woulsnt have rizen and we might be free of England and france
nah, Canada would be loyal to its deviant regent in englind
we'd have to take em on as well as the brits andfrenchies
so steve martin tell the story of a boat getting busted by some unseen abomination and how tpkyo was ruined
he arrives in japan and is taken b the authorities to be questioned
how polite everyone is
makes Canadians look like frenchiies by comparison
its revealed the boat was nuked or w/e
another boat is sent to rescue the 1st boats survivos
it and 6 oher boats get nuked
later they find some survivors who died soon after being found
I notice they show clips of he uncut Japanese version and then the steve martin tells what happened
at least I don't gotta read subtitles
later they go to odo island and people are freaked out about something
I like how the people speak japNESE in  Japanese set film
the xmas ww1 film joyeux noel has the scotts speaking English, the frenchies speaking French ad Austrians speaking Austrian
but on the French channel they dubbed it all over in french
ruined the directors intent
later steve martin spends a night on the island where they have a ritual to appeacse some sea monster
ooh, a tengu mask
they blame the boat issues on the creature(Godzilla)
later that night theres a storm and their house is busted by some unseen creture
this seems like some kind of elemental creature
the next day the islnders testify before something
1 guy says that theres mysterys in this world
like yeti trax in the mountains
or unseen abominations in the ocean
sounds like daemons
like Urotsukidoji or la blue gurl
later at the village they find rDIOactivity and huge footsteps
they also find a trilobite
guess evolutions been disproven
then a collosal dragon appears over the illside and freaks out the people
they then talk about"2 million" years ago when dinosaurs were around
and an intermediate period when land and sea animals did something
and now we have a 400 foot tall abomination
and how hrydrogen bobms caused it to resurrect
just like all these global warming films now of demons sealed in ice being unleashed
so hey plan on nuking godzilla
lateer steve martin talks to a scientist who this chick is set to marry
then he shows her this device in his basement(like mazinger z)
the oxygen destroyer(which  kills some fish)
seeing fish die caUSES her to freak out
theyre just fish
its not like its a midget or anything
then the scientist tells her not to tell anyone
lter the army nukes the sea in small areas
they should destroy the whole ocean
that boundless abyss freaks me out
its an infinite void that if you get lost in, they'll never find ur body
it might as wel be in space
dry out the seas with nucular flame!
burn it all away!!
then everyone thinks godlziia is dead
but he shows up later
if you don't got a body he aint dead!
its a horror movie after all
the military ties to stop him
ooh, dat music!
the girls dad wants them to study Godzilla instead of killing it
I think human lives matter more than potential scence
later Godzilla shows up again
he didn't realy do anything last time
the military attax him
I think
I just realized hes 400 feet tall
hats 40 midgeets!
100 midges
he walks through the town and busts things up
my Godzilla obcessed friend im talking to says hes really 160 feet tall
that's like a megAZROD
160 feet is 40 midgets
I was right
later g appears again
they mention that its like 2 million years ago
like 1 million b c had cave supermodels fighting dinosaurs
thy open fire on g but he is immune
he uses a breath weapon and nukes some things
after some rampages and nuking Tokyo with his atomic breath he busts through some buildings
its like when the dragnzord 1st appeared in power rangers
then he buats steve martins building an burns down Tokyo with atomic flame
after flipping a bridge the jwts come in
but he busts tem outta he sky
I think
I wasn't really lookig
he swims under water away
im noticing a lot of things similar to king kong
thenthe film is back when it began, Tokyo busted
the girl tells steve martin about the oxygen destoroyah
and howhe wanted to no reveal it unti he made a counter
ths is kinda like power rangers how its a Japanese thing with English things added
so saban wasn't the 1st
they try to get the oxgedn destroyer but he doesntwant it to fall into the wrong hands

he changes his mind and decides to destroy all records of hisresearch and kill himself so it can never be used
he could just use a drill on his head to ruin his brains like the guy in that Darren arronovsky film PI
he goesunderwater with the o d where g is and sets it up
its really emotional
also, armegeddon ripped this off
but did it way cr=ppier
he sets it off and taks Godzilla to h-ll with him
shouldn't the oxygen destroyer have some effect on the people in the boat?
the end
for Godzilla 2 I'd like for the oxygen destroyer to have caused mutations in the people on the boat and it gives them super powers and they desire eachother to the point of having death battles against eachother in a tournament and the winner eats the loser to gain their powers. in the end the winner become sthe new Godzilla as his essence was spread to them from a reaction of the oxygen destroyer. its also a 16 bit fighter on Sega genesis and super Nintendo.

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