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Blackboard Jungle Review

note; my keyboard is not well made so heres typoes
black board jungle
this is my review on blackboard jungle
it starts with some text about how teens are bad and this story is fiction
then we get rock around the clock
and some 50s teens
I thought the 50s were wholesome
then grease shows them going around b0ning and being italiano
I like the 50s
they had class and had values
not like when the beatles came in and got everyone into b0ning and drugs
people bashed rob ford for doing drugs while impaird by alcohol yet they love the beatles (who are role models for impressionable yourh)
in this movie some dude become a teacher at a high school
sorta like yugioh GX
except without cardgames
the teacher is having his 1st job teaching and the other teachers are jaded and cynical
I think this school is in the sslums
or on a prison island
one guy is named; Edwards
just like in Robotech
later he still hasn't taught class and is having dinner with his blonde wife whos pregnant
this is turning into a cop movie
good this hes not about to retire
she lost a previous baby
thas sad
this movie already has 1 death
and shes having champain
its gonna f up the baby
then there a car accident and this guy says it was a "crazy kid"
once I was at mcdonalds with my yugioh homie and he said; I don't wanna sound old but I hate all these teenagers!
then theyre having a school thing with all the kids in the gym and assigning them to classes
the teens are wild and sassy
they need a good beating
later the teacher comes across a crying blonde boy
hes too scared to tell what it is and he runs off
I bet the other teens are b0ning him
this is like a prison movie
Sidney poitier is a smarta55 teen with attitude
I prefer him being a decent human with morals and dignity
like in a patch of blue
hes like the anti kanye west
if they showed more Sidney poitier films on BET I bet there'd be less crime
give kids decent role models
sidneys like 80something now
most rappers get shredded with gunfire or overdosed on drugs
when theteacher is writing his name on the board a teen breaks the board with a baseball
they call the teach; daddio cuz his names dadier
I thik hes french
he tells a kid to take off his had and the kid acts tough b4 backing down
these teens are malcontent
tey make sassy remarks and off color comments
I wasn't like this in high school
I was a good boy
I didn't go around b0ning or doing drugs
I didn't even swear
most kifds were good too
but I went to catholic school so I was with civilized humans
the teacher tries to get Sidney to be a good role model for the other kids
oh f
these teens cant even use multiplication
they need yugioh
that teaches math
laTER daddio stops a teen from molesting a female teacher
this is getting to be like urotsukidoji
maybe shuten doji
im starting to think this one teen is really a girl who crossdesses to avoid being b0ned
like in violence jack with the kraken arc
or kekko kamen
the teens gossip about daddio being some power fighter who practically crippled the molester
he tries to teach them grammar and English yet these teens are slum scum and homeboys who speak worse English than tommy wiseau
daddio talks to Sidney about him turning the kids against him and making them choose the wrong asnwers and not talking to him
later daddio takes this woman to her car past some malcontent teens
he goes drinking with Edwards
Edwards lamets his job and wants to bring is rare record collection to show the teens
theyre gonna b0ne the records
after drinking, dadio and Edwards walk home and go through an alley
and some malcontent teens are in the background
fight time!
its a brawl like streets orf rage or double dragon
they get beat up and the cops save em
I think they killed Edwards
hes gonna come back wit a metal FAceplate to cover his disfigured face and exact revenge on those punk teens
he has doubts the next day but the headmaster shows him the good kids and gives a speech to heal his nerves
the cops wanna press charges but he stands up for em
he confronts the kids and theres some construction going on in the bacground
he wants them to try his tape recorder
the kids try to get the mexican kid to use it
I think hes the girl
he talks about stink alot
the teens talk about his race
they have a discussion about racial slang
later one tacher Is in trouble for backhanding a student
little p o s had it comin
he should've bea the black offa him
a higher up talks with daddio about his views on minorities
the teens use halftruths to get him in trouble for using words the minorities used
I hate how teens can accuse teachers of anything and people believe em
these animals run things
we need to bring back the whip
some punk gets outta line, he gets a thorough beating
turns out Sidney was the accuser
he tries to get the teacher to fight back by egging him on
he needs his arms and legs sawed off and used for medical experiments
that's the only good use for these awful punks
the teens hijack a truck
this is turning into mad max
one teen has a breakdown with the teacher and seems to be trying to deal with is issues
Edwards has his records after the teens encourage him to
the teens break his records
I think his heart goes out from it
hes gonna commit seppuku
he otta remove their bones and use them to craft new records
these kids need a beating
maybe a whipping
or just snap off a few fingers
I feel bad for Edwards
hes a gentle soul
daddio tells of the teachers in the lounge off for not doing a good job
edwards quit as he is going to hone his skills in assassination and hand to hand combat to avenge his records
or maybe hes gonna eat his gun
later, daddio goes to see sydny playing bible songs on piano with his homeboys
then daddio shows cartoons in class
they watch jack and thr beanstalk
and afterward they use it for discussion on rights and ethics and the teens have good views on it
the other tewachers don't think these kids are worth it
later his wife gets a call aBOUT him being with a woman
she gets several other phone calls
daddio begins a friendship with syndy
his wife has a premature birth at 7 months
now babies around 5.5 months have a chance
turns out she got letters saying he was with another woman
they nearly killed 2 people
now daddio is malcontent
he wants to get out
maybe have one last day and punch his clock with a 45
I hope he carves those kids like turkys
later his son pulls through
back in class hes now a haRDA55
hes not taking any nonsense from these brats
the blonde guy whos been malcontent this whole time is edgy and uncivilized
hes standing up to and talking back to the teacher
he needs a double beating
he pulled a switchblade
tis is a prison movie!'and the itaLIAno guy tries a sneak attack but Sidney saves him
daddio gets shanked in the hand
the blonde tries to drag other teens with him onto violence
but it fails
also hes behind the lies of racial issues and the letters and the beating
daDDIO beats the black offa fhim
the italiano tries to use the knife but it fails
the Mexican gets it and breaks it
the malcontent teens get dragged off to prison to get gang b0ned by big buff guys named bubba
the end
for blackboard jungle 2 I'd like it to be set in the 80s where society has devolved into a ruined city from years of gang war and the teens are now grown up and more savage and brutal than ever. and Edwards is hunting down the teens who killed his records and skinning them but keeping them alive without skin so they suffer forever.

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