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Little Women Review

note; my keaboard is kinda awful and I got like 4 windows open so theres gonna b typoes
little women
this is my review on little women (33 version)
its got Hepburn
she was kind of a trouble maker
it starts with the alleged civil war being on and its snowing
this chick gives this geezer a coat and cash as hes going to see his sons who are prisoners or something
also someons son is doing something
I wasn't really paying attention
this chick has 4 daughters
then it cuts to Hepburn reading to a geezer lady
no one says geezer aNYMORE
im bringing it back
this geezer lady was probably alive when ben franklin was
maybe the marquis de sade
I mean layfayette
maybe both
she gives Hepburn money but shes malcontent over having to be responsible for her fam and her dad fighting for independence
the geezer lady points out Hepburn did a cr=ppy job dusting the hand rail to the stairs
so she buttslides on it
now if you touch it you'll get the aids
known as cooties in the 50s
and bieber fever in the 2010s
then in school this blonde girl is in trouble for doodling
shes gonna get the whip
he lets her off easy cuz its xmas
but in front of her droogs she acts tough by saying she told him off
later Hepburn takes the name of Christopher Columbus in vein when she falls on her a55 in the ice
he sister complains of her using "such language"
I guess his name was like the c s word back then
or maybe in the real version she did say c s
such a foul mouth
someone otta take a DUMP in it
then the 4 sisters complain about some things no one really cares about
og and Hepburn uses "slang" which causes the sisters voice concern
yoyoyo home boy!! that slang be magna blacula dawg!
blades in my aids!
rad 2 da x
bone a roni homie
mondo cool
blackasaur megaphone
and other 90s phrases
whil I was typing my generations slang the chix talked aout some stuff I wasn't paying attention to
but they seem to be playing make believe like in mr rogers
then their mom comes in and reads a letter from their dad
the blonde vows to be non selfish so her dad will be proud
Hepburn vows to be a real little woman instead of wanting to go to war
one chick vows not to be envious but we never really saw her doing that b4
later the sing and play piano
later theyre gonna have a dinner and the blonde did something unselfish to get cologne
then they are glad to have sausages
then they hear of some poors who need their dinner(really breakfast) more than them
 so they go to them to help
later one of the 4 sisters(not from sailor moon R) doesa play
she plays all the roles and gets changed backstage
the other sisters are in it too
women playing male roles?
I thought theatre was the other way
hpburn plays the bad guy(who is male)
and he good guy(who is also male)
thas racist.
like people complaining of exodus gods ad kids havig whites playing Egyptians
even though no one wnes when omar sharif played the Russian dr zhivago
or polish wedding had 0 main charCTERS played by real poles
after the play everyone has cake
then later Hepburn makes a snowman and hits a window of a guy she likes with a snowball
I thought he was a chick when I first saw him
his face/hair looks hermaphroditey
she visits him ad is surprised that hes got a big house and is rich
they talk about him being in Europe and her wanting to go too
the hermaphroditey guy has issues with his grampa
I bet hes mo lest ing him
aalso the hermaphroditey guy has been looking in hpburns window across the street and sees them eating dinnr
I assume that's like watching them b0ne in the slavery days
they discuss doing a play of hamlet amd they swordfight with items
she then mocks a paintng of grampa
but hes behind her
ad he steps in andcalls her out on it
but hen they get along
tthen he brings her home
later the sisters have new dreses but Hepburn don't like it
she may be a cross dresser
like that guy from sailor moon
or the other guy
or the guy from pokemon
hen they have a dance and Hepburn dances with the hermaphroditey guy
later hpburn is wrting a secret thing and hides it
oh and its spring
latter Hepburn is walking with the hermaphroditey guy and its revealed he wrote a story and sold it
he tells her his secret and shes disturbed
hes probably got a weird fetish
maybe hes into feet or someting
then he playfully chases her
when she and her sisters get home they find some big thing in their place
its a present from the hermaphroditey guy
oh its a piano
I notice not much is happening but its enjoyable
later they get an email I mean letter from their dad
so mom goes out to some place for some time
and the grampa looks after the girlz
and Hepburn cut her hair and sold it for 25$
girs look better wirh long hair
latter teyre reading a newspaper and its hepburns story
bu then its revaled one of the sisters is hiding under the stairs (where harry potter lived in his cousins place) and is busted up over a kid dying in hr arms of scarlet feaver
that's like aids of the slavery days
so hes been exposed and is resting in bed now
quarantine man!
later Hepburn prays for her infected sister
and her sister eventually pulls trough
later Hepburn urges 1 sister not to marry a man
the sister agrees
then he comes in and asks her to marry him
she says its too soon and he asks if thats her final answer
the geezer lady makes a stink of her marrying him and she defends him
she realizes she loves him and they later get married
later another sister has another guy declare his love for her
but she turns him down and he runs off
hes gonna get into making adult films and gradually devolve into rally weird stuff
like in europe
latr heoburn goes to look after some bratty kids
their dad is going around in a bear skin
I think hes a furry
and I think hes on the Yankees side!
what next? cannibalism?
then he sings a german song and piano's it
then gives a translation
later the blonde and the geezer tell hepburn about whats been going on offscreen while shes looking after that furry's kids
then the furry criticizes the hepburns trashy writings
but she gets whiney
but becuz shes bummed about the hermaphroditey guy not seeing her when hes in the area

then the furry gets wishy washy and flip flops on his criticisims
later  furry takes hepbur to the opera
afterward she gts a letter that said her aids sister has something wrong with her
she returns home and comforts her
later the bratty kids visit the aids sister and she dies
then the hermaphroditey guy and grampa come over
later Hepburn hears her hraphrodite boyfiend is getting the hots for another gurl
later the herpmahiodite guy is married and has a moustache
they become friends again but she acts like they cant be like when they were kids
that's racist
she menions being bro/sis
I think he married her sister
im not sure which oone
then he furry stops by and drops off a present
as he leaves he bumps into her and tells her that her book was published
hen he asks her to marry him(kinda)
the end
for little women 2 I'd like the furry to be married to Hepburn and she discovers his dressing up like animals isn't just for fun ad he introduces her to his dark twisted world of his furry Protoculture and it gradually turns into them b0ning and being b0ned by animals like with 50 shades of gray

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