Friday, February 5, 2016

One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest Review

note; my spelling has a speech impediment
one flew over the cuckoos nest
this is my review on 1 floo over da kookoo's next
I recall an animaniacs ep based on this from da 90z where slappy went nuts and was sent to the asylum
also in the 90s simpsons there was a few refs to this
it starts with a nuthouse beginning its day and everyone getting ready to deal with the inmates
they give em meds so they don't have freak outs
then jack nicklleson comes in wearing cuffs
they remove his cuffs and he goes happy
seeing how the characters meet I keep thinking of the ending on how its gonna turn out
jack talks to this big violence jack native guy but is told hes one of those deaf mutes
so jack does some 1800s style indian stereotypes
he also meets billy (a stutterer) and distracts a mentally challenged guy with cards with naked chix or something on em
then jack has a meeting where its revealed hes there for "fighting and b0ning too much"
he uses a lot of slang im not familiar with
the dr thinks jacks faking being crazy
jack Nicholson don't need to fake being nuts
later they have group therapy where 1 guy has marriage issues from not trusting her cuz guys find her hot
that's a good thing
if I have a yugioh cardothers think is barfalicious then I know its good
none of the people wanna give their 2 cenrs on it
the wife distruster seems paranoid and cant back up his claims so he just jabbers on
1 gut tells him to get to the point so the wife guy goes on as tirade
this is like dealing with global warming nuts
the wife guy is paranoid of people thinking hes queer
the inmates start freakin out
is dat danny DeVito?
man, they got tim burtons joker and penguin
maybe its not
in batman returns, the penguin has a weird face, eyes, nose, teeth, ears, hands, body, legs, skin and hair
I bet he had a really weird crotch
some kinda weird la blue girl tentacle
maybe his nipples were weird too
like long shoelaces
and he ties em in a bow
so jack spends several minutes trying to tach the big tall violence jack guy how to play basketball
he even rides on a guy's shoulders
like with sonic 3 locking on to sonic and knuckles
later jack tries to play blackjack with the inmates but they are p-ssing him off
its like in good burger with the guy eating the cards
jack then goes to turn down the room music but they don't even talk to him right until he's out of the nurse room
they treat him like an animal
they wont turn down the music and force pills on him against his consent
they also threaten to cram the pills up his a55
he fakes taking em
once the busdriver got a note that said I was "not to be left unsupervised"
they thought I was mental and gave me trouble
they don't trust u if they think ur nuts
for the record it was a mistake and I never had any of those notes before nor after
in group therapy jack wants to watch da world series
spoiler; baseball s-cked forever!
its guys playing catch 3 miles away and running in circles(squares)
the nurse is a hard a55 but sez they can have a vote
but they are too mental to understand so he loses
that night jack bets the guys he can tear a stone thing out of the ground and chuck it out the window
he gives it a good shot but cant
he should've weakened the foundation 1st
work smarter, not harder
he said; but I tried, at least I did dat
but with more swearing
gotta atmit, he's got chutzpa
in therapy billy sez he wanted to marry a chick he loved
but the nurse pressured him with his suicide attempts
1 guy stands up for billy but she cuts him down
he sez he thinks they should see the baseball game
shes against changing the schedual but lets em vote
they get 9 votes but since theres 18 people on the floor (most are veggies) its not a majority
jack needs 1 vote but despite trying the inmates are too mental to understand
the nurse closes the meeting b4 jack can get the last vote but then the big violence jack guy raised his hand
the nurse uses a technicality to deny jacks win
what a b--ch
jack has make believe of watchin a ballgame and everyones happy
so the nurse orders it to stop
at a meeting with dr's he outs the nurse and they think he's not mental
he suggests j-rkin off or taking a dump on the floor
jack would do that too if needed
wasn't he in a P0RN0??
I know malcom McDowell was in a few
the next day jack uses the violence jack guy to climb over the fence and get the inmates on a bus and drive around town
jack picks up a h00ker named candy (which sounds more like a strpper name) and they go for a boat ride
I know shes supposed to be a h00ker but shes dressed not too bad
compared to nikki minaj or lady gaga she looks normal
THEY look like some weird P0RN0 thing
speaking of which
its ironc that the comedy vid "im sexy and I know it" was removed from youtuber for "seuxal content" cuz of the speedo scene
but lady gaga's born this way vid looks like some weird xxx
im not even joking
its got like uterus's in it or w/e
at the boat the boat guy asks what theyre doing and jack claims theyre dr's from the mental institute
they go fishing and billy starts falling in love with candy
later jack learns hes not getting out of the nuthouse in a set amount of time (like jail) since the nurse has all the power
jack then learns most guys in the place are there by their own choice
jack sez theyre no crazier than the average guy and should get out
the inmates start asking questions but she orders em down
theres a dispute over smokes  and DeVito asks a question she don't wanna answer
she uses a cr-ppy excuse and sez shes limiting their stuff for their own good(a jab at big guv)
things escalate and theres a commotion
the nurse has danny DeVito taken away for speaking back at her and the black guard starts using excessive force on jack
the big violence jack guy saves jack and they all get taken away
danny devito is pulled away crying and screaming
I assume hes gonna be b0ned as punishment
its then revealed the violence jack guy was faking it and can talk/hear
like that emo guy in catcher in the rye wantimg to fake the same thing
danny devitos body is taken away
they b0ned him dead
jack then gets his brains zapped with electiicuty
they wanna mindwipe him
then use him as a b0ning slave
later jack walks in like a veggie but laffs it off as he was faking it
at night jack plans to escape
he tries to get the violence jack guy to go with him but he tells jack his past about his dad and drinking issues and how its related to how whats happeing with jack
jack brings in candy and some other h00kers and the inmates party/b0ne/drink
jack plans to leave and sez bye to everyone
billys gonna miss him and is not ready to leave
billy reveals hes gay for candy
billy and candy b0ne
the guys wanna watch(degenerates!!) buyt jack keeps em away
the next day the staff comes in and find the place trashed (well, just a bit messy)and the guys with chix
billy is found with candy
we also see billys naked a55 as he comes out getting pants on
is dat brad douriff??
hes good
she asks if billys ashamed of b0ning a girl but he sez no
so she threatens to out him to his mom
she bullies him and he cant take it
this is like femminists trying to shame men for finding girls hot
she keeps trying to ruin his love
this is the kinda stuff sailor moon and wedding peach fight demons over
shes gonna have billy neutered or something and has him taken away
jack starts opening a window and slugs out the violent black guard who tried to stop him
the guard gets a leather fist thing on to fight jack but then billy slit his throat
the nurse tries to continue the routine but jack has had enough and strangles her
finish her!!
jack is knocked out b4 he can finish the monster and she survives
he should've thumbed in her eyes
later the nurse has a neck brack and jacks rumored to have escaped
the wife guy sez jacks upstairs
later the violence jack guy sees the guards bring jack in
theyre chained to the beds!?
what if theres a fire!?
theyre human beings!
the violence jack guy sees jacks been lototomized
j fk's dad had his legitimate daughter lobotomized for being slow
he tells jack "ur coming with me" and kills him with a pillow
I assume this is some ritual to remove the soul from the crippled body
also, jack fights to survive, despite being a veggie
the violence jack guy then tears the thng jack tried to rip off out of the floor and chucks it through the window
he then runs off on a new adventure
the end
ooh, scatman Crothers was in this
he was jazz in transformers
and Christopher lloyd
the only good thing I really knowe him for is back to the future
I hear he does modern family now
that show s-cked
everyones a loser
for one flew over the cuckoos nest 2 I'd like for the big violence jack guy to have crafter a golem body out of wood and put jacks soul; into it so he can get his revenge. also, billy is revealed to have survived but is kept in a padded room in a straight jacket by the nurse. candy comes back and shes had billys kid and they plan a scheme to get the nurse into some kind of revenge thing where they work behind the scenes and gradually remove her bones through accidents and traps, 1 at a time. soon shes taking bones to replace her missing ones from the inmates. also jack transforms into a powersuit that billy equips and he gets in a deathmatch with the nurse as the asylum crumbles around them from the damage

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